National Custodian Day

National Custodian Day – October 2nd, 2022

Imagine you enter the building of your school/office, and you unknowingly splash your foot in a mud puddle present in the hallway.

You run to wash it towards the washroom, but there are no lights there. 

You want to ask for help, but everybody seems busy with their own work. Feels like a nightmare, isn’t it?

Yes, that’s our life with custodians. They put out their blood and sweat to keep our surroundings clean. 

That’s why The National custodian day there is a day solely dedicated to them, it observed on 2nd October every year.

When is the National Custodian Day? 

The National Custodian Day will be celebrated on October 2, 2022. The purpose of this day is to feel the importance of our daily uncrowned heroes, who protect our hygiene.

It’s about appreciating them in different ways and understanding them. American loves this day as it brings a sense of respect and gratitude, but this day is celebrated worldwide too. 

Amazing Custodian Facts

There are many exciting facts about custodianship. Let’s unfold them:

  • Custodian systems are not standard in Japanese schools. Instead, children clean on a daily basis as part of a Buddhist tradition that associates cleaning with human values. 
  • Jim Carrey, the famous actor, left school to take care of his family and began working as a janitor. 
  • Over 5,000 custodians in the USA hold a Doctoral degree.
  • Working as a janitor enabled gifted writers like King and Darger to think and offered a peaceful space for divine mindfulness.
  • Many janitors work overnight when they have complete silence. 

Importance of Custodians in Our Life: 

  • Custodians are the genuine caretakers of our hygiene. 
  • Their main job is to keep our Environment clean, whether it is an office or school or anywhere. Their focus is to keep the place neat and healthy for us. 
  • Custodians are mainly accountable for sanitizing and thorough cleanings throughout the year, in addition to routine cleaning. They also ensure building maintenance, safeguarding the building and its repairs.  
  • It might look or sound easy but being a custodian is not that easy. 
  • Moreover, you must cope with pretty disgusting material all day.
  • Imagine what life would have been like if there were no custodians, how messy the life, the buildings even the whole system would have been. They hold everything together for us. 

How to Celebrate Custodian Day 

The Custodian Day is all about spreading happiness and appreciation toward the custodian.

Well, there are various ways to do that, but we have brought you some very considerate ones. Let’s see what they are: 

1. Arrange a Lunch for your Custodians

 On this particular day, make them feel special. Arrange a lunch for them; by arranging, we don’t mean only arranging it for them.

In fact, dine with them. Make them feel that you consider them just as your friends and family. 

Have some good food and conversation with them. Ask about their life, and tell them about yours. This way, you will make a good connection of appreciation with them. 

2. Be a Team to Help them for a Day 

How about getting in their boots for a day? 

On this day, we experience empathy and realize how hard custodians work for us. Be a team even of two, and join them. See how custodians work and follow their patterns. 

Help them with their daily duties. Try to do as much as you can. This way, you will have a different fun day, and ease will also be given to them. 

3. Pitch-in for the Upgrade: 

It’s obvious that the latest equipment makes things easier for us. Newer the equipment lesser time consumption.

We often see custodians working around us with less maintained tools or gadgets. 

They are not only troublesome but also drain out extra energy. So how about pitching in to replace the Custodian’s equipment.

It will not only make them happy but provide them comfort as well. A perfect idea to feel the spirit of National Custodian Day. 

4. Gifts for Custodians

A person who does so much throughout the years and years deserves a little token of appreciation, don’t you think? What day could be more perfect for doing so? 

You can get anything like chocolates, flowers, a mug or anything but make sure you get some that will make them appreciated and do not hurt their dignity.

Tag along with an appreciation note or a card. It works like a cherry on the top. 

Final Words

Hopefully, now we know all we need to know about National Custodian Day (2nd of October) and have a handful of ideas to celebrate this day. 

Here is a shout-out to all custodians: We love you!

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Dates of Custodian Day

2022SundayOctober 2
2023MondayOctober 2
2024WednesdayOctober 2
2025ThursdayOctober 2
2026FridayOctober 2
2027SaturdayOctober 2
2028MondayOctober 2
2029TuesdayOctober 2
2030WednesdayOctober 2
2031ThursdayOctober 2

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