Mitten Tree Day

Mitten Tree Day | 6th December 2022

The winter season carries its traditions. Leggings, sweater vest, scarf, jacket, socks, boots, and coat! But hey, no mittens?

If only mittens grew on a tree! To take care of the snow delight, you need mittens in the harsh cold.

Fret not; you can still build Mr. Snowman overlooking Ms. Snow Angel! The mitten tree will provide! So, let us celebrate this essential gear on Mitten Tree Day.

When is Mitten Tree Day?

Many people celebrate Mitten Tree Day on December 6th each year. The holiday is about using and sharing mittens to promote togetherness, love, and care for people around us.

Reasons to Love Mitten Tree Day

Here are a few reasons why you need to celebrate the Day of Mitten Tree:

Share the Warmth

Winter, the season of love, togetherness, and resting, goes hand in hand with extreme snow. 

So, make sure to provide comfort to those around you. Clip on the mittens; occasionally, you might help a needy person.

It Adds to the Scenic Beauty

Like Christmas trees and goodie socks, Mitten trees also suit the festive spirit.

They hold significance to help others if you have in excess. You can also decorate your mitten tree with lights!

It Keeps the Traditions Alive

In a busy life, most traditions have just been forgotten over time.

So, gift cards have replaced actual presents, and texts substitute in-person appearances. Not that modern practices are inadequate.

However, you must pass down these practices as well.

Ideas to Celebrate Day of Mittens

If you are struggling to fit in with the mitten tree festivities, here is your guide to getting started:

Buy Yourself Some Mittens

Mittens come in different colors, patterns, and sizes. So, finding your perfect match will not be an ardent journey.

By the end of it, you might even find a pair of mittens for an outfit you did not pay heed to!

Set Your Mitten Tree

Seeing is believing. If you loved Santa Claus myths until your bubble burst, feed into someone else’s childhood belief.

 Clip mittens on your nearby tree. Make sure they are within a child’s reach.

Donate Mittens

While setting up a mitten tree is a good idea, there might be some who need mittens. So, look out for your local shelter, orphanage, or daycare.

Donate some mittens and build long-lasting relationships with this mere act of service.

Knit Mittens

Knitting mittens requires knowledge of yarn types and techniques. So, watch some videos or sit with your grandparents to learn this skill.

Think of a pattern you want and go purchase supplies.

Along with Christmas sales, most stores honor public holidays and host bulk discounts on materials, tools, and ready-made mittens.

So, get a sample and try to recreate it, or get inspiration from your surroundings to craft your design!

Show off Your Mittens

Post your favorite mittens or any new mitten you bought on Mitten Tree Day!

Tell your friends about the tradition and make them adore this cute item.

Post your picture under the hashtag #MittenTreeDay to find the right audience. Discover other people who hold love for mittens just as much as you do.

Interesting Facts about Mittens

Mittens are cute! Now that is a solid fact. But here are some other fun facts about mittens and this day:

  • Mittens and gloves are 2 different types of handwear. So, the two words do not suffice for interchangeable descriptions.
  • A pouch-like structure with just a thumb pocket is our cute mitten! The classic glove separate pocket for each finger is a glove.
  • Mitten Tree culture cedes roots in the 1800s. However, a book, The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen, popularized it.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention. Mittens can be dated back to primitive civilizations that used coarse animal hides.
  • The world’s largest mitten measures 2.37m by 0.975 m. Norway’s “Selby Mittens” took 90 women to do the task. Currently, The Arctic Village holds these for display.
  • The Day of Mitten Tree is different from Red Mittens Day. The latter occasion is native to Canada, where the Canadian youth wear red mittens.
  • The word mittens is a Romanized version of the French word “Mitane”. The French address their pets out of adoration with the word.


All in all, we celebrate Mitten Tree Day on December 6th to share and appreciate mitten trees.

The practice signifies multiple mittens on a tree that many people can pluck and share.

You can set your mitten tree or go visit others to see theirs. Make sure to click pictures to record the memory. Do not forget to use hashtags!

If you have not celebrated this day yet, mark your calendars and set a goal for the occasion.

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