National Cotton Candy Day

National Cotton Candy Day | 7th December 2022

Loud horns, myriad of people, and freshly spun cotton candy aroma. These few details imprint on every child’s mind when they go to carnivals.

But, upon return, they long for that feeling of extreme rides and cotton candy melting on the tongue.

Undoubtedly, we feel closer to cotton candy than any other treat. It is the memories attached that make us surrender.

Such underrated memories are often taken for granted. So, let us celebrate National Cotton Candy Day! Buckle up!

When is National Cotton Candy Day 2022?

Millions of people celebrate National Cotton Candy Day on the 7th of December yearly. This day aims to enjoy & reminisce our love for this sugary buffet. Note that those in a festive mood simply follow the day.

So, while it may fail to keep you from going to school, you still get to enjoy the candy!

Fun Facts about Cotton Candy

Besides being sweet and blown up sugar, here are some facts about this candy for you:

  • Cotton Candy is technically produced of the enemies to lovers trope! In 1897, confectioner John C. Wharton joined hands with William Morrison, a dentist, to create a cotton candy machine.
  • Initially, manufacturers debuted it as Fairy Floss in fairs around 1904!
  • Pink vanilla concluded the first flavor of cotton candy ever sold. Eventually, this evolved to over 50 flavors at each vendor!
  • Unfortunately, cotton candy is not inherently vegan. However, it carries bone char for the matter.
  • Refined sugar suffices as the sole ingredient for cloud candy.
  • Cotton candy is native to multiple cultures. Each culture makes uses a slightly more airy or moist form of the blown sugar.
  • It has many names at its disposal. So, the French call it Papa’s Beard (Barbed à papa).
  • The Netherlands keeps it simple, Sugar spider (suikerspin). The Indians got it better, Airy sweet (Hawaii Mithai) or granny hair (buddhi k Baal).
  • The world longest spun cotton candy measures 1400m and weighs 300kg. The Turkish confectioner, KocaeliFuarMüdürlügü, set the record in 2009.


Common belief traces the takeover of cotton threads back to the late 19th century.

However, the awfully sweet indulgence was worth prized possessions in the early 1800s.

Back in Europe, confectioners heated and pulled sugar till it took the shape of a wig. It was initially served on sticks. This later extended to cone support.

In 1897, machine-spun cotton candy was popularized. It was easy to make and required a single ingredient, sugar!

This affordable Santa’s beard was a drug to the people.

Consequently, it reached the US, which continues to be celebrated as a delightful staple on the 7th of December.

How to Celebrate Cotton Candy Day

Here are some fun things to do on National Cotton Candy Day:

Have a lot of Candy Floss

The celebration calls for the star to enter the picture. So, treat yourself to all the cotton candy you want. Make sure to brush later, as the sweet does increase bacterial activity.

Share Cotton Candy with Friends

Sharing is caring! Share the love within your circle and watch their faces light up joyfully.

Send out little pouches of fine candy floss and write cute notes for the recipients.

Post on Social Media

Meet more enthusiasts online! Share your favorite cotton candy thoughts and post pictures of the candyfloss you enjoy.

Make sure to post under appropriate hashtags for similar posts to pop up. You can use #NationalCottonCandyDay etc.

Avail of Any On-going Discounts

On this auspicious day, stores usually run limited-time offers. So, make sure to avail these bundle discounts or other deals that slash prices.

Reasons to Love National Day of Cotton Candy

Cotton candy remains the chief guest for all carnival sweet treats. Theme parks, county fairs, and malls often vendor these to customers all year round.

If you need more convincing to follow the tradition, refer to the arguments below:

It is Sweet

There is nothing that a little candy cannot fix. Your sweet tooth cravings will be satisfied in abundance as the soft threads melt on your tongue.

It Leaves No Residue

Unlike other candy, cotton candy is lightweight. So, you do not have to worry about crumbs on your clothes.

Make sure to wipe the sticky sugar off your mouth, though.

It Reminisces Treasured Memories

Usually, fairs entail friendly meetings and family time. So, it reminds you of some of the good times you had.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, many people celebrate National Cotton Candy Day on the 7th of December. The day makes them appreciate everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure.

So, have candy floss, share it with friends, and get big discounts!

If you have not celebrated this day yet, mark your calendars for the upcoming date. Lastly, brush your teeth afterward!

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