National Cake Day

National Cake Day | November 26, 2022

The concept of a birthday celebration remains incomplete without including cake buried in burning candles.

Cakes are to events what Bonnie is to Clyde. Weddings, anniversaries, retirements, and showers are just a few names that require a slice of cake for the attendees.

This combination of flour, milk, sugar, and a few extra ingredients has given rise to this industry. It is run by pastry chefs all around the world ardently.

So, let’s celebrate this universal love language together on National Cake Day!

When is National Cake Day 2022?

This scrumptious combination of sweetness and flour (cake) is celebrated in the cold month of November. The day is November 26, 2022, when people worldwide celebrate National Cake Day!

So, whether it is Chocolate Malt Cake or Cheesecake, you have the right to celebrate your slice between your jaws.

History of Cake

Cakes date back to the days of the infamous Cleopatra, and it has roots traced back to Ancient Greece. The cake’s first form was a flatbread loaded with honey and nuts.

From nearly 13th Century BC to 16th Century BC, the word cake popularized throughout Britain.

In America, the cake was sought after during the Great Depression as a cheap meal to feed millions of poverty-stricken families.

In the 19th century, the cake was topped with candles to celebrate birthdays. In the early 21st century, unofficially, Cake Day was observed on 27th November.

Reason to Celebrate Cake Day

Want to know why should you celebrate National Day of Cake? Here’s why!

Inspires Young Pastry Chefs

A professional chef gets happy when his meal is commended by many.

To enhance and showcase their skills, you can help surmount young up-and-coming pastry chefs on cake day.

Recipe Conservation

Generational recipes are conserved when young ones compete with their parents and grandparents to create a concoction of absolute generational flavors.

Helps you Connect

If you have someone special or want to make a gesture for your family, cake day is your time to showcase your love in the form of sugary dough topped with icing.

You Can Treat Yourself to Some Cake!

One of the biggest reasons to celebrate Cake Day is one gets to eat cake. Imagine in a single day you get to taste various cakes.

This may be a bummer for diabetics; however, you get to devour the tastiest treats for those who are not.

9 Interesting Facts About Cakes

On the National Day of Cake, look at some interesting facts.

  • The world’s most expensive cake was laced with real diamonds and hand-sculpted fondant with a heavy price tag of 75 million dollars.
  • It is a 17th-century belief that is similar to a tooth fairy. If you keep a cake under your pillow, you will have sweet dreams about your significant other rather than money.
  • To wish fertility over a married couple, the wife’s head was subjected to bread being broken over it. This was a tradition of ancient Rome.
  • The largest number of candles on a cake was recorded at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in NYC. The cake bore 72,585 candles placed on it by 100 members to celebrate their teacher’s 85th birthday.
  • The United Kingdom cake market enjoys a sumptuous figure of 368 million pounds annually. Their queen also gave the “Royal Icing” its moniker. She was the first person to put creamy white icing on a cake.
  • In 1785 as Times of London’s first edition was released, people also introduced the custom of offering a “birthday cake.” Hence, the custom of exchanging birthday cakes was established.
  • The last fact is close to the editor’s heart; the best-flavored cake is chocolate malt cake, which is undebatable.

How to Celebrate National Cake Day 2022

Here are a few ways you can contribute to celebrating this Cake Day.

Enjoy a Cake

One way to celebrate the Cake Event is to sit on a cozy couch with your family and enjoy cake with a hot cup of tea.

Revisit your Oven on Cake Day

If you are someone who has a nearly unused oven, it’s time to dust off your baking gloves and put in a cake to be baked.

Whether it’s cheesecake, strawberry cake, or chocolate malt cake, you cook it!

Post on Social Media

Do not forget to share your cake with the hashtag #nationalcakeday to add to the hype.

If you have a family recipe, then feel free to share it via video, or you can type it.

You can even tell about the emotional connection to the recipe if you inherited it from your loved ones.

Availing Discounts

Countless bakeries across the world offer discounts on their bakery items on this auspicious day.

You can also support small baking businesses by availing of their offers and helping them achieve their deserved monetary benefits.

Send a Cake to Your Loved Ones Far Away

You can send a cake to your loved ones’ address and surprise them across the state or borders.

It never hurts to put a smile on someone you love.


To put the icing on the cake, mark your calendars for 26th November this year. So, make sure to buy your favorite kind of cake or bring back the baking gloves you once hung up.

You can use this day to help the up-and-coming businesses or make amends with just a cake!

Make sure to share the love by posting a picture with #NationalCakeDay. Finally, we wish you a very Happy National Cake Day!

Dates of National Cake Day

2022November 26Saturday
2023November 26Sunday
2024November 26Tuesday
2025November 26Wednesday
2026November 26Thursday
2027November 26Friday
2028November 26Sunday
2029November 26Monday
2030November 26Tuesday
2031November 26Wednesday

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