National Coquito Day

National Coquito Day 2022 – History, Facts, Celebrations

Food and drinks have the power to make an occasion very memorable, and a coquito is a drink that makes your joyous moments even more cheerful.

The idea of Christmas Eve without the tasty and special coquito seems incomplete. It is a drink that represents the sensation of feeling peaceful and in harmony.

For a long time, Puerto Ricans have handed flavorful coquito recipes down the generations. National Coquito Day is all about a beverage that makes you feel like you’re on an island.

When is National Coquito Day 2022?

National Day of Coquito is praised internationally on the 21st of December. The principal motivation behind this day is to respect the delicious coquito and to keep it alive in our hearts and our coming generations.

Who Invented Coquito?

It is a common belief that the individual who came up with the coquito is unrevealed alongside how the recipe started.

It is thought that the first coquito beverage was made created in the 20th century.

It became very popular in the mid of 20th century due to being advertised in Puerto Rico’s cooking manuals.

Interesting Facts about Coquito:

You already know that coquito is loved as a holiday drink around the world because of the unique taste that separates it from other beverages.

So, are you ready to discover interesting facts about coquito?

  • Even though coquito and eggnog are similar, they have different ingredients; eggnog contains egg, and coquito contains coconut.
  • Coquito is cherished by Puerto Ricans and those who visit it, and it is presented with coconut ice cream in Cuba, which makes it even more special.
  • One cup of coquito holds 597 calories, 78g of carbohydrates, and 11g of protein.
  • Coquito contains rum, but if you want to have one that is without alcohol, you can add coconut milk and rum extract as an alternate option for rum.

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Creative Ideas to Celebrate Coquito Day:

Individuals honor and appreciate coquito in several different ways around the world. Look at a few ways you can have fun on Coquito Day:

Have Coquito:

What better method to commend coquito than by making it?

Even though the recipe for coquito may not be precisely known, you can look up numerous recipes on YouTube and other platforms.

Binge-watch your most beloved television programs with a cup of coquito and coconut ice cream to make your celebrations more engaging.

Get-Together with Friends:

Coquito is a drink for special occasions, and you should share it with your cherished ones, so get together and make this delicious beverage with your friends.

So, grab the required ingredients and make it with affection, and afterward, let it cool in the refrigerator for no less than 4 hours. Cooling it will help in blending the flavors deliciously.

Get Artistic:

Rather than making a coquito in your usual way, have a go at making it in different ways.

We all agree that cooking gets even more entertaining when you try different things instead of using the same boring recipes.

Next time you make a coquito, make it with an egg or use other alcohol instead of rum.

Visit A Café on National Day of Coquito Day:

Not everyone likes cooking or is an expert at cooking. You don’t have to stress if you don’t know how to make a coquito.

Visit a local café serving a coquito, take your friends and family with you to have this delightful beverage, and remember to click pictures.

Host A Party:

You can participate in the National Coquito Day celebrations by hosting a coquito party to make your day more fascinating.

You can make a coquito in different ways by adding an egg or new types of rum to give the flavor a new taste.

Welcome your friends to a coquito party and gift them a coquito as a present.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can you age coquito?

You can age coquito in your refrigerator for up to 6 weeks.

Q2: How long does the coquito last?

If you make a coquito without eggs, it can last more than 4-6 months.


To wrap it up, make your special days more special by having a coquito and mark your calendars for the 21st of December.

With Christmas coming up, make a coquito to impress your guests, and I’m sure you will forget eggnog once you try the delightful coquito.

After all, who wouldn’t desire to have the taste of a little coconut in a glass, right? So, let’s make a toast to National Coquito Day!

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