National Cabbage Day

National Cabbage Day 2023 – History, Benefits, & More

Tender beef and a little broth. When paired with cabbage, we have the best holiday meal.

Add in mayo, lettuce, salt, and a little pepper. Frozen coleslaw is perfect for washing the pallet when having fried food.

Cabbages are used in multiple foods and provide a different texture or flavor each time.

They have a wide pool of health benefits with a rich history. So, let us hone this magnificent vegetable.

Let us celebrate National Cabbage Day! Keep reading to learn more.

When Is National Cabbage Day 2023?

National Day of Cabbage is observed on the 17th of February annually. On this day, we express our love for this beautiful vegetable and the benefits it provides.

Cabbages form the bulk of salads and can be diced, shredded, or sliced to suit the dish of your choice. The vegetable retains its subtle crunch and flavor but does not overwhelm the dish it is paired with.

Interesting Facts about Cabbage

Here are some fun facts about cabbage to blow your mind.

  • Cabbage rolls are sometimes called “Pigs in a Blanket” or “Chicken in a Blanket.” This is because cabbage leaves blanket the filling.
  • Cabbages have many popular cousins, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, Bok choy, kohlrabi, and kale.
  • The word cabbage originates from the French word” Caboche”, which means head.
  • In 1541, Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, brought cabbages to America.
  • China produces 48% of the total output of cabbage globally.
  • In the Roman era, Cabbages constituted a luxury vegetable compared to others.
  • The Greek thinker Diogenes reportedly had a diet of nothing but cabbages and water.
  • Scott Robb from Alaska holds the world record for growing the largest cabbage. Weighing 138.25 pounds, its record is yet to be broken.
  • Cabbages from Alaska are bigger and sweeter. The sunlight for photosynthesis is available 20 hours a day. So, it aids the hyper-growth of the vegetable.
  • The Russians consider cabbage to be their National Food. They reportedly consume 7 times more cabbage compared to the Americans.


Cabbage cedes its origins from the region of Turkey and its neighboring Eastern Mediterranean regions. It was brought to Continental Europe by traders from where it reached all parts of the world.

Unfortunately, Cabbage Day holds no formal origins. It is common practice to make coleslaw out of it or to serve it with corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day.

The closest we could track down was its cameo in the Canadian newspaper, The Windsor Star, in 1999.

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Fun Ways to Enjoy the National Day of Cabbage

Here are some ways to celebrate Cabbages on this day.

Have Cabbages

Eat Cabbages in multiple forms and pair them with multiple kinds of meats and other vegetables.

Learn New Recipes

Make sure to make the most out of this day. Learn a new way to cook the same old cabbage. Add more spices or make patties.

Share Cabbages with Friends

Make sure to gift your cooked meals or farm-fresh cabbages to your friends. They should also benefit from this sacred treasure of health.

Avail Discounts

Your local grocery store might run a promotion following this day. So, run! Do not walk; run to get the best deals.

Post it Online

Use appropriate hashtags like #NationalCabbageDay to find others celebrating this day.

Read blog posts or journals to find recipes and additional benefits.

Health Benefits of Cabbage

Here are a few health benefits of cabbage for you:

  • Cabbages help you lose weight. Having only 6 calories per leaf, cabbages are a popular replacement for tortillas or other bread for sandwiches and wraps.
  • It does not contain any fat or cholesterol. So, it helps to maintain a healthy heart.
  • The low sodium content also helps to regulate blood pressure.
  • Cabbages contain Potassium, Manganese, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, and Iron. All these help to reverse hair loss.
  • It provides Vitamin C in abundance. This helps to brighten your skin.
  • The iron and dietary fiber from cabbages help to keep the gut healthy and ease constipation.
  • Cabbages also have Anti-inflammatory properties.

Reasons to Adore Cabbage Day

Here are a few reasons why you should celebrate Cabbages on this day:

It Is Versatile

Cabbages can be sliced, diced, shredded, or blended. They can be fried, sauteed, boiled, or pickled. No matter how you want to add it to your dish, you can.

If anything, you can eat it raw. It goes well with lettuce and ranch in salads.

Cabbages Go Global

Cabbages are vital ingredients for Asian, German, Irish, and Latin cuisines.

The cultural diversity within these regions is also immense. For example, the Koreans eat it pickled, but the Vietnamese love their summer rolls in cabbage leaves or rice paper.

Cabbages Cure Hangover

After a night of drinks with friends, the impending hangover can dampen the mood for many of us. 

Luckily, you can lessen the severity of it by having some cabbage before drinking. Cabbage soup is a popular dish for this purpose.

Cabbages Have Nutritional Benefits

This nature’s bounty makes us all fall in love with it. So, make sure to have it at least once a week.

Cabbages provide healthy skin, heart, and gut and reduce inflammation. A daily salad to go with your meals can do wonders for your body.

Cabbages Can Humor People

If someone calls you a Cabbagehead, just know they are fond of being around you. In Hebrew, “Rosh-Kruv” translates to cabbage head. It signifies stupidity.

Cabbages Are Not Very Expensive

Globally, cabbages are not priced heavily. So, they are a good worth of money spent.

Wrapping Up

On the 17th of February, many people celebrate National Cabbage Day to show their love for cabbages.

They love it for the benefits it provides to them. So have cabbages, learn new recipes, and share them with friends.

Make sure to avail of discounts and post your celebrations online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I Freeze Cabbage?

You can blanch the leaves and store them in a cool, dry place. Make sure to have a zip lock or an air-tight container to keep them fresh.

Q2: What Holiday Do People Eat Cabbage?

From its Irish origin, people have cabbages on St. Patrick’s Day as holiday food.

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