National Free Shipping Day

National Free Shipping Day – 14th December 2022

Are you tired of paying high shipping fees every time? The National Free Shipping Day is a golden opportunity for customers to avail of free shipping from all popular merchants.

You can enjoy free shipping from online retailers, which will save you some bucks.

Some of the regular merchants participating in this event are Walmart, PetSmart, Zales, Best Buy, American Eagle, etc.

This blog post will discuss free shipping facts, history, and purpose. Without further ado, let’s leapfrog into it.

When is National Free Shipping Day 2022?

National Free Shipping Day is celebrated on 14th December. The counts for all people who want to get free delivery on your favorite products.

As mentioned, many famous merchants like Walmart participated in this event.

10 Interesting Facts of Free Shipping Day

The day is gaining popularity all around the world. It was only famous in the United States, but the awareness is also spread to Canada, the Netherlands, and the rest of the world.

Let’s talk about the facts about Free shipping.

  1. Part of the inspiration for this unique holiday came from historical and contemporary research showing that including free shipping can raise sales by as much as 90%.
  2. Retailer participation on this day has increased by 10x in just the first three years.
  3. National Day of Free Shipping consistently outperforms Black Friday in terms of income.
  4. The holiday produced $1 billion annually in 2011 and beyond.
  5. Only 24 years after its inception, the holiday quickly rose to the top three e-commerce shopping holidays.
  6. The 4-day celebration takes place every December, with retailers unveiling their year-end sales by the 16th of the month.
  7. When free shipping is offered to merchants, there is a 90% increase in customers.
  8. 28% of customers neglect to buy stuff if there is a shipping cost available on products.
  9. 60% of consumers choose markets with free shipping rather than those where shipping charges are available.
  10. The world has 17 million shipping containers, of which 11 million are still unused. 6 million are used for transport.

Free Shipping Day History

In 2008, Luke and Maisie, founders of and Coupon Sherpa, announced this day.

The day was created to upscale online sales for merchants. The day also offered Christmas delivery.

After a couple of years, in 2009, 750 retailers participated in this event. That year, 350K plus sales were made through their website.

Moreover, the number of merchants increased every year.

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Free Shipping Day

Here we have a few suggestions for you by the way you can celebrate free shipping day;

Prepare for Your Future Online Shopping Frenzy

You sit down and carefully plan your financial future. Everything you’ve wanted to buy online all year is available on the National Day of Free Shipping.

Using a credit card to make a transaction is the simplest option.

Share on Social Media

Sharing photos of your new clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories are another fun way to celebrate.

Share your fantastic outfit images on social media with the hashtag #FreeShippingDay, and get ready to be the envy of all your friends.

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook are popular websites to create awareness about this.

You can directly mention your friends if they are unaware of this so that they can avail of the free shipping opportunity.

Strategy in Retail

One great way to commemorate a special occasion is by giving yourself free rein to shop until you drop.

There’s no reason to limit your spending when everything is supplied at no cost.

The great way to celebrate this day is to go shopping for everything you’ve wanted all year.

Cooking and Shopping

On Free Shipping Day, you may save a ton of money while relaxing at home and browsing for hours. You are not a hostage; therefore, feel free to multitask.

Make some homemade cookies or a fancy dinner. Make some internet purchases that don’t require delivery while everything else is cooking.

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The National Free Shipping Day is a vital opportunity for those facing high shipping costs from famous markets.

On this day, you can avail yourself and order your favorite products. You can celebrate this day with our tips mentioned above.

Moreover, the event comes only once a year, so you shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity. So, mark your calendar, so you don’t miss the day!

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