National Chocolate Candy Day

National Chocolate Candy Day – December 28, 2022

Do you love candy? Do you like chocolate? Then today is your Day. Chocolate’s physical and cultural significance is great around the world.

It’s not strange to present someone with a big box of chocolates as a gift. Do you know that there is a dedicated day for chocolate candy?

National Chocolate Candy Day is not a national holiday but is preeminent in many countries worldwide, including the United States.

This article will discuss how it is celebrated worldwide, how it started, and when. We will also provide some interesting facts about this day.

What is National Chocolate Candy Day 2022?

National Chocolate Candy Day is celebrated on December 28 every year. This Day is celebrated in honor of the deliciously sweet chocolate candy that has become a favorite worldwide.

Reasons to Love Chocolate Candy Day

There are many reasons to love this Chocolate Candy Day, and we’ve got the top six right here.

  • Whether you grew up on chocolate bars, chocolate eggs, or just straight up the chocolate syrup that you put on everything, there’s a reason it’s so popular, it’s delicious. And this Day is dedicated to it and the people who love it.
  • Just because it’s the Day of Chocolate Candy doesn’t mean you have to eat a pound of candy! Instead, pick out 1 or 2 of your favorite chocolates, and enjoy them with nothing else but a smile.
  • Because it can be a great excuse for kids to get in trouble at school for bringing some in as a snack! But there’s nothing wrong with encouraging your kids to bring some chocolate with them.
  • If you’re having a bad day and need cheering up, there’s nothing better than a little dark chocolate to lift your spirits!

Significance of the Day of Chocolate Candy

Chocolate comes from the Nahuatl word “xocolatl,” which means “bitter water.”

The Aztecs first discovered the bitter seeds and then mixed them with water, cornmeal, and honey, creating a delicacy that would spread throughout the rest of Mesoamerica.

The tradition of chocolate has since been passed down from culture to culture, and today, we celebrate not only the delicious treat it is, but also its history.

Without further ado: here are some reasons we endorsed the National Day Chocolate Day!

  • Chocolates make everyone happier- no matter who you are or what your personality is like, eating chocolate can lift your spirits.
  • It also helps reduce stress, prevents cardiovascular diseases, and has aphrodisiac qualities.
  • Chocolate has healing properties- we’ve already mentioned that it can improve moods and make people happy, but its effects go beyond that!

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Fun facts about Chocolate Candy

While enjoying it, learn some fun facts about chocolate and how it became a delicious part of American culture.

  • Whitman’s produced the first box of chocolate in 1842.
  • The word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec word “xocoatl,” which means “bitter water.”
  • Chocolate contains antioxidants that can help lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Moderate consumption of chocolate ≤6 servings/week is optimal for preventing these disorders.
  • Invented in 1847, Joseph Fry made a new chocolate bar; the modern chocolate bar is wrapped in foil and packed with nuts, caramel and nougat.

How to Celebrate National Day of Chocolate Candy?

You can rejoice on this Day with friends and family or by yourself. Here are some ways to celebrate this Day:

1. Eat Chocolate!

This is the most obvious way to celebrate this Day, but it’s also the most important.

Grab some chocolate and enjoy it in any way you like. Try something new, or go for your favorite brand.

2. Buy Some Chocolate for Yourself or Others

If you’re feeling generous, buy your friends and family some lovely chocolates for this special Day!

You can even order online if you haven’t time to make a trip to the store before it’s over!

3. Watch Movies about Chocolates!

Many movies out there feature chocolates as an essential part of their storyline. Watch one today on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video if you’re looking for something entertaining.

Or you can also share it with your friends on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #NationalChocolateCandyDay.

4. Visit A Candy Shop!

There are many shops out there that sell all sorts of different types of candy, so why not visit one today? You may find new things that catch your eye that you didn’t know existed before!

5. Make Chocolate Brownies At Home

Make homemade brownies or cookies from scratch using melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder. This will give the brownies or cookies more flavor than just using cocoa powder.

Final Words

If you need a way to celebrate, National Chocolate Candy Day provides the perfect opportunity.

You could eat chocolate all Day or enjoy some chocolatey treats. Either way, you’ll be in good company!

Hopefully, the information we have provided will help you find a bar of delicious chocolate sweets to enjoy on this day.

For many people, the origin of this special Day is up for debate. However, one thing is for sure: it is a day that should be marked by celebration and enjoyment!

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