National Ashley Day

National Ashley Day – Everything You Need to Know

Ashley isn’t just a name; it has a rich history behind it, which is why people celebrate National Ashley Day worldwide.

Ashley can both be used for men and women. Although, it was primarily a boy’s name in England.

It is generated from the old English (Angelo-Saxon) words aesc (ash) and Leah, which are dictated as “Dweller near ash tree meadow.”

Ashley is also used for famous movie stars, athletes, politicians, writers, and other ordinary people. It is the 172nd trendy name in the United States.

When is National Ashley Day?

National Ashley Day is celebrated on 8th November every year. Celebrating this is because of this name’s commonness and popularity worldwide.

Furthermore, artificial Ashley name necklaces are also available in the markets of the fame of this name.

The unisex name can be used for both males and females; let’s check the history behind this name.

History of Ashley

The Ashley name was given to a male first time in history in the early 16th century as a forename.

It remained popular as a boy name for more than 350 years. Lord Ashley gave this name popularity in the early 80s.

It is widely used for girls in the United States, although it became famous for men, too, after the 1960s.

The name is mainly used in America for both genders, although it is given to most girls worldwide.

Interesting Facts about Ashley’s Name

Here are some interesting facts about Ashley; let’s hear them.

  • The name Ashley is used 89% as a first name.
  • Ashley is mainly used for a girl’s name; the ratio is 98%.
  • In the United States, 117.2 individuals have the name Ashley out of every 100,000 people.
  • The United States has been ranked 67th, and Ashley is given to most people. Canada ranks 100, and England and Wales rank 216.
  • Between 1985 till 1995, Ashley was among the Top 2 Female Names.
  • The name Ashley has variations such as Ashlea, Ashly, Ashlie, etc.
  • Ashley is a Biblical name that means “what comes from the ash tree.” You can also use the alternative “Asher,” meaning “happy or blessing.”
  • There are more than 900,000 plus people in the United States having the name Ashley.

Famous Ashley Names

On Ashley Day, let me tell you about the famous celebrities named Ashley.

  • Ashley Cole – He’s a famous England footballer who played for his 77 times. He also played for Chelsea and Arsenal.
  • Ashley Giles was one of the best players on the England Cricket team.
  • Ashley Judd – She is an American actress, the daughter of Naomi Judd.
  • Ashley Nikole Black – She is an American writer, comedian, and film producer.
  • Ashley Sheppard – He’s an American former footballer.  
  • Ashley Walter – Is a British actor, rapper, and songwriter.
  • Ashley Brown – She is an American singer and actor, also famous for playing the titular character in the production of Mary Poppins.
  • Ashley Zukerman is a famous Australian actor who appeared in the drama series Rush.
  • Ashley Walters – He has worked in photography in the South African Film Industry.
  • Ashley Eckstein – She has dubbed the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars, also an American Actress and fashion designer.
  • Ashley Tisdale – She is an American actress and famous singer. During our childhood, she also worked in advertisements.

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Why Celebrate Ashley Day?

Following are the ways to celebrate the National Day of Ashley.

Applaud an Ashley

If you have any friends or family members having the name Ashley, you can appreciate them about this.

Read Ashley Day History

You can read the history of famous actors, poets, and politicians named Ashley. It will remind you of their contribution.

Listen to Ashley Music

There are famous Ashley singers; you can listen to their songs to celebrate the National day of Ashley. Also, give them honor.

  • Ashley has a beautiful meaning, which can also reflect the personality of the person having this name.
  • There are many famous personalities named Ashley, so the religious ones.
  • It has a long history behind it. Most Americans have Ashley as their first name.

Bottom Line

National Ashley Day is commemorated annually on 8th November to remember the personalities having this name.

The name has an adorable meaning, which is why most Americans have this name. The name is also used in England, Netherlands, and Canada.

In a nutshell, we have described reasons to love this, how you can celebrate this day, the history, and the purpose of celebrating this fantastic day.

The name is mainly used in the Christian religion.

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