National Boyfriend Day Gift Ideas

National Boyfriend Day Gift Ideas in 2022

National Boyfriend Day is the perfect day to celebrate the man who keeps you warm in the winter, cheers you up in the summer, and helps with your homework.

Whether you are dating or married to one, they deserve some recognition once in a while.

And since we can’t remember everything about them, we have created this list of 25 things all boyfriends and husbands should have in their “gift-giving arsenal.”

However, it is also a fantastic day to thank your partner for all the other things he does for you!

Here are 30 national boyfriend day gift ideas to help you show how much you appreciate your special guy.

National Boyfriend Day Gift Ideas for You

National Boyfriend Day Gifts

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1. A new shirt or hoodie with a special message on it:

“I like the way you always stand by me. No matter what. Good thing I don’t wear shirts with messages on them because this one would be pretty hard to read!”

2. Flowers:

Send him a bouquet of his favorite flowers, pick them yourself, or get them from a local florist. Tell him you thought of everything, including what he likes to eat.

3. A bottle of his favorite perfume or cologne:

This is especially good if he’s a guy who thinks guys don’t use perfume (they do). Tell him you’re going all out this year to make sure he always knows just how special he is to you.

4. An original painting:

If you are an artist or know someone who is, this is the perfect gift for your boyfriend.

It doesn’t have to be a picture of just him. You could get one of your closest friends, or even your mother.

5. A photo album filled with photos of you and him:

Or, if you don’t know any photo albums, get him a box of glossy paper and have someone take a bunch of old photos and put them in chronological order.

6. Tickets to a sporting event he likes:

Go to the game with him, or go see a play or musical performance he likes. This is a gift that will make both of you happy.

On the whole, men like to support their teams. This is an opportunity for you to show off his team spirit.

7. A video camera and some extra memory cards:

If he’s into photography, he’ll love this! Tell him you’ve been thinking of ways to improve your relationship, and this is one of the ideas you’ve come up with.

8. A night out at a movie:

Buy him a large popcorn and a soda or a cup of coffee, and take in a comedy or action flick. Tell him he can pick the movie.

9. Dinner and a play:

Take him to dinner at a restaurant with a stage show. Or take him to see a play you have both seen before. Take him to a concert if there isn’t a play in your town.

10. Dinner and a sports game:

Take him to a ballgame or a concert. If he doesn’t like sports, take him to a Broadway musical.

11. A massage:

Schedule a half hour where you take off the pressure by giving each other a stress-reducing rub down.

12. Take a weekend trip somewhere alone:

Rent a cabin for two, go to a hotel with a hot tub, and then book a weekend getaway for you two.

13. Buy him a personal trainer:

A personal trainer is a great gift for any guy who works out, no matter how much or how little he currently works out.

It will make him feel unique and valued. (By the way, I have a personal trainer, and it’s one of the best gifts I ever gave myself.)

14. Go shopping with him:

If he doesn’t get enough fun out of going shopping with you, buy him something else as a “just because” present.

15. Go hiking or camping:

Or take a day trip to a nearby state park or national forest. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day exploring the great outdoors.

16. Take a tour of his city:

If he’s got a cool town or a cool part of the country where he grew up, take a weekend trip there to explore the area with him.

17. Get a puppy:

A puppy will change your life. It will make you both laugh, give you something to do together, teach you new things about each other, and keep you fit and healthy. 

18. Go to a play or a concert or a night out with just the two of you:

Invite him to join you and your friends for a play or a concert. You can also go to a restaurant with a stage show. Otherwise, stay at home with your significant other and have a romantic night while watching a movie.

19. Take a hot air balloon ride:

It will thrill him and make him feel like floating on a cloud above the rest of the world. Rides in hot air balloons are pricey, but they are well worth it.

Don’t be concerned about the price. Talk to your local balloon company and find out about their deals. 

20. Buy him a “Fusion” Audiobook:

A “fusion” audiobook has an MP3 recording of the narration plus an actually written transcript of the dialogue.

They’re great for people who have trouble remembering what they’ve already heard. (I’ve done audiobooks myself, and it’s really hard to remember all those lines I’m saying over and over.)

21. Go to a strip club:

Unless he’s extremely religious or a feminist, I bet your boyfriend would like to go to a strip club with you once in a while.

22. Take a vacation together:

Rent a cabin by the beach or a mountain lake. Or take a weekend trip somewhere romantic like Paris or Las Vegas.

23. Learn how to dance the tango:

If you know how to dance the tango, he’ll be forever in your debt. 

24. An attractive dinner jacket (he’ll love it!):

Going to a formal ball or gala event will make you both feel ultra-confident and put him in a good mood for the entire evening. 

25. A back rub:

After a long day of work, your man will be all stressed out. Give him a simple stress-relieving rub down with essential oils or scented lotion. It will help him unwind and have a more enjoyable evening.

26. Learn How to Properly Kiss:

Kissing is an important part of any healthy relationship. On the whole, men like receiving kisses while women like giving them.

However, most people learn how to kiss when they are very young and then never receive proper “reinforcement” ever again.

If this is true for you, it’s time to learn how to give and receive great kisses again. There are many books that can teach you this important life skill.

Here is my favorite book: The First Rule of Great Kissing by Joe Polish is the first book I read on kissing, and it gave me a whole new appreciation for the art of kissing.

27. Rent a sailboat and take a weekend trip somewhere romantic:

Like Catalina Island or the Bahamas. Or go to a nearby state park or national forest and rent a campsite for the two of you. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day exploring the great outdoors.

Boyfriend Day Gifts

28. A day of fishing:

If he’s a man who loves to fish, he’ll be in his element. And if he hasn’t fished since he was a kid, this will be a real adventure for him. 

29. Teach him to scuba dive:

This is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to see the world. You’ll see exotic coral reefs and tropical fish that only exist in warm oceans.

And if he has any interest in archeology or anthropology, this is an amazing way to explore wrecks from past hurricanes or ancient Mayan shipwrecks. 

So, here are my top 30 favorite national boyfriend day gift ideas. There are still plenty of other things you may do to impress your partner on this special day.

So, it is highly dependent on the choice of your boyfriend.   Have a wonderful day!

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