National Cheese Fondue Day

National Cheese Fondue Day – April 11, 2023

National Cheese Fondue Day is a day to celebrate one of the most beloved and delicious food traditions from Switzerland – cheese fondue!

Melted cheese is a staple of this popular appetizer, which is produced by dipping bread or other dishes into the melted cheese. Fondue is a great way to enjoy a meal with family and friends, and it’s perfect for cold winter evenings.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the history of cheese fondue and how to celebrate this event. We’ll also share why people love this food. So, grab your fondue pot, and let’s get started!

When is Cheese Fondue Day?

National Cheese Fondue Day is celebrated on April 11th annually. People love to spend this day indulging in the delicious and classic dish of melted cheese. It is perfect for a cozy meal with friends and family.

Cheese Fondue History

Cheese Fondue, a Swiss delicacy, has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. The origins of fondue can be traced to the Swiss Alps, where it was a way to use up old and hard cheese that was no longer suitable for eating.

In 1875, a cheese fondue recipe was published, and it became popular in the 20th century. The recipe was modified and improved by adding cornstarch and cheese, which made it more delicious.

Today, people enjoy it by dipping bread, pickles, garlic, olives, onions, and fruits in it. It is cooked on a stove and then served in a fondue pot.

Is Cheese Fondue Healthy?

Cheese fondue can be a high-calorie and high-fat food, as it is typically made with a large amount of cheese and butter. Excessive or regular consumption has been linked to weight gain and cardiovascular disease risk.

However, it can also be a source of protein and calcium. It can be part of a balanced diet if consumed in moderation and paired with a variety of healthy dipping options such as vegetables.

You can also vary the cheese type, as some cheese types have more saturated fat than others. You can use lower-fat cheese or add more vegetables to the mix to make it healthier.

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How to Celebrate National Cheese Fondue Day?

Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate the National Day of Cheese Fondue:

Host a Fondue Party

Invite your friends and family for a cozy, fun evening of fondue. Set up a fondue pot on the table and have various dipping options, such as bread, vegetables, and fruits.

Make it a potluck by asking everyone to bring their preferred dipping sauces.

Get Creative with your Fondue

Experiment with different types of cheese, seasonings, and dipping options. Try using different kinds of bread, fruits, and vegetables. You can also try making chocolate fondue for dessert.

Make Cheese Fondue

On National Cheese Fondue Day, plan a romantic evening with your significant other and whip up a cheese fondue together.

Light some candles, put on some music, and enjoy each other’s company while making delicious cheese fondue.

Share Cheese Fondue Day Online

Share your fondue experiences on social media using the hashtag #NationalCheeseFondueDay. Share pictures of your fondue set-up, the different types of cheese you used, and what you paired it with.

Fun Facts about Cheese

On National Day of Cheese Fondue, let me share some fun facts about cheese.

  • Cheese is one of the ancient foods in the world, with evidence of cheese-making dating back over 7,000 years.
  • Every year, American consumes more than 40 pounds of cheese per year, making it the second most consumed dairy product in the United States, after milk.
  • There are over 1,800 different types of cheese worldwide, each with its unique flavor and texture.
  • Pule Cheese is one of the world’s most exclusive and expensive cheeses. It is made from the milk of goats, Balkan donkeys, and goats, found primarily in Serbia.

Reasons to Love National Day of Cheese Fondue:

We love Cheese Fondue Day for many reasons. But let me share some top reasons why you should celebrate this day.

Delicious Comfort Food: Cheese fondue is a delicious and comforting food that is perfect for cold winter evenings. It’s a great way to warm up and enjoy a meal with friends and family.

Fun and Easy to Make: It is a simple dish that can be made with just a few ingredients. You can get creative and experiment with different cheese and dipping options.

Perfect for Parties: Cheese fondue is great party food. You can set up a fondue pot on the table and have various dipping options for your guests to enjoy.

A Great Excuse to Try New Recipes: National Cheese Fondue Day is a great excuse for us to try new fondue recipes and experiment with different types of cheese and dipping options.

A Unique Tradition: Cheese fondue is a unique tradition not celebrated in many other countries, making it special and memorable.


National Cheese Fondue Day is an opportunity to celebrate one of Switzerland’s most iconic dishes and rich history. Cheese fondue is a perfect comfort food to share with friends and family, especially on cold winter evenings.

While it can be high in calories, you can enjoy it in moderation with various healthy dipping options such as vegetables.

Whether you host a fondue party, experiment with different types of cheese, or make it with a loved one, Cheese Fondue Day is a great excuse to indulge in this tasty Swiss delicacy.

So, be sure to mark your calendars for April 11th and enjoy a fondue feast with your loved ones.

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