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National Curves Day – October 12, 2022

Have you ever celebrated National Curves Day? Put it on your calendar this year.

It is a worldwide non-profit event encouraging plus-size women to appreciate and be confident about their bodies.

Can you imagine that Hyattsville, Maryland, has declared this day a legal holiday? Cool, huh?

The major objective is to inspire, uplift, and prod both men and women to embrace their bodies and skin.

So, let’s support this motive and contribute to the plus-size community by celebrating this day. Cheers!

When is National Curves Day?

National Curves Day is celebrated on the 2nd Wednesday of October. On this day, the nation honors plus-size people. It’s going to be celebrated on October 12, 2022.

On this day, gala events are organized to support the plus-size community. Fashion shows are sponsored in which a variety of plus-size clothing brands are introduced. 

Curves Day History

To support and inspire the plus-size community worldwide, a great step was taken in 2015.

For the very first time, the idea of celebrating a day for curves came into the mind of Zak, the CEO of a famous clothing brand whose target audience is the curvy/plus-size community.

His thought to reduce the body shame among plus-size people gave way to those people embracing themselves as they are. This was a great contribution by him to society.

He inspired women and men to embrace their curves as they are by introducing Curves Day.

This day was celebrated globally in 2016 by a global non-profit social organization.

This organization has a motive to promote inner tranquility, self-assurance, and love for others.

The motive to celebrate this day all over the world is to develop a sense of embracing, encouraging, and empowering people who have plus-size figures.

Want to celebrate Curves Day? Here are the creative ideas!

If you haven’t celebrated National Day for Curvy people ever and don’t know what to do on this special day, don’t worry.

We are here for you to suggest multiple creative ideas or activities associated with this day.

1- Launch Your Plus-Size Clothing Brand

Yes, you heard it right. With enough budget and a business mind, you can launch your brand targeting the plus-size community worldwide.

Design those clothes for their curves that make them feel elegant and reduce their body shame.

Surely, this could help to build their confidence in their physical appearance.

2- Express Your Support

Post a selfie on social media wearing red with the hashtags #DayForCurves, #DapperBomber, or #CurvyBombshell to express your support.

3- Wear Something Red

Red is the recognized color for curves day celebrations. Red is a symbolization of confidence.

People are encouraged to wear red on this day to show their support for plus-size men and women around the globe.

4- Be Confident in Your Body Shape

Instead of body-shaming yourself, accept who you are. Stop thinking negatively about your body shape.

Serve your energy in convincing yourself to accept your body curves. This will surely boost you up and make you confident. 

5- Be Self Motivated

The goal is to begin developing relationships that go beyond simple physical appearances.

Being around health-conscious individuals might motivate you to work toward your well-being. But if the fit people are rude to you, cut them out of your life.

6- Share Your Favorite Plus-Size Look

Explore different plus-size curves’ clothing brands. Choose the outfit for yourself and take a selfie with your favorite background.

Here comes the next step. Share your looks on social media with the hashtag #CurvesDay.

7- Plus-Size Fashion Show

Similar to how our bodies vary in shape and size, so do our clothes.

Try to attend a gala fashion show in which multiple plus-size clothing brands will introduce the latest trends.

8- Make New Friends

Here you can do making friends from the plus-size community. Make them feel proud and happy.

Give your friends, family, and even strangers a good compliment about their skin color and body size. This can add value to their lives and make them feel happy.

Reasons to Love National Curves Day

 A Step to Stop Body Shaming 

Contrary to what we might prefer to believe, what other people say and think about us can have a significant negative impact on our mental health.

The wonderful thing about Curves Day is that it encourages men and women to love their bodies so that they should be confident in themselves and appreciate how lovely they are.

 Dignity to Embrace Body Shapes

Everyone can rejoice in the message, regardless of size. Let’s collaborate to end body shaming and replace it with respect for the range of shapes and sizes human bodies can take.

 Chance to Get into Plus-Size Modeling

At the Gala show on curves day, famous designers, well-known models, bloggers, editors, media insiders, and influencers from all over the world come.

So, you will have an opportunity to increase your confidence while showing off your curves and starting your modeling career.


So far, if you haven’t ever celebrated National Curves Day, mark October 12 in your 2022 calendar.

Make sure to show your true concerns and acceptance to plus-size men and women on this day.

Leave kind and generous comments on their posts and stand out with them. Add a reminder for the following dates to support the plus-size community.

Dates of Curves Day

2022WednesdayOctober 12
2023WednesdayOctober 11
2024WednesdayOctober 9
2025WednesdayOctober 8
2026WednesdayOctober 7
2027WednesdayOctober 13
2028WednesdayOctober 11
2029WednesdayOctober 10
2030WednesdayOctober 9
2031WednesdayOctober 8

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