National App Day

National App Day – 11th December 2022

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Hence the word “App” is not unfamiliar to anyone.

Every day, we use various mobile applications. Some people use them to organize their lives, while others kill their boredom with them or connect with others.

Whatever the reason for using them, we can’t deny that mobile applications play an important role in our daily lives.

That is why National App Day is set to recognize the significance of mobile applications.

When is National App Day 2022?

Americans observe National App Day on December 11 annually. On this day, people celebrate the mobile applications connecting us to the rest of the world at the tip of our fingers.

Interesting Facts of App

  • Most Installed Application – TikTok, a social media application, is currently the most Installed app on Google Play.
  • Apps in China – People in China don’t have the same applications as the world. For example, TikTok in China is called Douyin. The demographics and regulations of Douyin are different and more user-friendly than TikTok.
  • Number of Applications on a Phone – The average smartphone user has more than 80 apps and interacts with at least nine of them daily.
  • Shopping Made Easy – According to studies, people prefer mobile applications over websites and prefer to use this software for online shopping.

Reasons to Love App Day

Here are some of the many reasons why you should love and enjoy the National Day for Apps.

  • Creates New Jobs

The digital world has provided numerous opportunities for creative individuals.

Hundreds of new applications are released daily, created and run by various humans.

So we appreciate this national holiday because it shows us how this mobile software has created new jobs in the IT industry.

  • World on Our Fingertips

This national holiday emphasizes how the world is literally at our fingertips thanks to mobile applications.

  • Most of Them Are Free

Most software, such as video editing, is expensive. However, the option of installing a free mobile application with numerous useful functions is always available.

  • Makes our Lives Easier

We’ve become addicted to mobile apps because they make our lives much easier. If we get hungry, we can use an application to order food.

When we’re bored, we can use an app to play a game or listen to a podcast. Similarly, we can use a social media application to connect with someone.

Ideas to Celebrate the National Day of Apps

Here are some of my recommended ways to celebrate the National Day of Apps.

Organize Your Apps

If you are a well-organized person, chances are you have all your mobile applications organized and only keep those apps on your phone that are actively used.

However, if you have dozens of applications on your phone and can’t find any of them when you need them the most, you should declutter your smartphone.

Most of us do not delete unused apps because we believe we will use them one day, but the truth is that we never use them, and they take up a lot of space.

So go through all of your apps and analyze your screen time. If you’re not spending time on a particular application, uninstall it.

Doing this will both free up space and declutter your phone.

Download Apps to Increase Productivity

In the twenty-first century, there are numerous distractions, most of which are caused by the misuse of the internet and smartphones.

Instead of blaming smartphones, you can avoid distractions and increase productivity by mindfully using them.

Hundreds of apps are available to help you plan your day, reduce screen time, create a to-do list, or take notes.

You can also work from home by hosting an online meeting or creating an online workspace for your team using mobile applications.

Prank Someone Using an App

You can use a mobile application to prank someone. Numerous mobile apps are available for download from the Play Store and App Store to conduct pranks on your friends or family,

Install a mobile application on your friend’s phone, such as a broken screen, to prank them by demonstrating that their phone has fallen and is no longer functional.

You can also use apps such as voice changers, ants on the screen, and fake callers to prank someone.

Make an App

Making an application is a difficult task, but it is a way to celebrate National App Day. If you enjoy challenges and difficult tasks and have knowledge of computer languages.

We all wish that the graphics of some games were better or that there was a certain app that would have made our lives easier.

But to execute these ideas, we need to create an application that requires us to learn new skills.

If you have a background in computer science, you should have no trouble learning and mastering this skill.

Even if you don’t have any relevant experience, you can learn to make it by taking various courses.

Share Your Favorite Apps

We all have at least one application where we spend most of our screen time and think it’s life-changing for us.

If you’ve found an app that has helped you in some way or that you believe will change your life, share it with your social media followers.

Share your favorite mobile applications on social media with relevant hashtags like #NationalAppDay.

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Final Words

App Day is observed every year to recognize the importance of apps in our daily lives.

This day also teaches us that we should spend our screen time on useful mobile applications rather than mindlessly scrolling through unnecessary ones.

People like to celebrate this day by talking about their favorite applications or downloading apps that will make their lives easier.

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