National Cashew Day

National Cashew Day 2022 – All You Need to Know!

You grab a bag of mixed nuts. You keep munching until you eventually run out of one particular type of nut. If it is the cashews for you, you are not alone.

Many people love cashews for their sweet taste and crisp crunch. But what makes them even better is the buttery texture that forms as you chew them.

Cashews carry many health benefits and link closely to the history of many cultures and cuisines.

Let us savor this globally famous snack and nutritional buffet this National Cashew Day. So, are you ready?

When is National Cashew Day 2022?

On November 23rd, many people celebrate National Cashew Day across the United States.

It is a day for people to display love and affection for their favorite nuts and spread the agenda to others.

Interesting Facts about Cashews

Cashews are popular as kidney-shaped nuts globally. But here are some interesting facts about cashews for you:

  • Cashews come from the Cashew Apples. These grow on trees in tropical climates. The tree has spiraled leaves that have a leathery texture.
  • The word “Cashew” originates from the Portuguese word “Caju.” This translates to a plant that produces itself.
  • This literally fortifies the fact that cashew apples have seeds on the bottom.
  • Cashew kernels are graded in 33 different types! These are ranked according to size, color, splits, pieces, etc.
  • The most expensive cashew variety is the W-120 grade cashew type. These are referred to as the “King of Cashews.”
  • Ivory Coast and India are the largest producers and exporters of cashews globally.
  • Cashew trees can live upwards of 60 years; the largest cashew tree is said to be more than a century old.

8 Health Benefits of Cashews

Cashews taste good and hold significant nutritional excellence for the human body. Here are some health benefits of cashews:

  • Cashews contain antioxidants that provide protection against free radicle damage and help you achieve good skin.
  • The daily recommended dosage of cashew is 4-5 nuts. If you want to gain weight, you can rely on 15-30 cashews to provide plant-based fat and protein gains.
  • Cashews can improve your mood! The B6 in cashews increases Serotonin levels and helps better magnesium absorption in body cells.
  • Cashews contain the right amount of magnesium to manage gut health. So, you can expect Improvement in gut health after consuming cashews.
  • Cashews contain 67% of the daily copper value required for cell processes.
  • They are abundant in ions like Zinc, Phosphorus, Iron, and Selenium. Deficiency of any of these could lead to hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, and hair fall!
  • Cashews promote better heart health. The nuts are especially beneficial for Type-2 diabetic patients. This goes for other nuts as well!
  • They contain substantial amounts of fiber; this regulates blood sugar levels!

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Different Forms of Cashews

Cashews can be consumed in multiple forms. Here are a few that might be available to you:

  • Cashew kernels. (These are available raw, salted, or roasted)
  • Ground cashews or cashew powder.
  • Cashew butter, cream, cheese, yogurt, milk. These are all vegan and provide immense nutrition.
  • Cashew oil

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Cashew Day

Here are a few ways you can celebrate the National Day of Cashews.

Share Cashews with Your Friends

Cashews are great gift bags. The gift bag reflects the gesture that you care about the receiver and wish to see them in good health.

So, pre-order cashew packages for your friends, family, and co-workers and let them in on the festivities.

Make Cashew-Based Dishes

In multiple cuisines, cashew uniquely adds texture and flavor. So, you could add them to your Mediterranean salads, Afghani Pulao, or just as garnishing to any sweet dish.

Enjoy a warm main course topped with cashews or chilled cashew ice cream.

Avail of Any On-Going Discounts

Cashew Day cedes origins from the United States. So, essentially many retail giants incorporate such days in their customer service calendar.

Hence, they bring you bundle deals and slashed prices to add to the festivities.

If you have not been able to try a cashew nut yet, this is your cue to run, not walk, to your nearest store.

Eat Them on Cashew Day

If you have a bag of salted or plain cashews, just snack on them for instant energy replenishment.

Let the National Day of Cashew remind you to include cashews in your diet.

Post a Picture with Cashews

Usually, hashtags tie together fans and help direct algorithm users with similar interests to each other’s feeds.

So, post a picture of your cashew or cashew dish. Do not forget to use the hashtags #NationalCashewDay or #HappyCashewDay.

Reasons to Celebrate National Day of Cashew

If you have not celebrated cashews yet, here are some reasons to go nuts about them:

Buffet of Healthy Compounds

Antioxidants, plant oils, minerals, and protein lead to better immunity, mood, skin, hair, nails, etc. So, it is about time you pop 5-6 cashews daily and see the changes.

Cashews Taste Good

Cashews carry a sweet taste and a relishing scent that enhance the aroma of food.

Many Cuisines Use Cashew

The global takeover of cashews leads to their inclusion in multiple dishes, especially in the Middle East. So, this is your one-way ticket to discover new recipes.

Cashew Substitute for Junk Food

Rather than munching on high-calorie crisps or sweets, you can switch out your pantry with cashews.

These do not need to be prepared and contain much fewer calories than a bag of chips.

Final Words

Ultimately, we hope you celebrate National Cashew Day on November 23rd, 2022. Mark your calendars for the date and set a reminder as well.

Have cashews and reap the benefits of them. Make sure your friends join in! Post a picture using hashtags to interact with other such enthusiasts.

Do refer to our suggestions to form a bucket list. Sharing is caring!

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