National Bubble Bath Day

National Bubble Bath Day – 8th January 2023

Water in the tub, shampoo in the hair, plop in the bubble gel, and plop in the baby.

A typical bath routine for infants resonates with myriad bubbles and foam around the mouth. Well, we do ignore the pre-wash tantrums and soap tears, conveniently.

But as you grow up, you have less time for reclining in a bathtub full of bubbles. It would be a crime to even dream of submerging in water till your fingers prune.

Let’s celebrate National Bubble Bath Day! Stay tuned to find out.

When is National Bubble Bath Day 2023?

On the 8th of January, many people celebrate National Bubble Bath Day to show their love for bubble baths.

Bubble baths are now all about the experience. So, the addition of aromatic scented candles and scent diffusers makes it more luxurious.

Historical Background

Bubble Bath Day holds no specific beginnings with definitive proof. However, through word of mouth 8th of January is the mutually agreed day for celebrations.

The first commercially sold surfactants made the bath bubble foams mainstream. Before that, shampoo gel’s bubbles were enough to begin the fun.

Mr. Bubble’s line of bath bubble products set the route in the 80s with multiple TV appearances.

Advertisements showed babies lathered in foam. The trendy gimmick was now an essential part of the bathing regime.  

Speculatively, an episode of Power puff Girls in 1999 helped to coin the day in a snowball effect.

How to Observe the National Day of Bubble Bath?

If you are not a part of the celebrations yet, here are some suggestions to add to your bucket list:

Rest Up with a Bubble Bath

Bubbles on the surface of the water help to retain insulation when hot water is poured in.

You can enjoy the warmth for a long time and clear your mind while sitting in peace.

Make sure not to go overboard. Staying soaked for too long may cause an imbalance in the vaginal pH and contribute to yeast infection.

This also extends to submerging for too long and ending up with an itch. The body gets stripped of natural oils!

Accessorize Your Bath!

Add scented candles, rose petals, or essential oils to the routine. In a viral Tik Tok trend, reading a book or sipping a glass of wine enhances the experience.

Buy a Bath Foam

Bath bubbles come in various forms now. Some shampoos and body washes are infused with bubbles.

Other bath foams come with labels to target specific skin conditions. You can enjoy whatever you pick while it lasts and remembers the experience for days.

Avail of Any On-going Discounts

Festive spirit calls for rewards. So, head to your nearest Bath and Body Works or any other place you like. Scope out any bundle discounts or slashed prices.

Share Your Setup

Decorate your bathtub, and click a picture to let your creativity flow.

Remember to post the picture under the hashtag #NationalBubbleBathDay so other enthusiasts can see your work.

Scroll under the hashtag to see posts from other people about their work.

Reasons to Adore National Day of Bubble Bath

Here are some excuses to love this day:

It is Soothing

You can take a break from mundane life and relax for a day. Unfortunately, the day can only be observed rather than a public holiday.

So, make sure to postpone or wrap up any commitments.

Brings Back Memories

A nice scrub from your mother and the warm water relaxing you with rubber ducks barely floating. Those were the days. Reminisce those memories.

Improves Skin

Bath foams come with essential compounds that improve skin health. So, get that exfoliation and smell divine after.

Relaxes Sore Muscles

The warm insulated water relaxes your muscles making you feel good. So, it can wear off all fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is The Point Of a Bubble Bath?

It is like using any body wash or soap bar to help remove impurities. However, bubble baths are more fun because of the product’s plethora of bubbles to encapsulate you.

Q2: Is It Good To Take Bubble Baths?

While they function like regular body washes, too much of this product can strip your body of natural oils.
The foaming agents are also harsher than regular body washes. So, make sure not to do it too frequently.

Q3: Do Bath Bombs Create Bubbles?

Citric acid and sodium bicarbonate in bath bombs react to create a fizz. This whirling reaction releases the fragrance.
But it does not function like bath foam to create bubbles. You can pair the two products together.

Final Words

National Bubble Bath Day is celebrated on the 8th of January. The day holds dear to many because of the memories it brings back and how good it makes them feel.

You can celebrate this day by having a bubble bath, gifting bath foams to your friends, or adding oils and candles to your routine.

Make sure not to stay too long, or you might end up with an itch!

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