National Bald is Beautiful Day

National Bald is Beautiful Day | September 13, 2022

The first thing we need to fit in our hearts is; Being bald by choice or condition; both are beautiful.

Most people shy away from their baldness. They need to realize that they are equally good-looking. 

There is even a day declared to it; the National Bald is Beautiful Day. There is a lot to it. Let’s explore together: 

When is the National Bald is Beautiful Day?

The National Bald is Beautiful Day is observed annually on the 13th of September. America celebrates this day with great intentions, & it is celebrated globally.

The primary purpose of this day is to celebrate and own the beauty of baldness. It is a beautiful day because it helps us break stereotypes about this world. 

It is a day to encourage and be encouraged about baldness (something you feel insecure about) 

Bald is beautiful, and so is this national day. 

Bald is Beautiful

No matter which gender you belong to, if you are bald, you are beautiful. Embrace it!

Women and Baldness: 

As per the AHLA, 40% of individuals facing baldness are females.

Mostly head, shaved men are often regarded as attractive, although shaved women are still considered odd. 

However, losing all of your hair or scraping your head does not transform you, even if the world perceives you differently.

It demonstrates a sense of self-credibility. Even some of the famous models gradually gained fame as they decided to embrace their glinting bald honor.

Their genuine identities didn’t emerge until they embraced baldness. 

Your long hair doesn’t define your femininity. You are equally famine with a bald head or maybe a little more attractive. 

Men and Baldness: 

Why can’t you see how attractive you look? Yes, we are talking to you (to all the bald-headed men out there) 

Did you know a fact? It is so attractive seeing a bald man accepting his baldness with confidence.

The men who flaunt their bald heads are considered to be confident. It shows they have realized that baldness does not imply a lack of desirability or manhood.

Several research findings have shown that being bald is now fashionable. 

It is also said that; Men with shaved heads are perceived as more leading, self-assured, and macho as compared to men with piles of hair. 

How to Celebrate Bald is Beautiful Day? 

Spending this day is all about celebrating the beauty of baldness. There are no particular ways to do it.

Mainly it is about how you feel about it, but if you are still confused and need some ideas. Stay calm as we are here with the best possible ideas to handle this day: 

1. Shave your Head: 

You might always have seen yourself with a pile of hair on your head. You may have tried different hairstyles over the years, but have you tried going bald? No, but why? 

What is this fear of going bald? It is a style too. Why do we take it as a condition only?

Men with beards go clean and shave from time to time, so why can’t one can try being bald. 

This year on this national bald is a beautiful day; grab the opportunity. In fact, take out the guts, go bald, and shave your head. 

See how you look without hair. It is a part of your personality, so why make it a phobia for yourself. 

You never know, you may look great with it, and you might not return to your regular hair. 

This way, you will not only discover a new style, but you will also encourage your bald friends or a family member. 

2. Visit a Children’s Cancer Center: 

Going bald at a certain cancer stage is one of the hardest things to do. Many consider it a sad feeling, but no, it is just a part of your journey.  

It is one of the basic steps toward recovery. This might be easier for adults to understand.

But mostly, the kids going through this feel embarrassed and disturbed because of this sudden change. 

Take some time on this day, get your head shaved and visit a children’s cancer center.

Tell them you are one of them even though you do not have cancer, but you look their bald style, so you have adopted it by choice. 

Spend time with them, bring happiness to their faces, tell them jokes, and tell them they are beautiful. Do whatever you can do to lift up their spirits. 

It is one of the most considerate ways to spend this day. 

3. Watch A Documentary or a Movie: 

There are plenty of movies and documentaries based on baldness. So how about watching it on this day. It will encourage you.

Moreover, it will make you the hidden beauty of baldness. 

Get comfortable on your seat with some favorite snacks, and enjoy the movie National Bald is Beautiful Day.

Recommended Movie: Too Young To Go Bald

4. Take off that Hat: 

C’mon! Embrace your beautiful self! You are gorgeous in and out, so why do you have to hide away under that hat or wig? 

Today is the day to take it off and let the world see your shaved head. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, it is something you can flaunt. 

Baldness is beautiful, and confidence is sexy. So, have both, and throw that cap away from your head.

Get that chic smile on your face and head out. Meet friends, wave at passing strangers, be confident and slay the day. 

You don’t need to hide under a hat or wig. You don’t need to feel any less of yourself. Hair transplants, wigs, and head covers are too tacky now. This Era is all about self-confidence. 

Your baldness attracts many (even us) 

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Bottom Line

So, the next time you see someone worrying about their baldness, just tell them these encouraging facts.

Tell them how millions worldwide find bald people to be more beautiful and talented than people with fully-haired heads.

Is it not true that being bald has become a sign of happiness and beauty? Indeed, it is. 

Try out our ideas to spend the National Bald is Beautiful Day with more passion. 

Dates of National Bald is Beautiful Day

2022TuesdaySeptember 13
2023WednesdaySeptember 13
2024FridaySeptember 13
2025SaturdaySeptember 13
2026SundaySeptember 13
2027MondaySeptember 13
2028WednesdaySeptember 13
2029ThursdaySeptember 13
2030FridaySeptember 13
2031SaturdaySeptember 13

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