National Bartender Day

National Bartender Day – December 2nd, 2022

When it comes to cocktails, the bartender is usually the most crucial part of the equation. There would be no exotic Cocktails, Martinis, or Manhattans without them. So, on this National Bartender Day, let’s show our gratitude for the mixologists who work behind the bar every night to make our every visit memorable.

This day is also known as Bartender Appreciation Day and will be observed on December 3rd this year. The Mixologists are masters of their craft. They go through extensive training to learn how to serve the best possible drink. Thus, it is only reasonable to appreciate their efforts.

When is the National Bartender Day 2022?

National Bartender Day is usually observed every first Friday of December. This year, it will be commemorated on December 2nd, 2022.

National Bartender Day

Historical Background:

Bartending has been around since ancient times. There are records of Mixologists in Europe during the medieval period. On the other hand, National Bartender Day is entirely new.

The Spirit Brand Sailor Jerry Rum introduced this in 2011. His motive was to appreciate them for their service.

It is hard to imagine that they do not deserve a holiday. They have to work so hard and have a lot of responsibility. 

The mixologists have evolved beyond their traditional role of simply mixing and pouring drinks and turned into a kind of therapist.

They do much more than mix and pour drinks. They make your occasions more special.

If you love entertaining others and want to learn this, you should probably join any school to learn bartending.

How to Become a Good Bartender:

This could be your calling if you have a passion for mixing drinks. First, you will need a license from your state’s bar or liquor board. It is a good idea to get one before starting your career.

To become a bartender, first, you need to acquire knowledge about drinks.

Then, it would be best to learn how to mix, pour and serve drinks. Bartending requires a tremendous amount of training.

It’s also crucial to be friendly and good with your customers. In addition, Mixologists also need to be creative.

Every person who comes into the bar or restaurant for a drink may have different tastes and preferences.

There are many cocktail recipes out there, and it is essential that they know which ones to make.

It is a long journey, so make sure you are ready to devote the time to learning everything you need to know.

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Reason to Love the National Day of Bartenders:

They make our lives easier. Every day is a different experience when you’re having fun with friends and family.

But when you’re at a bar, things get even better. They add their little touches to the ambiance of the place. 

They ensure that your meals or beverages are presented in the most professional manner possible. So, your special day becomes even more memorable.

In any case, the fact that they serve you is a reason enough to celebrate. But that’s not all.

They also make sure that everyone enjoys their time at the bar. So, why not take this day to show gratitude to the maestro who makes our visit memorable?

How to Celebrate the National Day of Bartenders:

They are always busy, but this day is a time for them to have fun. Here are some of my suggestions for making the most of the National Day of Bartenders.

Take a Tour of the Bar:

They have a passion for serving. If you love to visit bars and restaurants, you can try taking a tour of your local establishment.

You will see first-hand how they are making everyone’s life more memorable.

Take a Day off:

If you are one of them, this is the perfect day to have a day off. Take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

Order an Ice Cold Beer:

There is nothing better than a good old beer. This is a great time to take a break from your work and enjoy your favorite beverage with your bartender friends.

Throw a Party:

To appreciate the Mixologists, invite all your friends from the restaurant and throw them a grand party to make their day memorable.

Offer Free Drinks:

If you are a bar owner, offer all the staff members free drinks to tell them how important they are.

Share Your Bar Experience on Social Media:

They are always busy answering customer questions and taking orders. It is the best time for them to receive a message from their fans.

Use #NationalBartenderDay and share your best experience of their interaction with you.

Give them a Gift:

You can give them a gift card or something else to show them that you care for them and appreciate their hard work.

Give Them a Raise:

If you know why they are so busy, you should be able to give them a raise. This will be the best day to give them a promotion. This will make them happy because they are always worried about the tips they get.

Give them an Extra Tip:

 If you are a frequent patron, then it is your responsibility to tip them in a good way. They have worked really hard, and you should appreciate their work. If you have a little extra money, then give them a tip.

Dedicate this day only to Bartenders:

They are usually taken for granted on every occasion. So, let this day be only about them.

Final Words

In conclusion, National Bartender Day is an event to raise awareness about the importance of these people.

This day aims to encourage mixologists to develop their skills and to promote the history and cultural traditions of the bar and bartending industry.

All in all, I hope you have enjoyed the article, and let us know in the comment section what your plans are for this day. Cheers and have a fabulous day!

Dates of National Bartender Day:

2022FridayDecember 2
2023FridayDecember 1
2024FridayDecember 6
2025FridayDecember 5
2026FridayDecember 4
2027FridayDecember 3
2028FridayDecember 1
2029FridayDecember 7
2030FridayDecember 6
2031FridayDecember 5

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