National Candy Cane Day

National Candy Cane Day – 26th December 2022

During the holiday season, the candy cane is one of the most common treats.

This delightful pack of tasty sugar is usually striped with white and red colors, but that’s something many of you already know. 

You may not have known that this heavenly treat has its own dedicated national day.

National Candy Cane Day is a holiday dedicated to appreciating the existence of candy canes in our lives. Keep reading to learn all about this unique holiday.

When is National Candy Cane Day 2022?

National Candy Cane day is celebrated in the US and many different parts of the world on the 26th of December, the next day after Christmas.

The candy cane is normally consumed throughout the year, as many people love the taste of it.

However, the demand for this candy increases surprisingly high during Christmas as it is used in gifts and decorations. 

Hence it would be fitting for Candy Cane Day to be celebrated around the Christmas holidays. 

Historical Background

Despite no documented proof of the candy cane’s origin, there is a famous story about the candy originating in Europe after the 16th century.

The story tells us that the candy canes originated in Germany when a choirmaster gave them out to his team to keep them quiet during a ceremony.

It is believed that he bent the candy sticks to resemble a shepherd’s stick.

Almost two centuries later, in 1847, candy canes were used to decorate small spruce in Ohio by August Imgard. Since then, it has become a symbol of decoration.

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Different Types of Candy Canes

Here are some of the most popular kinds of candy canes that you should treat yourself to on the National Day of Candy Cane.

1. Peppermint

The traditional red and white candy cane is the highest selling type of this candy, covering around a quarter of the total sales.

Millions of people prefer the classic instead of new flavors for the treat.

2. Sour Patch

As the name suggests, this candy cane hits you with a sour punch before the sweetness comes to win you over.

Sour Patch is a flavor gaining a lot of popularity, especially among kids.

3. Pickle

For all pickle lovers, this green-colored candy cane would be the perfect flavor to buy.

This pickle-flavored candy cane is a great way to try something new if you’re tired of traditional peppermint.

4. Rainbow

Rainbow is a unique candy cane that is a mix of several different types of flavors.

Usually made with a mix of fruity flavors, including cherry and green apple, this candy cane flavor is worth a try.

Importance of Candy Cane Day

Here is why this national holiday is important for people around the country.

  • Candy cane day serves as a reminder for us to celebrate the holiday season with sweet memories.
  • The day creates the perfect opportunity to feel closer to friends and family during the holiday celebrations and take that Christmas spirit onto the next day.
  • Candy canes are special for kids as millions across the country love them.
  • Nowadays, candy canes are an important part of Christmas culture as sugar delight has become a symbol for Christmas decorations. Celebrating this national day is similar to extending Christmas.

3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Candy Cane Day

Here is how you can celebrate National Candy Cane Day.

Eat Candy Cane

Candy cane day is about appreciating this treat’s existence in our lives.

It is a celebration of candy canes, and there is no better way to celebrate than eat some candy cane.

Share It with Friends 

The holiday season is all about being closer to your loved ones. You can invite some friends over this holiday to share candy canes with them and catch up.

Avail Discounts and Stock Up

Candy canes are high in demand before Christmas, but the next day, the demand decreases as customers no longer need them for decorations.

This means you can avail discounts during clearance sales and stock up, as this candy can last up to 3 years.

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Reasons to Love Candy Cane

We all love striped candy for many reasons. Here are some of them.

Great Taste 

There is no doubt that a candy treat that gets so much importance would taste good. Candy Canes are simple treats made of sugar and flavors that taste amazing.

You can eat candy canes to feel the joy of this simple delight.

Children Love It

Children worldwide love to eat candy canes, and parents usually have to buy some extra packs for the Christmas tree’s decoration. 

No Fat

It is well known that candy canes do not contain any fat or harmful ingredients. The treat contains sugar, water, peppermint oil, or flavors.

This means that you do not have to worry about a little extra consumption when the holiday season arrives.

Interesting Facts about Candy Canes

Here are some fun facts about candy canes you might not have known.

  • Around 2 billion candy canes are made annually in the United States, most of which are sold in December.
  • The red-white striped candy cane wasn’t introduced until the early 20th century.
  • The longest candy cane made was more than 50 feet long and still holds the world record for the biggest candy cane.
  • Until 1920, candy canes were made by hand. It was only after Brasher O Westerfield’s machine invention that mass production began.
  • Candy Canes come in different sizes and lengths. Normally the length of the candy ranges from 4 to 6 inches.


Candy canes are one of the most important parts of the holiday season. On top of decorations, candy canes are greatly enjoyed by people worldwide.

This is why candy cane day is celebrated with great enthusiasm as millions of people buy candy canes or make their own.

National Candy Cane Day is an occasion to celebrate this incredible treat, as candy canes will continue to serve as a symbol for holidays and Christmas.

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