Library Lover's Day

Library Lover’s Day 2023 – Facts, History, Celebrations

For book lovers, the library is like a second home. This place provides the quiet and comfortable environment we all require to focus properly on our work.

It also comes with hundreds of books, so why wouldn’t you want to spend your time at a library?

Millions of library lovers worldwide celebrate Library Lover’s Day in February to show their appreciation for books and libraries.

When is Library Lover’s Day 2023?

Every year on February 14th, book lovers celebrate Library Lover’s Day. It is also known as the day when love is in the air. This love can also be for libraries, so book lovers set aside a day to commemorate their devotion to libraries.

Historical Background

Throughout history, libraries have played a significant role. Many great scholars and scientists got exceptional and innovative ideas from libraries.

Back when Google was not available, people would go to libraries to quench their thirst for knowledge. Hence there was a large number of book enthusiasts.

In Australia, Library Lover’s Day was established in 2006. It later became a national holiday in 2007. This day has gained popularity ever since.

In 2019, the hashtag #LibraryLoversDay was trending on Twitter. This day is also observed by various organizations all over the world.

Reasons to Love the Day of Library Lovers

There are plenty of reasons to love library day, but here are a few reasons other book lovers and we love this day!

  1. For the Love of Books

If you enjoy reading, you will enjoy this day because a library is the only place to find books on various topics.

Moreover, you get free books if we don’t count the membership fee. So why shouldn’t bookworms love libraries?

  1. Honors the Librarians

Librarians are undervalued professionals. This holiday teaches us to respect them because they significantly improve your library experience.

Without a librarian, there would never be a quiet environment in the library. You should thank them for their services.

  1. Helps to Find Book Buddies

The primary goal of the day is to honor library enthusiasts. So people look for other book lovers with whom they can celebrate this day. This day is a great excuse to socialize if you are an extrovert.

Love the Day of Library Lovers
  1. Provide Silence

Because the human brain is easily distracted, silence is required for it to focus on deep work such as studying. So everyone prefers a quiet environment, especially when working.

This day reminds us that libraries are always available when we need a quiet place.

  1. Source of Knowledge

Even in an age when everything is available online, libraries remain the first stop for many people looking for information.

Library enthusiasts celebrate this day because it teaches them the value of libraries.

It also emphasizes the fact that libraries have always been our primary source of knowledge.

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5 Fun Ways to Cherish Library Lover’s Day

There are numerous ways to commemorate this event. Some enjoy spending the day in the library, reading or exploring the bookshelves.

Instead of celebrating the day in the typical ways, here are some unique ways to do so.

Get a Library Membership

Whether you enjoy reading or not, you should have a library card. This will give you access to hundreds of books that are either unavailable online or extremely expensive to purchase.

This membership card will also provide you with a space to isolate yourself from the world’s distractions and easily focus on your work.

Donate Some Books

We all buy books, but after reading them, we either store them in drawers or throw them away. Donate unused books to a local library on this library day.

Because of this, the books that once equipped you with knowledge will now provide knowledge to someone else.

Join Book Clubs

After finishing a book, we all want to share our thoughts with someone with other bookworms. If you want to meet other book lovers, join various Book Clubs on this day.

Book clubs allow you to share your thoughts with those who respect your viewpoint. You will also receive book recommendations based on your preferences.

Make a Library at Home

Every book lover fantasizes about having a library. So, if you have extra space in your home, put up some bookshelves and display all of your books on them.

By doing this, you’ll get easy access to all of your books, and someone else may also benefit from them.

Create Awareness

Library day is very popular among people who spend most of their time in libraries. However, most readers are unaware of it.

It’s now up to you, as a library enthusiast, to spread the word. Inform people about the benefits of libraries.

Spread the word about the importance of librarians. You can create awareness through your book club or the internet.

Final Words

Library lovers celebrate February 14th by reading in the comfort of their local library. A whole day dedicated to these lovers is called Library Lover’s Day because of their passion.

This day is observed to raise awareness of the value of libraries and librarians.

People learn more about libraries, become members, borrow new books, donate old books, and raise awareness about the day.

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