Lao National Day

Lao National Day – History, Importance, & Facts

Laos is a small Asian country that used to be under French protection and control. With a Buddhist majority, the landlocked country is rich in history and culture.

It is a country that is not very well known around the world, but the people here are kind-hearted and love to celebrate traditions and national holidays. 

The Lao National Day is the most important national holiday in the country, and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. 

When is Lao National Day 2022

Lao National Day will be celebrated on December 2, 2022. The day is cherished by the Southeast Asian countries of Laos.

National Day of Lao History

The people of Laos were never happy about being under French Control.

Since the 20th Century, the resistance to French authority had been growing, but it peaked after the end of the first world war.

The Indochinese Communist Party founded Pathet Lao, which resulted in an armed dispute between the Asians and the French. This was the first Indochina War.

Eventually, under King Phoulivong, Laos could get independence in 1953. 

After more than 20 years of independence, Pathet Lao took control of the royalist government, and the country went towards communism.

Pathet Lao’s government renamed the country to Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Interesting Facts about Lao

Lao is not a very famous country, and there are many interesting things you might not know about it. Here are some of them.

  • Sticky rice is consumed more in Laos than anywhere else. Eaten traditionally with hands, the rice is served with delicious sauces.
  • Around 60% of the population in the country follows Theravada Buddhism.
  • Laos may be landlocked, but you can enjoy your holiday in southern Laos and find serene beauty.
  • Coffee is one of the major export of Lao.
  • Laos is one of the only few countries left with a communist government. 
  • Buddhist males in Laos are expected to become a monk for a small part of their life.
  • Lao was under French rule and gained its independence in 1953. There are still some French buildings and traditions that the locals do not yet change.
  • Laos is the most bombed nation in history. The number of bombs dropped during the Vietnam war was more than during the second world war.

Importance of Lao Day

The National Day of Laos is an extremely significant public holiday for the citizens of this country. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Laos has very few national holidays, so Lao National Day is an occasion for celebration across the country.
  • The Parades organized are a great way for observers to strengthen their will and improve the country’s financial situation through hard work and labor.
  • Lao Day is a symbol of the struggles their ancestors had to make for Laos to be an independent state.
  • This day is a reminder that the communists emerged victorious in the Indochina war, and the series of events gave more power to the people of Lao.

How to Observe National Day of Lao

People have different ways of celebrating the national day. Here are some common ways to observe the Lao day.

Attend the National Day Ceremonies

Every country has ceremonial activities and public speeches on its National Day. Just like that, Laos also gets its fair share of ceremonial activities.

You can participate in such activities or attend a public figure’s speech if you’re a country citizen.

National day events take place all over the country, and many citizens of Laos attend them for leisure.

Get a Flag and a Badge

One of the simplest ways to observe the national day of Laos is to buy a Laos flag and showcase it. 

You can hang a small flag on your balcony or wear a badge to show patriotism for Lao.

While it may be a small gesture, wearing the flag sparks the feeling of love for your country.

Spend the National Day of Lao with Family

There is no holiday in the world that cannot be spent with your loved ones, and Lao Day is no different. 

Almost all workplaces are closed during this holiday, and you can take this opportunity to enjoy and spend quality time with your friends and family.

Learn About Laos

The country of Laos has a rich history, and it would be a shame if you never learned about it.

You can spend the national holiday learning everything you can about the history and culture of Laos.

This will also enable you to raise awareness about the history of Laos and educate others.

Social media platforms can be used to raise awareness and show the positive side of your country.

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Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Laos is an underrated country in the world.

The French infrastructure and the cultural history of Laos are incredible and worth learning.

Many people worldwide are discovering beautiful tourist spots as tourism in Laos improves gradually. 

Most of these visits occur around the Lao National Day as foreigners love to explore the national day events and spectate parades during the visit. 

It is only a matter of time before Laos gets the attention it deserves and improves in different sectors to compete with the top countries in its region.

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