Mean Girls Day

Mean Girls Day – October 3rd, 2022

Those Mean Girls; too many flashbacks! Too many quotable dialogues!

This movie took everyone by a craze, and undoubtedly, it still rules the hearts of many. This 18-year-old movie hasn’t got any old. In fact, it has aged like a bottle of wine. 

Tina Fey has done an excellent job with the screenplay, and let’s not forget the cast. It’s all in all one of the best movies EVER!  

People still use its references, and above that, there is a national day devoted to this movie. Yes, there is a national day called the national Mean girls’ day. 

We find it very exciting, do you? To make this day more fun, we have discovered the history, fun facts, and ideas for celebrating Mean Girls Day. 

When is Mean Girls Day? 

Mean Girls Day is celebrated every year on the 3rd of October. The movie Mean Girls is the inspiration behind this National Day, a global hit. It has inspired millions of people.

This day’s purpose is to tribute this fantastic movie and its unforgettable characters. 

National Mean Girls Day is observed wholeheartedly in America. But it is also safe to say that it is marked by many people globally because the fandom has no limits.

Mean Girls Movie Review

Mean girls, the movie is adapted from Rosalind Wiseman’s self-help book. “Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and Other Realities of Adolescence” 

Often these Mean Girls enthusiasts are unaware of the film’s references, but they understand its ideas.

Mean Girls performs a public good by attracting youth viewers with humor and injecting them with a powerful lesson while entertaining them. 

The script, which is full of clever and witty catchphrases and unforgettable sequences, is a big add-up to the film’s prominence.

Even people use phrases from it even till now. Except if the social system or lifestyle for students radically changes, I genuinely think Mean Girls will remain relatable for far more decades.

How did 3rd October Become Mean Girl Day? 

A great moment in the legendary high schooler film Mean Girls features Aaron Samuels and Cady Heron interacting in math class.

The scene then cuts to Aaron attempting to turn around in his chair and asking, “What day is it?” 

Cady then exclaims, “It’s October 3rd!” 

The conversation is regarded as the start of Cady and Aaron’s love story. Just then, the 3rd of October became known as “Mean Girls Day.”

Fans have been sharing their adoration for the epic scene on the internet and with their mates for many years. 

Some Witty Mean Girls Facts: 

As interesting and exciting as the movie is, there are numerous exciting facts related to it. Let’s unfold them: 

  • It’s inconceivable with no Rachel McAdams’s expressive gazes as Regina George, but somehow the role nearly went to other cast members, such as Lindsay and Amanda. 
  • Tina Fey decided to play a Math Teacher to challenge the stereotypical image that girls are not good at math. 
  • The time span of shooting the Mean Girls was; September to November 2003. Moreover, the film was shot. The major part of the film was shot in Toronto.  
  • Mean girls movie did tremendous business all over the world. It scored; $129 Million. 
  • According to a survey, Regina George from Mean Girls is the “meanest” Queen Bee fictional character of all time. 
  • Even though Tina Fey and Amy Poehler haven’t ever conversed with each other in the film, the 2 actresses are real-life best pals. 

Why Do We Love Mean Girl: 

What’s there not to love about Mean Girls? We love every bit of it. Okay, but let’s find out the primary reasons behind the love we have for this movie: 

1. The comedy Sequence:

The movie is incredibly funny. Starting from dialogues to some hilarious scenes, one cannot stop laughing (at least smiling). Even the expressions of the characters are so on point. 

2. Finally, A girl-based movie:

In the world of male-dominant movie’s world, Mean girls came out as a different one sarcastically based on female high-schoolers. It was such a pleasant change. 

3. Relatable:

Though there are few exaggerations (it’s a movie, what do you expect?), it is still very close to reality.

Bullying and teasing in middle or high school, as well as power imbalances in female friendships, are mostly universally experienced by girls. 

How to Celebrate Mean Girls Day? 

When it comes to mean girls, our mind goes a little fun and witty with a touch of pink!

There are various ways to enjoy this day, but we believe in the unique and fun ones.  So here are some listed ideas by us: 

Dress up like one of the Characters: 

What would be your first choice? Would you be “the plastics” (Regina, Karen, and Gretchen), or would you be Cady? 

Though it’s not necessary to stick with these only, you can be any other character of your choice. For example, Janis, Aaron, and Ms. Norbury.

Decide it with your friends, you all can choose one character of your choice and dress up like them. 

Even if you want to plan alone, dressing up as your favorite character and having a solo shoot for your social media could be a spicy way to celebrate this iconic day. 

Re-watch the Mean Girls Movie: 

The re-watch value of this is un-matchable. One can watch this movie a hundred times and doesn’t get bored. What could be a more perfect day to watch this movie again? 

You can get your favorite snacks and enjoy the movie. It’s up to you whether you want to watch it alone or gather up with your mean girls!

Mean Girls Movie

Recreate your Favorite Scene: 

In the world of Instagram reels, YouTube, Shots, and TikTok, it’s not tricky to re-create your favorite scene or lip-sync your favorite dialogue. 

So, celebrate this National Mean Girl day to your fullest, and pick up your favorite scene in the most creative way. Feel the character and dialogue. 

Keeping it private or making it viral is Soley your choice! 

Make a Mean Girl’s Scrapbook: 

If you are a true fan, we bet you already have made one. Making a scrapbook of your favorite movie never goes out of style. 

On this day, to feel the spirit of this day, take your creative side out and put all your unique ideas into the Mean girl’s scrapbook.

Once you are done, flex it in front of your family and friend (We wish we too could see yours) 

Get a Printed Theme Shirt: 

This is always a good idea, get your T-shirt printed with a mean girl’s poster and pair it up with denim bell bottoms (Aww!! such a cutie) 

Visit the Mean Girl Theme Decorated Restaurant:

On the 3rd of October, Mean girl’s day, many cafes/restaurants decorate according to this theme. This is another excellent way to celebrate this day.

Visit any one of these places, enjoy some good food and treat your eyes to the theme decors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When were Mean Girls Made? 

The release date of the movie Mean Girls was April 30, 2004; however, the movie’s sequel came 7 years later, on 23 January 2011. 

Q2: Is there a National Day for Mean Girls? 

Yes, the national Mean girl’s day is celebrated annually on the 3rd of October (those who love this movie know why specifically 3rd October is Mean girl’s day) 

Bottom Line

So, are you ready to have a whale of a time on 3rd October, AKA Mean Girls Day

We hope our fun facts made you more excited for the day, and do try our super fun ideas because they are “SO FETCH” (You got caught the reference, right?) 

Have an amusing one! 

Dates of Mean Girls Day

2022MondayOctober 3
2023TuesdayOctober 3
2024ThursdayOctober 3
2025FridayOctober 3
2026SaturdayOctober 3
2027SundayOctober 3
2028TuesdayOctober 3
2029WednesdayOctober 3
2030ThursdayOctober 3
2031FridayOctober 3

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