National Chicken Lady Day

National Chicken Lady Day – November 4, 2022

Most new readers might picture the Chicken Lady as a bird with accessories. Earrings, heels, bonnets, or a wig seem about right.

But the Chicken Lady is not a mimicked chicken; neither is it the character from “The Kids in the Hall.”

Many Americans have celebrated Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree as the chicken Lady for over a decade. Surprisingly, she got famous for chicken, but not for selling food.

So, keep reading to discover why we Celebrate Dr. Dupree on National Chicken Lady Day. 

When is National Chicken Lady Day 2022?

National Chicken Lady Day falls on 4th November. Many people celebrate this day in remembrance of her work for community welfare. 

Chicken Lady Day History

Dr. Dupree started working at the world’s second vast food chain in the 1980s. She worked majorly as a Corporate Trainer and remained there for 12 years.

She used her experience and skills to help others establish their ventures during her term.

She was heavily involved in improving education standards in her community and earned her title, Chicken Lady.

During her latter work life, she turned to a motivational speaker.

So, to appreciate her commendable efforts for education, President George Bush invited her to the Oval Office.

He registered 4th November as National Chicken Lady Day, 2001.

15 Unknown Facts about the Chicken Lady

  • Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree always had a penchant for public speaking. She enrolled in her first public speaking course in 1979.
  • In the 60s, Ms. Dupree started out working as a maid for sustenance. This was also the profession of her mother and grandmother.
  • While being a corporate trainer at the food chain, Ms. Dupree was also a community spokesperson. In the latter year, she presented her resignation to start her public speaking company.
  • The food chain retained her as their Director of Community Relations.
  • Ms. Dupree later did go on to be the founder and president of her motivational speaking project, Motivational Training Center LLC.
  • Alongside this, she also founded the Professional Speakers network. Dr. Tina Dupree has 25+ years of professional speaking experience.
  • The Chicken Lady also authored 4 books. It’s time to Invest in Yourself and Hot T.I.P.S on public Speaking are her critically acclaimed works.
  • In addition to writing, her benevolence encompasses helping other writers in the sphere. She helped more than 150 authors to write and publish their work.
  • In 2011, she was added to the African American History Calendar. AT&T paid tribute to her community service and included her among the significant figures of the community’s history.
  • She earned more than 500 awards for her educational reforms and communal services.
  • Occasionally, Dr. Tina holds classes at Miami Dada College for public speaking.
  • She also appeared on a TV Show, “Speak for Success,” as a host. You can also find her monthly radio messages for the African American Community.
  • She imparts her learned skills and knowledge by hosting frequent workshops for businesses and churches.
  • She often features in Florida magazine. In addition, she also holds an award from 2014. This certifies her as one of the most influential women in South Florida.
  • In 2016, PWD awarded Lifetime Legacy Golden Mouse Award to Dr. Dupree. They regarded her as an esteemed client who gave back to society.

Interesting Ideas to Celebrate Day of Chicken Lady

Here are different ways to celebrate Chicken Lady Day.

Create a Post on Social Media

Sharing your thoughts on the works of Dr. Dupree can influentially inspire many members of society to give back.

So, head onto your social media and write a heartfelt message for the icon.

Make Donation

Little goes a long way. Donate as much as you can for a good cause.

Better educational institutions ensure more apt entrepreneurial minds that can do more for society.

So, check for local churches, orphanages, or schools accepting donations and share the links.

Have a Chicken!

Though not connected literally, the Chicken Lady Day celebration calls for savory treats.

What could be better than tender fried chicken enjoyed with family? Make sure to tip your server!

If your chicken store has a box for accepting donations, make sure to leave a generous contribution.

Explore Her Work

Read a chicken lady’s book and ponder her suggestions and skills. You can also listen to her speeches or read her magazine column.

Note down her tips for your next public speaking session. Get inspired by her speeches to live your dreams and help others live theirs.

Sign Up for Volunteer Work

If you do not break the cycle today, the pattern repeats tomorrow.

So, sign up for volunteer work near you to ensure you get into the habit of volunteering.

Help the elderly, help small businesses. Leave a few business ideas from motivational books you own with them.


So, these are some ways of celebrating National Chicken Lady Day. Being where you are in life must have been sponsored by someone you admire.

At this event, be the Chicken Lady in someone’s life and inspire them. If you have not celebrated this day yet, mark your calendar for 4th November 2022.

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