National Color Day

National Color Day | October 22, 2022

Every year, on National Color Day, we honor and cherish the colors that directly or indirectly affect our lives.

People have been associating emotions with colors for ages. Some people find comfort in the color blue, and some associate aggression and rage with red color.

Life would seem impossible without color. Look around yourself and imagine as if everything is black and white. It feels strange, isn’t it?

The people of the United States observe this national day to celebrate the importance and impact that colors have on our lives.

When is National Color Day?

Every year on October 22, National Color Day is observed. America recognizes the importance of colors in our daily lives and celebrates their beauty.

People participate in various colorful activities to fully celebrate the day. Some people dress in their favorite color and attend various colorful events.

Most people throw color-themed parties, while some celebrate the day by eating brightly colored foods.

History of Colors

Isaac Newton studied the visible spectrum of light in the 17th century and discovered that white light splits into different colors.

Following this discovery, many artists and scientists contributed to color psychology. They discussed how colors could affect humans psychologically.

Marketing experts have also used colors to make an impression on the minds of consumers.

You may have noticed that most popular brands use red in their logos. They do so because the color red sparks feelings of excitement and urgency.

National Color Day was also started by a corporate giant in 2009.

This day was part of a campaign that was launched by General Motors, and since then, it has been celebrated as a national day.

Fun Facts About Colors 

Here are some fun facts about colors

  • According to a survey, blue is the most popular color in the world.
  • The color red is the first that an infant sees. The mind of a baby is unable to see some color. Since red is the color with the highest wavelength, they see it before any other color.
  • When paired, the colors red and yellow make people hungry. For this reason, these colors can be seen in the logos of the largest fast food chains.
  • Dark colors attract the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted to people dressed in dark blue, red, or black.
  • You are more likely to remember something if it’s colored. This is why color coding is considered an effective study technique.
  • Women can perceive the red-orange spectrum better than men.
  • The pink color is known to relieve stress. In some prisons, rooms of dangerous prisoners are painted pink to control their anger.
History of Colors

How to Celebrate Color Day 

We see, feel, and use the colors daily, but you can participate in some creative and colorful activities to celebrate the color day.

We’ve compiled a list of fun color-themed activities to commemorate Color Day.

1. Wear a Colored Outfit

The majority of us prefer to dress in neutral colors. But on this National Day for color, we advise you to wear a brightly colored dress.

It can be a bright monochromatic outfit or an outfit with many colors.

You can also dress in your favorite color today. You’ll not only celebrate the color event but also feel happy by wearing your favorite color.

Another idea is to wear your least favorite color. On this day, step out of your comfort zone and wear an outfit with your least favorite color because life is all about experiencing new things.

2. Host a Colorful Party

If you are an extrovert, invite your friends and family to satisfy your extroverted nature.

You can decorate your place with colorful decorative items. Keeping the theme in mind, you can also ask your guests to wear outfits that are bright in color.

Add food coloring to your dishes to make them colorful for your guests.

3. Organize a Painting Contest

Organize a painting competition if you’re planning to invite your friends and family.

Allow them to awaken their artistic souls with the help of paints and brushes. You can decide who created the best painting by being the competition’s judge.

4. Make an Art Piece

If you don’t like to socialize, then make a painting on your own. Purchase some paints and brushes from the art supply store.

Find inspiration and express yourself via drawing. Don’t forget to use a lot of colors in your painting.

5. Celebrate on Social Media 

If you wear a bright monochromatic or a colorful dress, post a picture of your outfit on social media.

If you have hosted your friends and family or you are conducting an art competition, take pictures of the events and post them on social media to preserve the memories,

To join a group of people that appreciate the role of colors in our daily life, you can use a relevant hashtag like #NationalColorDay.

6. Paint a Room

Our homes are often white boxes. Look around; are your walls also white? If the answer is yes, paint your room the color you like.

Choose pastel colors if you prefer light hues. However, if you prefer bright colors, you can paint your room in dark blue, maroon, or grey tones.

7. Color Your Hair 

Want a change in your look? Then color your hair! You can color your hair with bright colors in honor of National Color Day.

You can choose colored streaks like blue, red, brown, pink, or purple if you don’t want to color all of your hair.

If you are concerned that it can damage your hair’s texture, use natural ways to dye your hair temporarily.

Reason to Love Color Day

Here are some of the top reasons to love and cherish the National day for Color.

Integral Role of Colors

This is the first and most important reason we love this Day. Today, we acknowledge the significance of colors in our daily lives.

Can you picture a world without color? In our daily lives, colors are crucial. Without colors, we wouldn’t be able to recognize half of the things.

Colors and Emotions

Numerous emotions have been linked to various colors. While some colors calm you down, others make you agitated and aggressive.

We appreciate Color Day because it highlights this crucial fact and makes us understand how different colors can impact our lives.

Reason to Experiment

People take this day as an opportunity to experiment. They try to get out of their comfort zone by dyeing their hair, wearing their least favorite color, or painting their room.

Final Words

Colors have many psychological impacts as different colors trigger different emotions.

To recognize the importance of colors in our life, Americans celebrate National Color Day on October 22.

Wearing colorful clothing or holding a little party are two ways to observe this Day. Painting is another way to explore colors.

You can also celebrate it by creating awareness about it on social media. No matter how you decide to commemorate it, make sure you have fun!

Dates of National Color Day

2022SaturdayOctober 22
2023SundayOctober 22
2024TuesdayOctober 22
2025WednesdayOctober 22
2026ThursdayOctober 22
2027FridayOctober 22
2028SundayOctober 22
2029MondayOctober 22
2030TuesdayOctober 22
2031WednesdayOctober 22

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