National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day 2022

Anything chocolate-covered is a definite yes! People of every age group enjoy eating it. Not only do we enjoy a bar of chocolate, but we also want anything covered in it.

Whether it’s a sweet pizza, a cake pop, or a cake covered in creamy ganache, everyone eats it with extreme love.

A national Chocolate Covered Anything Day is designated for Americans to celebrate the deliciousness of the foods covered in this creamy brown liquid.

When is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day 2022?

On December 16, chocolate lovers celebrate the rich flavor it gives to any food covered with it.

On this day, dessert lovers indulge in desserts, fruits, or any food item covered with rich brown liquid.

Facts About Chocolate

  • Most chocolate comes from West African cocoa farms where local farmers grow cocoa beans.
  • Its history can be traced back to 450 BC in Egypt, when it was used in beverages.
  • When COVID hit the world, chocolate consumption in the United States increased by 7 kilograms per person, resulting in an estimated 10.8 kilograms of it consumed by the average person.
  • The world’s most famous chocolate brand is Cadbury, followed by Ferrero Rocher and Hershey’s.
  • It was once only available to the elite, but with the popularity of chocolate bars, it became a food for the masses.

Reasons to Love Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Here are some fun reasons to love and enjoy the National Day of Chocolate Covered Anything.

  • Beneficial For the Health:

Chocolate is frequently included in the category of junk food, but the truth is that if consumed in moderation, it benefits our health.

That is why we love this day: it allows us to eat healthy amounts of chocolate.

  • It is Delicious:

It reminds us of the delectability of this sweet treat and allows us to eat at least one item covered in delicious brown liquid.

  • Cheat Day:

The national day of foods covered with chocolate is everyone’s favorite as it allows them to break their strict routine and enjoy its goodness by having a cheat day.

  • Perfect for Winters:

December 16th is the day to celebrate any chocolate-covered food.

Because the festivities and winters begin at this time of year, it is the ideal time to enjoy your favorite foods after covering them with bitter liquid.

  • More Chocolate = More Happiness:

Chocolate is known for stimulating our brain to release serotonin, a hormone that makes us happy. So if you are in a bad mood, this day is ideal to lift your spirits.

Exciting Ideas to Celebrate Chocolate Covered Anything Day 

There are many ways to commemorate this day. Here are some of my suggested ideas to spend the National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

Explore Your Local Bakery

Has it been a long time since you’ve explored your local bakery, or has it been a long time since you’ve eaten your favorite food covered with choco goodness?

If your answer is yes and you’ve been caught up with activities of life, then you have to visit your local bakery to explore the options of foods covered with bliss.

You can get a chocolate-covered cupcake, cake, churros, biscuits, pretzels, or even a pizza.

Buy as much chocolaty food as possible because this is the day to kick away your diet and health concerns.

Do it Yourself

Make your chocolate-covered food if you have some free time and are confident in your cooking and baking abilities.

You can use different varieties such as bitter but rich dark chocolate, sweet and creamy milk chocolate, or a colored one to add an aesthetic touch to the food.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can make chocolate from raw cocoa beans. However, this process takes a long time, but you use various methods to speed it up.

Combo of Fruits and Chocolate

If you’re an artist who enjoys painting or drawing realistic objects, we’re sure you’ve drawn a strawberry covered in chocolate at least once.

Fruits and chocolates are excellent for those with a sweet tooth. Covering your fruits with brown and bitter liquid is also simple and quick.

Dip the strawberries, banana, orange, or other fruit in the creamy brown liquid and freeze for a few minutes.

Doing so allows you to enjoy a delicious and quick snack in a short amount of time and with little effort.

Give Chocolate as a Gift

Whether it’s a holiday, meetup, or gathering, chocolates have always been the most famous gifts to close ones.

Usually, bars or other products containing them are given as gifts, but you should upgrade them and give a food item covered to your loved ones.

Celebrate with Others

Life is all about sharing your happiness with others. So, share food with your friends and family on this food day.

You can have a chocolate-themed party at your home and invite your friends, family, and colleagues.

To make it more unique, have a chocolate fountain at your party so everyone can dip their food in the fountain of goodness. Or you can get ready-made food items from a bakery for your guests.

Another good idea is to hold a contest. You can serve chocolate-covered fruits to your contestants and give the price to the person who eats the most food.

Whatever you do to commemorate this day, take many pictures and share them on social media.

To join the community of chocolate lovers, use relevant hashtags such as #ChocolateCoveredAnythingDay.

Final Words

To summarize, chocolate enthusiasts observe National Chocolate Covered Anything Day every year to honor the goodness and delectability of chocolate-covered foods.

On this day, people eat various foods covered in bitter and brown liquid, share them with their friends, and say goodbye to their diets for the day.

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