National Barbie Day

National Barbie Day 2023 – History, Facts, FAQs, & More

Do you remember those good old days of childhood when you used to play with dolls with your sisters?

National Barbie Day is a day for all Barbie and Doll lovers. Everyone has some good memories associated with playing with Barbie in their childhoods.

Thinking back, I remember the world of fantasy I used to go to while playing with Barbie. Barbie and her friends were designed to give girls a world of imagination.

Playing and dressing up the Barbie and her friends was, without any doubt, every little girl’s dream. So, let’s dive into this event!

When is the National Barbie Day 2023?

National Day of Barbie is celebrated widely on the 9th of March. The aim is to celebrate Barbie, which changed girls’ lives, and to remember the good days of childhood.

Top 10 Barbie Dolls.

Barbie dolls have been available for over sixty years as a well-known toy among little kids who appreciate dolls and play with them. If you’re thinking of getting a Barbie doll, I have compiled a list of a few top Barbie dolls for you:

  • The Original 1959 Barbie.
  • Western Barbie.
  • Super Star Barbie.
  • Ballerina Barbie.
  • India Barbie.
  • Barbie Travel Doll.
  • Barbie Top Gun Maverick.
  • Golden Dreams Barbie.
  • Day to Night Barbie.
  • Color Magic Barbie.

Reasons to Love the Day of Barbie

Does anyone even need a reason to appreciate Barbie? Check out some reasons that make you love this day:

  • This occasion helps us remember the good days of our childhood and assists us in appreciating the little pleasures of life.
  • Since the company has had over 200 professions, Barbie is an excellent example for little girls and motivates little kids to seek after these professions.
  • Donating and giving Barbie to little kids provide them with happiness and good memories and helps in imagining a fantasy world.
  • The toy is available in all skin tones and body shapes, teaching young kids to love every body shape and skin color.
  • Barbie doesn’t accept that certain things are for young men and others are for young ladies and has helped eliminate gender stereotypes.


The history of this unique event is the story of Barbie herself, as this is the day of Barbie’s birthday.

Barbie was launched in 1959 on March 9 in New York at the American International Toy Fair event.

The product was the result of a good deed from Ruth Handler, who was the spouse of the co-creator of the toy company called Mattel Inc.

She believed that the toy market required something else when she watched little kids playing with small toys.

Ruth saw a doll according to what she wanted on her trip to Germany and convinced the organization to make the dolls.

Some people weren’t happy with her appearance, but you see from her prosperity that those views were only a few.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Barbie Day

Playing with Barbie is a favorite activity of all young girls. Let’s find ways you can adapt to acknowledge this fun occasion:


What better way to celebrate than by playing with Barbie?

If you have a young sister, hang out with her by playing with Barbie. Even if you are a grown-up, there is nothing wrong with immersing yourself in your childhood and playing with Barbie.

You can even gift your younger sibling a Barbie; this will surely make her day!

Organize a Party

Make your celebrations fun by having a Barbie-themed party. You can place a pink tablecloth on your table to give your room a pop of color. Make pink-colored drinks.

You can find several tutorials on YouTube to get an idea about Barbie cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Invite your friends and family and ask them to dress up in pink clothes to have a fun Barbie-themed party!

Going Out With Friends

This event is an excellent reminder to people of all ages that there should always be a bit extra time in our lives to play with Barbie dolls.

You can even include your friends in your celebrations. Grab your friends and go to your nearest toy store to buy Barbie dolls.

You can even gift Barbie to your friend as a birthday gift!

Dress Up Barbie

The most fun thing about this toy is dressing up Barbie in beautiful clothes and accessories. For those who love doing crafts and making clothes, this is an excellent opportunity to make dresses for your favorite doll. 

Why not experiment with your appearance? You can dye your hair pink to celebrate. You can also make the iconic hairstyle of Barbie!


Many precious little girls out there never had the chance to play and dress up Barbie. Don’t forget to include those little kids in your celebration.

You can go to a nearby shelter house and give out Barbies to the kids there. Your little kindness can make the day of those kids!

Facts about Barbie:

Did you know that Ruth Handler named the toy Barbie because of her daughter, Barbara? Let’s find some more exciting facts about Barbie:

  • Barbie has been the focus of many debates regarding body image for years because of her insanely slender and curvy body.
  • You might already know this, but the trademark color of Barbie is pink.
  • Barbie and Ken cut off their relationship in 2004 and rejoined on Valentine’s Day in 2011. After parting ways with Ken, Barbie had a new buddy doll named Blaine Gordon.
  • In the 1960s, an author revealed Barbie’s story in the Random House book series, which also contained the names of her mother and father, Margaret and George.
  • The first ever Barbie was worth three dollars, and extra things were $1 to $5, and today, a unique 1959 Barbie doll is worth $8,000.
  • Barbie had more than 200 professions, including anchor, pilot, firefighter, and flight attendant.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, it is shocking how a non-living toy has influenced the lives and dreams of little girls and motivated them to think ambitiously about themselves.

National Barbie Day is to relive childhood and to let our inner child outside.

We cannot help but feel thankful to Ruth Handler for coming out with the iconic Barbie and brightening our childhoods.


Q1: What does Barbie usually wear?

Barbie usually wears pink shirts or pink dresses and acid-wash jeans or shorts. Barbie usually wears a long down when she goes out.

Q2: What was Barbie’s first outfit?

The first ever Barbie outfit was a black-and-white strip swimsuit, and she wore a classic ponytail.

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