National Compliment Day

National Compliment Day – Facts, History, & Celebrations

“Hey, I like your shirt”. “God! Your earrings look so cute”.

A simple exchange like this could put you in a state of glee or ward off your worries for a split second.

The need for praise and positive reinforcement is one of the innate desires of human nature.

So, exchanging compliments is a salient part of daily life that we barely even notice.

On this auspicious day, let us join the celebrations and indulge in the practice of complimenting. Let us learn about National Compliment Day.

When is National Compliment Day 2023?

National Compliment Day falls on the 24th of January each year. It could be a single sentence or a brief descriptive act of praise.

It just manages to get us in the right mood. So, people love to complement each other on this uplifting day.

Interesting Facts about Compliments

Here are some interesting facts about compliments:

The word Compliment is derived from the Latin word “complementum”. This word also existed in French and Italian. It was added to the English Language in the 1700s.

60% of the women say that compliments make them flustered.

38% of the women think that the compliments directed towards them are not genuine.

So, it is important to be genuine in our description of others. Make sure not to make it “Back-Handed”.

People love compliments more when the association is based on a fictional character generally liked.

Historical Background

Unfortunately, there is no specific point in history that we can pinpoint as the origin of Compliment Day.

However, with consensus, it is understood that the day originated from the advent of the rise in consumerism and digitization.

The common way to compliment before the widespread use of social media is an occasional sentence or two.

The desire to look like celebrities grew when Myspace, Facebook, and Instagram grew.

So, teens who grew up wanting to look like Kylie took measures to alter their appearance.

This led to an exchange of compliments until it was the norm to comment on others’ photos.

How to Celebrate Compliment Day

The celebration checklist for this day might seem a little tricky. It is, after all, simply a gesture. So, here are a few things you could do on this day:

Compliment Others

Kindness only spreads as you do it more. So, make sure to observe your surroundings and make a note of the stuff that you want to appreciate.

You could start by going up to your mom and telling her that she looks adorable!

You could log into your social media account and drop positive affirmations under your friends’ or influencers’ posts.

Dress Up

Dressing up to seek validation from others is never recommended. As you get more compliments, you do it solely for that positive image of yourself.

So, dress up but note what part of the looks gets complimented the most. Make sure not to overdo it.

Share Your Favorite Compliment

 Without naming who said it, post a status update on your social media and quote the best Compliment (s) you have ever got.

Use appropriate hashtags like #NationalComplimentDay to let others know your motive.

Click on the hashtag to notice other people celebrating, and scroll down to find some ingenious complement stories. It might even kindle a new friendship.

Play Compliment Tag

There has never been a better time to play Compliment Tag. Gather your friends and nominate people to be ‘It”.

Shout “Freeze”. The person in tag compliments someone, and the game continues after they exchange high fives!

Reasons to Adore the Day of Compliment

If you still plan to shy away from complimenting others, you need more convincing. Here are some arguments for the practice:

Compliments Make You Happy

The turmoil of a busy life often leads to boredom. The little moment of bliss that a simple appraisal gives acts as a break from mundane life. So, you can concentrate better.

Boost Confidence

Getting praised for something you put your heart and soul into motivates you to do even better. So, it is already enough to make you more productive.

Build Friendships

You can immediately expect a stranger to like you when you drop them a positive affirmation. So, you can reap genuine soul connections by encouraging others to do what is good. Similarly, you also feel good when they compliment you back.

Compliments Improve Interpersonal Skills

Walking up to a stranger may be intimidating at first. But you can be freer as you get accustomed to approaching and being approached. You get to speak your mind.

How to Compliment Someone

You expect to get noticed if you do something well or dress up more than usual. Getting compliments is the unsolicited feedback that you covertly love.

On the other side, you pass by a stranger, and a whiff of citrus scent encapsulates you.

You automatically wish to tell the other person their perfume smells nice.

The way you compliment someone is just half the work done. How they perceive it makes the job done. So, here are a few pointers to help you get through the process:

Grab Attention Subtly

Locking eyes is enough. But make sure the eye contact is not prolonged enough to creep the other person out.

Do Not Start with an Introduction

Unnecessary talk may come off as a lead to expecting favors in return for the Compliment. So, misread intention makes the task detrimental to you.

You Attitude

Make sure to use words that refer to the person rather than beginning with “I think that.” Start by using words like you/your etc.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Make sure to keep check of jargon and the proximity of comfort in your relationship with the other person.

Do Not Overdo It

Be clear and brief. Do not take up to much of their time or come off as aggressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why Give Compliments?

Giving compliments is an act of positive reinforcement. So, the more you do it, the more it reaps confidence in others. The cycle continues, and you get them back.

Q2: Is Giving Compliments Goods?

Yes, it is a good practice to express yourself. It is a minor act of kindness.

Summing Up

To sum it up, National Compliment Day falls on the 24th of January annually.

So, compliment others, dress up and set a challenge with friends. Make sure to share it online using appropriate hashtags. Lastly, make sure it is genuine and not overdone.

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