National Daisy Day

National Daisy Day – [January 28, 2023]

If you like Daisies, then you are in for a treat.

Even flowers have their special days, and it does not always have to be in the blooming season of spring. 

Daisies are the unique flowers to get this honor. Despite being weeds, they deserve a special day because they have gorgeous blossoms in various colors. 

Daisies thrive naturally in the wild, but you can plant them to complement your garden.

So, delve into the glory of this majestic flower on National Daisy Day.

When is Daisy Day 2023?

National Daisy Day is celebrated on the 28th of January every year. Many people find daisies their favorite flowers and celebrate them on this day.

While they may be found worldwide, they are native to Northern Europe.

Due to its petals opening at dawn and closing at dusk, the word “daisy” is derived from the Old English language and means “day’s eye.”

Interesting Facts about Daisies

Here are some fun facts about daisies.

  • Daisies are members of the weed family, which can presumably be termed a nuisance. It turns out they are a gorgeous weed in the group.
  • Daisies are long-lasting without requiring much attention, which adds to their beauty.
  • In their home country, England, people call Daisies, Bruisewort. Their crushed petals are used to treat bruises and blemished skin. 
  • Many expressions contain the word “daisy.” The expression “ups-a-daisy” was frequently used to nudge kids to get up after falling in the 1800s. Today, when we slip or make a mistake, we say, “oopsy daisy” or “whoops-a-daisy.”
  • In the Victorian age, sending out roses as an expression of love was considered taboo. Hence, daisies were used as a subtle message to portray love
  • Since daisies are flowers within flowers, they are frequently referred to as composite flowers. The distinctive yellow disc floret of the daisy is a group of smaller flowers arranged in a cluster.
  • The Asteraceae family, to which the daisy belongs, contains thousands of different species.
  • Daisy is a commonly used name for girls, and a famous Disney character, Daisy Duck, is also named after the flower. 

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Daisy Day

Here’s how you can celebrate Daisy Day in full swing.

Make Your Bouquets

Daisies are pretty flowers that you can make more appealing by adding your favorite color dye and making a bunch of daisies into a colorful bouquet.

Making a Daisy Crown

Want to celebrate Daisy Day with the most appealing pictures? Try to make a Daisy crown.

It is relatively easy to make. Just tie the stems into a circle to fit above your head, or just glue the flower heads to a thin piece of twine.

Pluck Your Favorite Flower

Daisies are found everywhere. If you walk outside in a park or a garden, pick a collection of flowers and bring them home to decorate. Give them to your loved ones and celebrate the day’s true meaning.

Post A Picture on the Day of Daisies

Let us know what you love about Daisy. Post a clear portrait of a Daisy you found in the wild and tag your friends with the hashtag #NationalDaisyDay.

Share It with Your Friends

Share the love with your friends and family. Give daisy flowers to kids and share the love on this auspicious occasion.

Let them in on the festivities and ask them about their favorite use of daisy flowers.

Take Care of Daisy

You do not want your favorite flower to be mistreated. So, provide them with what they need.

The flowers require just adequate sunlight, so make sure to keep them near a window while indoors. Whether potted or planted in the ground, give them deep water once a week. 

Reasons to Adore the National Day of Daisy

Here are some reasons to like this day.

They Improve Your Garden

Unlike orchids, whose form makes pollination difficult; daisies are easily pollinated and attract bees. They work wonderfully as garden flowers and help maintain the natural balance.

Daisies Have Medicinal Properties

Daisies are renowned for their many medical benefits; they are believed to reduce indigestion, ease coughs, and slow bleeding.

The daisy leaves are high in vitamin C and can be added to salads too.

They Thrive in Various Conditions

With beauty comes adaptability too. Daisies bloom everywhere around the world. They bloom most of the year and can adapt to almost any environment. Makes up for the popularity.

Daises Are Symbolic

Daisies symbolize youth, innocence, and purity and are associated with kids.

Even though daisies come in various colors, the iconic white petals with a yellow center are the most common. 

Daisy flowers are thought to promote dreaming. You can inspire romantic dreams by putting the petals under your pillow.

Additionally, dreams of daisies are thought to be an omen of forthcoming fortune. Daisies can add value to your garden as they are largely used for landscaping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Does The Daisy Flower Symbolize?

With its association with the Norse Goddess Freya, the Daisy flower symbolizes motherhood and childbirth. It is also associated with love, sensuality, and fertility.

Q2: What is The Daisy Flower Good For?

People drink wild daisy tea to treat swelling, liver and kidney problems, bronchitis, coughs, and other ailments (inflammation).


To summarize, you can celebrate National Daisy Day on the 28th of January.

If you have not been able to join your celebrations yet, mark your calendars for this January!

Celebrate the occasion, make Daisy crowns, gift the flowers to your loved ones, and share your celebrations with us. Make sure to use #NationalDaisyDay to get featured.

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