National Cereal Day

National Cereal Day 2023 – Facts, FAQs, & Celebrations

If you live in the 21st century, then the cereal in your pantry will probably last you an apocalypse.

Cereal is the grocery staple for all households as breakfast. This particular carb is best had with milk and toppings.

You can also have it as a quick meal if you are running late, and it takes less than a minute to prepare.

Many people have cereal when they feel like munching outside of mealtime.

So, it is high time we pay attention to this breakfast staple and join the celebrations for National Cereal Day!

When is National Cereal Day?

National Cereal Day falls on the 7th of March each year. Many people celebrate it to express their contentment and love for the convenience of cereal.

Coming from multiple types of grains, consumers have a lot of room to add flavor to this simple superfood.

Healthy Cereal Toppings

Here are some nutritious cereal toppings:

Maple Syrup 

The traditional brown syrup tastes exquisite and beautifully complements caramelized cornflakes’ mental image.

Sweet and Sour

The crisp cereal pairs well with warm honey and jam.

Lactose Butter

The traditional method involves combining milk and cereal with light butter.

Cream and Freshly Sliced Fruits

This delicious delicacy features bananas, kiwis, and cream.

Almond Butter

Peanut butter pairs best with cereal in the nut butter game.

Pureed Fruit

Has the fruit been pureed if the chopped fruit does not satisfy your palate? You are not overwhelmed by the light consistency.

Cinnamon with Nuts

A sprinkle of walnuts and almonds and some cinnamon powder on top.

Historical Background

Unfortunately, there is no specific beginning point at which people began celebrating the day. 

Instead, it was much like a niche interest that became mainstream over the years.

Cereal was first invented in the 1800s as a not-so-sought-after digestive aid. The American population had a strict reliance on beef and pork.

So, bran nuggets were invented. Over the years, Dr. John Kellogg invented wheat flakes, so corn flakes were born.

It was a development to reduce the dependence of Americans on meat for breakfast.

They were soon popularized as the most loved breakfast items. Hence, Cereal Day came to be.

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate the National Day of Cereals

Here are some ideas for making it special today.

Eat Cereal

Eat as many cornflakes as you like. When you feel like it, add condensed milk for a pop of taste. 

Run to the neighborhood market and buy a few boxes or order something special to mix it with.

Send it to Your Friends

Visit your friends’ homes with a few cereal jars and tell them about your day. Let them in on the celebrations for the day.

Get Any Savings

Businesses routinely discount cereal from various brands for certain occasions. Be careful to search for any discounts or deals as a result.

Stores commonly offer 1+1 offers for the day. So, conduct an extensive study to choose your cereal.

Top It Well

Make sure to top add more flavor to the digestive cereal. You can also pair it with flavored milk. Read the Healthy Cereals Topping section to find your match.

Post It Online

Post pictures of your celebrations online to inspire others to join in. To get your content included during Cereal Day, use the proper hashtags. 

Utilize hashtags like #NationalCerealDay, or #CerealDay.

Scroll down to see more individuals eating the flakes and learning new recipes. If you are confident in yours, share it with others.

Reasons to Love Cereal Day

For a delightful treat, cereal counts as a breakfast staple. Here are a few justifications for your love of cereal on this day.

Simple to Make

Cereals for breakfast are a quick option. There are a variety of flavored cereals available. Stir after adding the milk.

Not Heavy On the Pocket

A box of cereal may last you a week, and they are usually under $10!


You can also get nutrients from different fruits and vegetables when paired with healthy toppings. Also, the cereals come fortified with Iron and Calcium to ensure nourishment.

Taste Good

When combined with toppings, They Taste Good cereals are always delicious. But if you have ever snacked on refrigerated dry flakes, you would get it.

We all try to have big scoops before they get soggy.

Interesting Facts about Cereal

Here are some fun facts about cereal for you.

  • In 2016, Americans consumed $8.7 billion worth of cereal. However, this was not the highest number. It hit an all-time high in 2013 when the numbers reached $9.79 billion.
  • The World Record for the largest cereal bowl is 1000kg!
  • The largest Cereal Treat ever made weighed 10,314 lbs. Mega Bites prepared it.
  • Josh Graber holds the record for eating a bowl of cereal in 19.47 seconds.
  • Though the unanticipated invention of cereal was suspected of having religious undertones, the traditional meat-based breakfast led to constipation, which was considered a punishment from God.
  • The first Granula ever made was marketed as a “Sin-Free Breakfast“. Dr. James Jackson invented Granula as Jackson’s rock-hard breakfast brick.
  • Dr. Kellogg’s brother invented cereal flakes by accident. He simply called it a ‘Kitchen Mishap”.
  • Kellogg’s changed the name from ‘granular’ to “granola.” It resonated more with the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cereal Is the Oldest?

Granula, from 1863, was the first-ever cereal to be made.

Q2: What Are the 7 Types of Cereal?

The famous seven cereal grains are wheat, rice, barley, oats, maize, rye, and sorghum.

Final Thoughts

So, to wrap it up, National Cereal Day falls on the 7th of March. People celebrate this day by having cereal, sharing it with friends, and getting discounts.

If you have not celebrated the day yet, mark your calendars. Share your celebrations online using suitable hashtags.

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