National Absurdity Day

National Absurdity Day 2023 – November 20, 2023

Have you ever had a thought and then immediately changed your mind because you thought it was strange and violated society’s rules and norms?

Or have you ever looked at a stranger wearing a funny costume in the middle of the street and thought, “This is weird but fun!”

On November 20th, Americans observe National Absurdity Day to commemorate these absurd actions and thoughts.

When is National Absurdity Day 2023?

Every year on November 20th, the USA celebrates National Absurdity Day. People reflect on their life’s absurd and bizarre moments on this national day.

We also celebrate this day by not following their daily routines and doing absurd things for a day.


Absurdism means that humans are trying to find a purpose in the world without any sense. People who follow this concept believe that humans should be absurd, just like their existence.

Absurdism became popular in the mid-twentieth century after the second world war. Since its popularity in the 1950s, this philosophical concept has been used in literature, movies, and television shows.

The origins of Absurdity Day are unknown, but it must have been started by someone who truly believed that sometimes being absurd should be accepted by society.

How to Celebrate National Absurdity Day?

If you don’t normally do anything out of your daily routine and don’t step out of your comfort zone, then National Day of Absurdity is here.

So, leave the monotonous routine and find enjoyment in absurdity. Here are some exciting ways to celebrate this event!

Don’t Follow a Routine For a Day

Most of us have 9-5 jobs that require us to stick to a schedule. Many other people who are self-employed or own a business must adhere to a routine if they want to succeed.

However, if you stick to your routine and do not give yourself any breaks, you will lose the experiences and enjoyment you might have had by being absurd.

So, take advantage of this national day and forget your daily routine by saying goodbye to your schedule.

For one day, do whatever you want. You can take a day off from work or school to visit theme parks, take crazy rides, or see a museum to appreciate absurd or abstract paintings.

Wear a Costume

Another way to celebrate this absurdity day is to dress and walk around the city in a random costume.

You can dress as any of your favorite characters from a TV show or a movie and go for a walk around town.

Doing this makes you feel more confident by erasing your social anxiety because different people will notice you and may take selfies with you.

Dye Your Hair

We all have a secret desire to dye our hair with bright colors but are limited to blonde, black, or brown due to the risk of looking strange and absurd in colored hair.

However, that is precisely why this day is celebrated. This day teaches us that dyeing your hair with absurd colors is okay if it makes you feel better.

So you can order hair dye in any color you want. It can be pink, neon green, purple, or any other color you want.

Prank Someone on National Absurdity Day

To be absurd means to be unreasonable. So to celebrate this day, prank someone. You can prank your siblings, parents, friends, or strangers.

Just make sure the prank is harmless. You can get various ideas for harmless pranks from the internet.

You can save memories by filming your prank and the reactions of those you’re pranking.

Post Absurd Memes

Social media users are familiar with the term memes. They have emerged as a new cultural element of social media.

If you enjoy memes, awaken your humorous soul and create some. You can share them on your social media using #NationalAbsurdityDay.

Reasons to Rejoice Absurdity Day

Let me tell you some reasons to fall in love with the National Day of Absurdity.

Teaches a New Perspective on Life

We love this national day because it teaches us so many important lessons.

It teaches us that taking a break from your daily routine is sometimes necessary as doing random and absurd things for a day.

By being absurd and experiencing absurd things for a day, you gain different perspectives on various aspects of life and embrace some natural facts.

Brings People Together

Absurdity Day is beautiful as it brings people together. It allows us to laugh at ridiculous things with our loved ones.

You not only reconnect with family and friends, but you also connect with random strangers by being ridiculous.

For example, wearing a funny costume on the street allows you to interact with people who think you’re confident and funny.

Allows to Step Out of Comfort Zone

One of the biggest reasons to celebrate this day is that it allows you to step out of your comfort zone and experience new things.

You may decide to travel to a random country or allow yourself to experience absurd things you’re scared of.

Being absurd for a day helps you grow mentally, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and boosts your confidence.

Final Words

On November 20th, Absurdity Day is observed, encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zone and not follow the routine and norms for a day.

Many people like to celebrate this day by getting a new piercing, changing their hairstyle, or taking a walk around the city by dressing up in a funny costume.

Whatever you decide to do to commemorate this day, post about it on social media and have a good time!

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