National Cranberry Relish Day

National Cranberry Relish Day – [22nd November 2022]

It is your favorite National Holiday- Thanksgiving! 

You are with your family at the dining table. A table laid with the flagship dish, a Thanksgiving Turkey!

However, Turkey alone would not suffice. It would make the table look miserable. Pair it with the ever-relishing Cranberry relish to alleviate your juicy Turkey.

So, let us celebrate this runny goodness on National Cranberry Relish Day! So, are you ready?

When is National Cranberry Relish Day 2022?

On 22nd November, people come together to celebrate National Cranberry Relish Day. This day is a little before Thanksgiving.

It is only fitting that people come together to create this table essential a few days before Thanksgiving.

They pay tribute and pass on the recipe to later generations on this auspicious day.

Cranberry Relish Day History

This dish has been plated since the 20th century. It became prominent when it was featured in the broadcast “The Splendid Table.”

It was a radio broadcast hosted on American Public Media.  On one fine show, Susan Stamberg called Lynette Rossetto Kasper to talk about a dish made out of ordinary ingredients but tasted very well.

So, Susan told her grandmother’s recipe, inspired by Craig Clairborne. This tangy sauce paired with Turkey is now a must-see for a thanksgiving dinner.

Hence, many people have celebrated Cranberry Relish on 22nd November since the 50s.

17 Fun Facts about Cranberries

While Cranberry Relish must be a festivity norm in your childhood, here are some fun facts you might have missed:

  • Cranberries originated from and have been native to the United States of America since the 1550s.
  • The dish can serve as cute little bouncy balls and can float as well. This is because of the air pockets formed in their structure.
  • Cranberry is a plant that grows throughout the year. These plants fall under the perennial plant category.
  • The first ever cranberry juice production dates back to the late 17th century. The nectar was believed to have healing properties.
  • Speaking of health benefits, cranberries can help with cardiovascular health.
  • Cranberries increase the good cholesterol in the blood plasma. They also lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • They are good as preventative care for Urinary Tract infections and speed up the recovery process.
  • Clinical studies suggest that they even help to reduce tumor size. While relying on cranberries alone may not be best, you can still enjoy the sweet nature’s buffet.
  • The next time you come across a piece of fabric in cranberry color. The dye was likely from cranberries. 
  • Similar to the water levels of our brain, cranberries are 90% water too.  
  • 4 liters of cranberry juice require approximately 5000 berries squashed to extract it. So, the next time to think about throwing away leftover juice, think about the berries!
  • A glass of cranberry juice holds a calorific value of 50 Calories. This significantly low-calorie drink is packed with antioxidants to prevent free radicle damage.
  • The main difference between cranberry sauce and cranberry relish is that the relish is ground with the ingredients. However, the sauce is mildly cooked. The sauce is slightly sweeter, while the relish is fresh and tarty in flavor.
  • Overconsumption of cranberry relish causes diarrhea. It also increases the risk of kidney stone development dramatically!
  • Cranberries contain a compound, a-type proanthocyanin. This compound prevents bacterial infection; hence it prevents cavities. However, if you add sugar to the concoction, it beats the purpose.
  • Cranberries are good at reducing inflammation. The anthocyanins and flavanols in them have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cranberry comes from the German word “kraanbere,” which translates to “Cranberry.”

Reasons to Adore National Day of Cranberry Relish

Here are some reasons to bribe you into celebrating the National Day of  Cranberry Relish

Befits the Thanksgiving Spirit

Americans today consider their thanksgiving meal incomplete without such a side. The juicy turkey dipped in the tangy cranberry deserves the credit.

It is only fitting that days before Thanksgiving, we give our thanks to the ingredients which add value to it.

It Celebrates the Only Surviving Native American Fruit

America is all about the preservation of culture. The fruit which has seen the great Algonquian people calls to be celebrated.

In 2020, 97% of the world’s cranberry produce came from the US and Chile alone!

Cranberries Are Both Tasty And Healthy

They are on the list for celebration because they are nothing less than excellent and tick all checkboxes.

Sweet, light, and healthy is the new slogan to elongate our digestive system’s health.

Americans should cherish this blessing that their motherland bears in abundance.

Helps Bring Families Together

Imagine the family coming together to cook a meal. It teaches younger generations the art of cooking as well its importance.

It helps us taste the flavors that no fast food chain or restaurant can replicate. So, sit with your grandma and enjoy her cooking in its full spirit.

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How to Celebrate Cranberry Relish Day

Here’s how you can celebrate the national day for cranberry relish.

Cook Your Cranberry Relish

You know how to cook Mama Stamberg’s cranberry relish. Throw 2 cups of cranberries and 1 small onion into a mixer. 

Add 3/4th cup of sour cream followed by ½ cup of sugar. Then add the unexpected horse radish for the flavor.

You can even throw in some spices if you like a little heat over your tastebuds.

Grow Cranberries and Pick Them

Americans are big on home gardening. You can plant cranberries in your gardens or pick them from a fruit farm with your family and friends. Organizing such a trip would be very enjoyable for everyone. 

Create a Family Get-Together.

You can invite your family to help you cook this amazing and easy sauce with the other thanksgiving essentials.

Share it with everyone and let more people join in the fun.

Post a Picture with Cranberry Relish 

You can add the Hashtag #NationalCranberryRelishDay. Make sure you include a caption talking about your experience with your family and share your pictures too.

For the sake of community welfare, share this amazing fruit’s health benefits.


To put this piece to bed, we can observe the National Cranberry Relish Day in our year-end holiday calendar.

Make sure to appreciate these underrated tastemakers on 22nd November. Include them in your sauces.

Connect with your family and keep the traditions alive. Do not forget to put it on social media with the hashtag #CranberryRelishDay

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