National Backward Day

National Backward Day – Facts, History, FAQs, & More

A patty between 2 slices of bread makes a sandwich. A slice of bread between 2 patties seems bizarre.

Brushing your teeth after having cookies is fine. Having cookies after brushing your teeth is a nightmare fuel to your dentist.

But when can you validate bread between two patties or munching on sweets after brushing on National Backward Day, of course!

As the name suggests, it is one day where you could order or do things in reverse and get away with it. Still, do not quite follow? Keep reading to find out more!

When is National Backward Day 2023?

On January 31, many people celebrate National Backward Day each year. On this day, they engage in the sole task of doing things backward.

It is a fun sport, and many parents ensure that their children observe this day to learn the right way, for good.

Historical Background

Creative minds create ingenious ways to have fun. Such is the case for Sarah Nicole Miller and Megan Emily Scott.

A mundane day and boredom at its peak. The two women were working on the farm when they had an idea.

Eureka! That’s it!

They came up with the idea of doing things backward in 1961. Soon enough, the word spread to nearby places.

By the next day, the entire community had endorsed the day with great vigor.

So, the 31st of January was officially accepted as Backward Day. It was also registered for schools and institutions to participate, as per discretion.

Why We Love Backward Day

If you still do not wish to participate in this day, I will simply ask you not to if reverse psychology works for you.

You Have Fun

Engaging in doing things backward makes you happy. It helps your brain come up with new ideas to do things differently.

Breaks the Mundane Chain of Life

The redundancy that sets in from doing things the same way makes you bored of the task itself. S

o, on this day, you can spice up the work. You might even continue to do things differently.

So, you could pair them with a crop top rather than wearing bell bottoms and bell sleeves. Love the look? Keep it as a styling option for good!

Helps You Socialize

The backward day cannot be fun unless people see your actions in reverse order. So, you can entertain yourself and those around you.

Makes You More Comfortable

Occasionally, you are a perfectionist who struggles to juggle meeting deadlines and handing in top-notch work.

You can join in the day to take a break. Often you get uncomfortable when your socks do not match, and you discover it too late.

Try doing it on purpose! Lessen the guilt and go about your day!

Interesting Facts about Backward Things to Make Your Jaw Drop

As bizarre as the practice sounds, there is more controversy surrounding it. Here are some fun facts about doing things back:

  • The 15 Century painter Leonardo Da Vinci often engaged in Mirror Writing. In doing so, he wrote in the backward orientation so that his text was legible when read via a mirror only.
  • SpongeBob promotes this day!! In an episode of SpongeBob Square Pants in 1999, Squidward asks SpongeBob to do everything backward.
  • Some of the famous songs mean different when played in reverse. In this regard, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, etc., are accused of doing this on purpose.
  • Reading poetry backward to mean something else is an art. Some passages are just beautiful. Some of these often talk about difficult themes.
  • The Backward Day is a formalized manifestation of Reverse Psychology. Young children and pets are often raised or trained by employing this when they refuse to act the way they are asked to.
  • Reading letters or numbers backward does not only limit individuals with Dyslexia. Often young children do this before they reach the age of 5 or 6.
  • The penguins can only waddle forward! Their limbs allow them to only move forwards.
  • Amaya Sood set the World Record for reciting the alphabet in reverse order in 5 seconds in 2020.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate National Day of Backward

Below is a list to follow on Backwards Day. You could, out of spite, do the opposite of what we recommend. But hey! That would still be valid!

Have Pancakes at Night

Start your day right! Commit to it by having your first meal backward!

Have the main course for breakfast and breakfast items for lunch or dinner. Switch up the order.

If this floats your boat, switch up the condiments. Have pancakes with hot sauce rather than maple syrup. Let us know if you like the experience.

Dress Up Backwards

Wear a casual crew neck and wear a vest on top to go with it. Put on mismatched socks or mismatched shoes and rock them!

Wear a backpack like a handbag! Let your creativity shine through.

Prank Your Friends

Meet up for drinks and snacks and carry your lunchbox and beverage container.

Show up to a garden party with packaged crisps and vodka rather than Mimosas and cupcakes! Run up the escalators when they are meant to lean downwards.

Share Your Shenanigans

Make sure to record your reactions and share them using appropriate hashtags. Choose hashtags like #NationalBackwardDay to get featured in this section of the app topics.

Scroll through the hashtags to find others participating.

Summing Up

To wrap it up, National Backward Day is celebrated on the 31st of January to do things in backward order.

You can write your name, dress up, or eat backward to celebrate the day. Lastly, do not go overboard and keep it safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Other Directional Words Celebrated On The Calendar?

Yes, in addition to this, there is National Left Handers Day, National Opposite Day and Pay it Forward Day.

Q2: What does Backward Day Mean?

It is a day to do things in reverse order. Though Opposite Day and Backward Day are celebrated separately, the tasks are similar, and often activities overlap.

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