National Do Something Nice Day

National Do Something Nice Day – 5th October 2022

Being nice and gentle towards everyone is the new cool! 

Doing a nice thing doesn’t only help others, but it also gives you positive energy. It gives you a boost to become a better person day by day. 

Even one act of kindness can do a lot. Life is too short for enduring hatred.

Be nice to people, spread happiness, tell them magic words, help them and leave a positive impact wherever you go. 

Thou there is no day required to do a nice thing, you can do it every day, but the National Do Something Nice Day is observed annually on October 5 globally.

When is National Do Something Nice Day? 

The National Do Something Nice Day will be observed on October 5, 2022. It is celebrated worldwide.

In the USA, people get very enthusiastic about this and spend this day putting their efforts and bringing smiles on others’ faces by adding a lovely deed. 

That is the whole purpose of this that; To do something nice, it can be small or big.  

How to Celebrate Do Something Nice Day: 

There is no one answer to this question because there are various ways to observe this day, but the motive is only one: to do something nice. 

It is as simple as that. It can be anything, from giving your bus seat to a pregnant lady to making a contribution to bigger donation programs. 

A good deed is a good deed. There are no measurements and limits to it. Do whatever you possibly can without creating a problem for yourself. 

Still don’t know what to do? Maybe we can help you, Have a look at some of my suggestions to commemorate the Do Something Nice Day: 

1. Find a Cause and Raise Funds: 

It’s always good to start the homework beforehand. You can begin this process a week before. Make a plan and get to it! 

Try to find a cause or someone who might need your help, then on this kind of day, go out and raise funds for the selected cause.

Put in all your efforts and gather as much as you can. Give it to the needy person and bring ease to their difficulties. 

2. Distribute Cookies: 

How about a sweet gesture? Bake some cookies or get them from a store.

Share it with everyone you can, whether distribute the cookies in your neighborhood, with your classmates, custodians, or even a stranger passing by. 

This is just not something only lovely, but it’s an act of sweetness that will bring you close to people. 

3. Revive Your Friendship/Terms: 

It often happens with literally everyone! We lose connection with someone, for example, A friend, a family or a relative, just over a slight misunderstanding or an argument. 

It even sometimes happens because of our busy schedules. But on this day, take this opportunity to fix things between you and the person you lost connection with. 

Being a bigger person is such a nice thing to do. 

4. Donate Books or Clothes: 

We don’t realize how blessed we are unless we see someone who struggles every day for the things we get easily. 

There is almost a total of 8 billion people in this world, but they all are not as privileged as we are.

Millions of people don’t have proper food, clothes, books, or other basic necessities.  

Take out some of your clothes, shoes, books, or anything you can donate (just make sure they are in good condition or at least useable).

Make the donation. It is a perfectly nice thing to do on this national day. 

5. Help a Stray Dog or Cat: 

Aww, four-legged balls of happiness! Who doesn’t want to help them out? 

This day is not only limited to humans only. Nice deeds are valuable for animals too.

You can build a DIY shelter to provide shade so they can stay under it in a thunderstorm or extreme heat. Try doing it on this day. You will feel good! 

6. Visit an Old Age Home: 

Have you ever visited old age home?

If you haven’t seen it yet, just plan a tour on this day whether you know someone there or not. In our opinion, the people present there are the sweetest.  

Our old buddies don’t want anything from us except time and some care.

Thou they have each other, and their families visit them often, but what about those without family? 

Won’t you like to be there for them? They need us to feel the spirit of this National Do Something Nice Day, to visit an old age home. 

Tell them you are there and show them love and care without hurting their dignity. 

7. Plant a Tree:

Planting a tree is such a nice deed to do. This is another great way to spend this day.

Planting a tree will help the whole environment. You may think, how come a single plant can make a difference? 

To your knowledge, a single tree planted by you will definitely make a difference. We go little by little, and at least you are doing your part. 

Go grab a shovel and some seeds! 

Examples of Some Nicest Deeds Done in This World: 

There are uncountable nice things done by uncountable people every day. We are here with some nicest things done in this world by celebrities and anonymous people: 

  • Better U Foundation is a foundation founded by Jim Carrey. It helps farmers by employing a unique method of raising rice production, allowing them to earn more profit for their efforts.
  • Gina Rodriguez permitted an admirer (a fan) to dress up in her Golden Globes black dress for prom night (I wish to be that fan, Giggles!) 
  • Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity order to care for rejected babies and to assist the poorest of the poor.
  • The company Crocs have initiated a project, Sharing a Free Pair to Healthcare program. Crocs donate 10,000 pairs of shoes every day. Every health professional who registers will get a pair of Iconic Crocs and free shipping! 
  • The Rapper Stromzy established his own scholarship, the “Stormzy Scholarship for Black UK Students.” He pays the entire tuition fee without the expectation of a reward.

Final Words

A nice deed a day keeps negativity away. Finally, the National Do Something Nice Day is about to come (the 5th of October). Gear up yourself to do something nice and meaningful for somebody. 

We did something nice too, by providing you with some helpful ideas and information, didn’t we? 

Have a nice day! Moreover, spread as much goodness as you possibly can!

Dates of Do Something Nice Day

2022October 5Wednesday
2023October 5Thursday
2024October 5Saturday
2025October 5Sunday
2026October 5Monday
2027October 5Tuesday
2028October 5Thursday
2029October 5Friday
2030October 5Saturday
2031October 5Sunday

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