National Dessert Day

National Dessert Day: Dedicated to Sweet Dishes

Are you a dessert lover? If you nodded your head on this, surely you will be crazy on National Dessert Day.

People in the United States of America love to enjoy their favorite desserts on this special day.

But here, let us clarify that the word dessert is not just specific to sweet dishes, food, or bakery items.

It includes much more. Do you know the true meaning and origin of the word dessert? Well, we will discuss it.

When is National Dessert Day 2022?

National Dessert Day will be celebrated on October 14, 2022. This day encourages us to indulge in their choice’s dessert & fulfill their sweet cravings.

Dessert Day History

No true history associated with the celebrations of day associated with desserts is known till now.

Research is still going on to find out when this day started celebrated in the United States.

The origin of the word “dessert” is a fact that is universally acknowledged. Even though it is unknown when Dessert Day was first observed in the United States.

The French verb “Desservir,” which means to “remove something which has been provided,” is where the word “dessert” originates.

It would be a dish that is served following the completion of all cleanup.

However, many cooks at that time, roughly the 15th century, were heavily sweetening their savory foods.

Just for this reason, nowadays, we associate sweeten items with desserts.

5 Reasons to Love Dessert Day

We assure you the following reasons will motivate you to celebrate the national day for desserts with great fun:

 1. Enjoyment in Every Season

The most lovable thing about this event is that you can enjoy desserts every season.

If it’s summer, just have your favorite ice cream in your hand and enjoy its flavor.

What about a chocolate molten lava cake in winter? So, you will always have wide choices of desserts on this special day.

 2. Experience Nutritious Desserts

Rich sweets may occasionally give your body the kind of energy it needs. For instance, cheesecake is rich in calcium, vitamin D, and protein.

Antioxidants are plentiful in dark chocolate. Servings of calcium, protein, and fruit that are high in nutrients can be found in ice cream and gelato.

Crisps and fruit cobblers contain vitamins and fiber. Additionally, the fact that they are fattening is advantageous since it prevents overeating because eating some fat makes you feel satisfied.

 3. Develop a Sense of Happiness

We all know well that in every happy moment of our lives, we mostly celebrate it by having some desserts or sweets. It is because desserts give a feeling of happiness.

Sweets or desserts are the symbols of good and happy moments. So, what about celebrating a day of desserts full of happiness for you and others as well?

4. The Occasion to Try New Desserts

On this day, you have a chance to try new desserts that you have never tried before. Try out tiramisu, which is the world’s most famous dessert.

Don’t you want to fill your mouth with a dessert that is famous worldwide? Surely, you will be going to give it a try on this October 14.

You just must do research on the popular desserts all over the world and bake them for you on this special dessert day.

5. A motivation to Have a Balanced Life

This justification is sufficient to spur you on to observe this day. Just think you can have your favorite dessert on this day. Don’t worry about calories. Huh?

Simple is that you will later do a gym and burn those calories. You will surely be a health and diet-conscious person after celebrating this day.

Interesting Ideas to Celebrate National Dessert Day

Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate this wonderful dessert event.

Try out traditional American Desserts:

A typical American dessert is an ideal way to celebrate National Dessert Day. This may be ice cream or apple pie to some folks.

For certain people, it might also refer to another dish that was a favorite in the US at some time. So, wear your apron on October 14 and start to bake your favorite one. 

Promote on Social Media:

Use the hashtag #dessertday to publicize this occasion and let people know that you are enjoying it on social media platforms.

Use this hashtag and post a photo of your dessert so everyone can know what a delectable treat you are enjoying.

Get Your Favorite Bakery Item:

Are you not good at baking? No worries. Just book your favorite dessert from your nearby bakery and enjoy this day. Cheers!

Decorate Your Room Bed Wall

You can uniquely celebrate a dessert day by decorating your home or room bed wall with posters of sweet dishes or desserts.

It sounds like a practical and fun activity associated with this day’s celebrations. Isn’t it?

Organize a Sweet Dish Party

What about inviting your friends, close relatives, and other dear ones to a sweet dish party?

Surely, it will be great fun. Everyone will come with his favorite dessert. So, enjoy the sweetness of food.

 Plan a Movie

You must consider how watching a movie can be associated with this day’s celebrations. Well, we are suggesting you watch dessert movies.

Have you ever watched this type of movie? If not, so just book your ticket for October 14 and have fun with your friends and family.

Here are a few dessert movies to enjoy on this day:

  • Love Sarah (2020): In London’s Notting Hill, a young woman aspires to realize her mother’s ambition of starting her bakery. She enlists the aid of her grandmother and an old acquaintance to accomplish this.
  • A Boy and His Samurai (2010): A divorcee and her son are encountered by a warrior who traveled across time from the Edo Period to present-day Japan. He soon develops a love for baking pastries.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005): A young boy from a poor home named Charlie and four other children are allowed to see the incredible chocolate factory.

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Summing Up!

Are you someone who thinks without desserts, your life will be incomplete? Or are you like someone who doesn’t want to share her desserts?

So, set a reminder of October 14, 2022, on your calendar with the tag of National Dessert Day.

What dessert are you going to try on this day? Choose creative ideas from the above-provided list to have non-stop fun on this day.

Dessert day is a great chance to get together because it is said that desserts are the better way or reason to bring people together.

Dates of Dessert Day

2022FridayOctober 14
2023SaturdayOctober 14
2024MondayOctober 14
2025TuesdayOctober 14
2026WednesdayOctober 14
2027ThursdayOctober 14
2028SaturdayOctober 14
2029SundayOctober 14
2030MondayOctober 14
2031TuesdayOctober 14

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