National Cheese Lover's Day

National Cheese Lover’s Day – 20th January 2023

Come on; try hard to think of someone who dislikes Cheese for non-medical reasons.

Did you succeed in coming up with a name? If so, how could they not appreciate the awesomeness that is Cheese?

How many foods come to mind that is delicious when eaten raw, somewhat cooked, wholly cooked, or burned? The Cheese stands proudly here like a champion. 

Even a day dedicated to Cheese Lovers Day is named National Cheese Lover’s Day. Let’s slide into cheesy details:

When is National Cheese Lover’s Day 2023?

Americans live for the love of Cheese! The love they have for Cheese is unmeasurable. National Cheese Lover’s Day is celebrated on the 20th of January.

Fun Facts about Cheese

Let’s dig into some fun facts about Cheese:

  • Cheese is reasonably old food. Even before written history existed, cheese-making started more than 7,000 years ago!
  • According to a 2015 report, hay dust specks that drop in milk buckets may be to blame for the holes in Swiss cheese.
  • Additionally, yak cheese is consumed in Mongolia, donkey cheese is famous in Serbia, and reindeer cheese is appreciated in Scandinavia.
  • Cheese, which accounts for 4% of all sold Cheese worldwide, is the food product that is stolen the most.
  • As each milking requires 2 hours and has to be done quietly, moose cheese costs about $420 per pound.
  • Edam Cheese only gets harder; it never turns sour. This led to its success on the sea and in far-off locations.

Benefits of Cheese

Cheese is also very beneficial for our well-being:

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Loaded with Calcium:

 Different minerals are necessary for our bodies to perform better. Calcium is the one that is most important among them.

Cheese is a great way to meet our daily requirements without taking additional medicines. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is the finest source of calcium, as per research.

Beneficial for Teeth:

The vast majority of the time, whenever we discuss wellness, we forget concerning our teeth. But fear not; Cheese is among the foods that may efficiently clean your teeth.

It is loaded with phosphate and calcium values, according to research. They support bones and teeth organically.

Good For Skin:

Maintaining healthy, bright skin is crucial since you lose skin cells daily. An efficient routine may repair lines, reduce pimples, and maintain your skin’s top condition.

Additionally, vitamin B in Cheese promotes cell proliferation. So your skin is radiant and free of imperfections.


Numerous dietitians and academic researchers link weight increase and obesity to high blood pressure.

Tragically, it also raises the chances of heart failure by causing an expanded left ventricle.

Studies have shown a non-harmful association between cheese intake and overall heart disease probabilities.

Types of Cheese:

There are various types of Cheese; let’s see some mains ones:


Natural cheddar cheese has an off-white color, is reasonably firm, and occasionally has a harsh flavor. The English village of Cheddar in Somerset is where cheddar first appeared.

Cottage Cheese:

Cottage cheese is created by separating the curds from the whey; unlike other types of Cheese, it is not pressed, so it retains its creamy, lumpy texture.

It can be consumed alone, with fruits, on bread, and in other ways.


It can be made with cow’s milk, typically with sheep’s or goat’s milk. It is crumbly and tart.


The mozzarella is stretched and kneaded into strands, much like fresh mozzarella, which adds to its capacity to stretch. It is frequently used on pizza since it melts well.


The flavor and texture of parmesan are fruity and nutty. It can be added to soups, grated over pasta, and other dishes.


While hard, this fresh Cheese is not solid and is gentler than cottage cheese. It has a mild flavor that complements a variety of foods, including cheesecake and lasagna.

How To Celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day:

Here are some interesting ideas:

Try All Types of Cheese:

Not that we’re cheese snobs. Among other such banal options, we have admitted to liking a few traditional mozzarella, cheddar, and toasty American Cheese.

Don’t tell us that you don’t find cheese kiosks and restaurants intimidating. Completely understandable.

Looking into a glass case containing dozens of cheeses in different sizes, colors, and mold marks can be extremely daunting,

So, on this Cheese Lovers Day, indulge yourself with a great experience of trying different types of Cheese.

Watch Cheese Competitions:

“To advance to the final, aspiring artisan food makers must wow the assessors and the general public with their products.” According to Chef Tom Kerridge, the competition’s host.

Watch its episode, Cheese. It’s a complete delight for Cheese Lovers. It’s an exciting episode.

Cheesemakers are vying for a spot in the final in the second session. The products up for evaluation include cheddar cheese, smoked Cheese, and goat cheese.

Enjoy cheese-based documentaries, movies, or competitions to feel the true spirits of National Cheese Lover’s Day.

Moreover, before you start watching, don’t forget to set up a cheese platter to munch on.


We’re not sure about you, but we are already dreaming after some cheese. There’s no need to worry because National Cheese Lovers Day (the 20th of January) is only a few days away.

Give our suggestions a try, and don’t forget to make the most of this delicious day. Cheesy Day greetings!


Q1: Which nation is the biggest cheese consumer?

With 6.1 million tons or 24% of the global total, the US continues to be the world’s top cheese consumer.
Additionally, the US consumed twice as much Cheese as the second-largest consumer, Germany (3 million tons).

Q2:  Is mozzarella a keto cheese?

It is another keto-friendly cheese to have on hand because it has a total carb count of 1 gram per ounce.
Probiotics, which have been demonstrated to enhance both mental and intestinal health, are also present in mozz

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