National Bubble Gum Day – February 3, 2023

Bubble gum is one of the most consumed items on the planet. Many children grow up being taught that chewing gums are evil. It is like the forbidden apple for children.

However, it is something we all have consumed and loved at one point in our lives. Chewing games is also one of the only types of candies that adults continue to enjoy. 

To celebrate this amazing invention that brought us joy back in the day, we will observe National Bubble Gum Day on February 3, 2023. Let’s learn all about this unique holiday.

When is National Bubble Gum Day 2023?

National bubble gum day is not celebrated on a specific date every year. People observe it on the first Friday of February i.e., Feb 3, 2023.

Historical Background

The origin and history of chewable items can be traced back to ancient Greece. An old legend tells us that chewing resins from a tree was common for ancient Europeans.

However, chewing gum, as we know, wasn’t available until the early 20th century. In 1905, Frank H Fleer invented the first variation of bubble gums.

The product was called Blibber Blubber and was too sticky to be consumed as a chewable for hours.

In 1928, Walter Diemer created the first successful bubblegum that was loved by the public and revolutionized the chewing gum industry.

Interesting Facts about Bubble Gums

Here are some amazing facts about bubble gums that you might find interesting.

  • More than 100,000 tons of chewing gum are consumed worldwide every year.
  • Some people chew bubble gums to release stress or cope with pressure.
  • Peanut butter is a great way to get bubble gum out of your hair. This is due to the oils stored in peanut butter.
  • A dentist called William Semple created the modern version of sugary bubble gums.
  • An average human consumes around 300 bubble gum sticks annually in the US.
  • According to Guinness, the biggest bubble ever blown from chewing gum was 20 inches in diameter. Chad Fell from Winston County holds the record.
  • Pink is the most common color for bubble gums around the world.
  • Walter Diemer himself created the Dubble Bubble brand of bubble gum.
  • More than 150 million Americans consume bubble gum every year.

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate the National Day of Bubble Gums

Here are some of the great ways to celebrate this day.

National Day of Bubble Gum

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Eat a Bubble Gum Stick

Well, there cannot be a better way to spend National Day of Bubble Gum Day than eating a gum stick yourself.

You can spend this unique holiday exercising your jaw and making sure that you absorb all the sweet flavors. While at it, blow some big bubbles to have even more fun.

Share It with Friends

Sharing is caring; a national day is about being considerate towards others.

While it may not be seen as a big thing, the small gesture of sharing a pack of chewing gum is great.

It is likely to bring a smile to your friend’s face. Head out to your nearest store on bubble gum day to buy your favorite gum flavor and share it with some friends. 

It will also be a great opportunity to chat and catch up on old times.

Post a Picture on Social Media

You can use social media on this unique holiday if you want the world to know about your love for chewing gums.

Take a picture on bubble gum day and post it on social media with a caption that celebrates the special holiday. You can also use hashtags such as #BubbleGumDay or #ChewingGum.

Try New Flavors

Nowadays, chewing gums come in all sorts of flavors. While the most common ones consumed have always been mint, more flavors are starting to trend.

You can celebrate Bubble Gum Day by trying out these new flavors and seeing why they are getting so popular.

If you’re a fan of fruity flavors, you will love bubble gums labeled strawberry or watermelon flavors.

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Challenge Others

Since the special holiday is a celebration of bubble gums, why not observe it with a small competition of bubbles?

Challenge your friends on bubble gum day to see who can make the biggest bubble. 

The winner can get a pack of their favorite chewing gum flavor. Make sure you blow the bubble carefully so it doesn’t get stuck in your hair.

Reasons to Love Bubble Gums

Here are some of the reasons why we all love chewing bubble gums.

Good Taste

There is no doubt that bubble gums have drastically evolved in the last few years. They are rich in flavors; you can chew one for hours before all the flavor fades away.

While chewing gums have almost no nutrients, they make up for it with long-lasting flavors. Furthermore, there are a ton of flavors to choose from. 

You can have different flavored gum daily and never run out of them as new flavors are created now and then.

Brings Back Childhood Nostalgia

Bubble gums have been a big part of our childhoods. Despite our parents being against chewing gums, many of us went rogue and consumed these delights at one point. 

Celebrating this holiday brings back all the old memories putting a smile on our faces.

Helps with Bad Breath

Bubble gums are a lifesaver if you happen to have bad breath. 

While brushing your teeth solves the issue at the start of the day, having a pack of mint bubble gums is always a good idea for the rest of the time.

It helps you keep a fresh breath throughout the day.

Bottom Line

Bubble gums have undoubtedly been one of the most popular inventions regarding consumable items. 

The rich flavor is extremely tasty and long-lasting. On top of that, it keeps you from having bad breath. As compensation for all this, chewing games deserve to be celebrated. 

Hence, National Bubble Gum Day should be observed around the world so that we can celebrate this amazing delight.

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