National French Dip Day

National French Dip Day – Benefits, History, & More

The tender slices of beef or pork are sandwiched between a large baguette with some extra fries and cheese. YES PLEASE!

People around the world love National French Dip Day due to the taste of this mouthwatering French sandwich.

There are different variations available for this French Dip sandwich. Some people also love to have it with cheese.

The name is given because of French bread, which is used to make this delicious cuisine.

When is National French Dip Day?

The National French Dip Day is commemorated on November 12 annually. The French Dip is served with Au jus, in which the sandwich is dipped.

Moreover, the French Sandwich is applauded by all Americans because of its unique taste and texture. We will celebrate 114th French Dip Day anniversary this year.

French Dip Day History

The invention of the French Dip has become a complex situation. There are 2 restaurants in Los Angeles, Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffet and Philippe the Original.

They state that the dish is their invention. However, it is still unresolved.

Cole’s Pacific and Philippe make one of the finest French Dip sandwiches. Yet, the winner is still to be decided.

There are some unrealistic stories behind this French Dip.

A chef in Philippe’s restaurant was making an average sandwich regular patron and mistakenly dipped it into a pan containing meat drippings, which the patron applauded.

As said, Cole’s Pacific is making French Dip from the same year and has several stories behind it.

Health Benefits of French Dip

French Dip sandwich isn’t only a meal, but it has a lot of health benefits for us. It contains protein, fats, vitamins, and a lot of nutrients in it.

Although they can contain sodium and other fats, you shouldn’t eat them regularly, prefer them on weekends only.

On French Dip Day, here are some health benefits of eating French Dip!

  • The French Dip contains Vitamin B, which helps our brain to work and grow properly. Also, it helps our cellular functions.
  • An average French Dip sandwich contains about 34g of protein, which is more than the recommended intake for adults.
  • The French Dip contains nutrients such as vitamin B-12, riboflavin, pantothenic, and thiamin, which help our body red blood cells and boost metabolism.
  • It contains phosphorous, which is essential for teeth and bones.
  • The sandwich also has zinc, which is vital for accelerating our wound healing process and withstanding over-aged diseases.
  • It is a high-fat and carb meal, so you won’t starve after having this for dinner.

However, French Dip is high in sodium, which isn’t good for your health, as we have already mentioned. It contains about 2,556 mg of sodium in a typical French Dip sandwich.

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Day of French Dip

The French Dip Day can be appreciated in many ways. The recipe is simple and unique, so anyone can easily make it at home. Let’s see how you can celebrate this day

1. Cooking it Yourself

As said, the recipe isn’t hard to experiment with. You can buy beef, make slices, and French bread.

We prefer to make it with a bun or whole wheat bread, as it can increase fiber in the sandwich. Also, don’t forget to learn the recipe for Au jus from YouTube, or you can also try it with some sauces.

2. Take a Friend Outside

Another way to celebrate French Dip Day is to take a friend to a restaurant and order this tasty sandwich for your friend and yourself. Also, visit any famous restaurant which has an authentic taste of this dish.

3. Appreciate the Chefs

You can applaud the chefs on the National Day of French Dips. You can do it in the same restaurant where you have taken your friend.

You can give the chefs and servers extra tips for this fantastic cuisine.

4. Bake French Bread

French bread is the main ingredient of this sandwich. You can bake French bread at home. All you need is flour, yeast, and oil. You can bake it in an oven; it won’t take long.

5. Take Photographs

You can acknowledge your followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by making a post with your sandwich with the hashtag #NationalFrenchDipDay!

Reasons to love French Dip Day.

There are many reasons to applaud and observe this event. Let’s hear them.

  • The sandwich has a lot of vitamins and nutrients, which help our body’s cells. We can fulfill our appetite for a long with this single meal.
  • It is easy to cook at home and readily available at restaurants.
  • French Day has a fascinating history, making us love this day.
  • We can eat it anytime as a refreshment or whenever we are hungry.

Summing Up

The National French Dip Day is a rejuvenation of our memories and taste. Its history says a lot about this fantastic day.

People of the USA celebrate this day every year. The dish isn’t only tasty; it has loads of nutrients and vitamins, which provide energy and help our red blood cells.

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