International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day | 5th December 2022

Ever volunteered for an event? In an organization? Or at your school function? Good job if you did.

Your hard work and dedication must have been a priceless contribution to society.

Volunteering highlights the role of NGOs and other organizations that strive to build a robust society. It has a lasting impact on one’s personal life as well.

When more people get involved in problem-solving, the results are more feasible and long-lasting.

Let us celebrate such humanitarian contributions this International Volunteer Day.

When is International Volunteer Day 2022?

International Volunteer Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of December. This day highlights the contributions made by volunteers in shaping their environments, livelihoods, and communities.

Unfortunately, volunteer work often does not get the recognition it rightfully deserves.

Volunteer Day History

Historically, Volunteer work dates to ancient ages when volunteer work had close ties with tending to the ill.

By the 18th century, volunteer work also became military-related. Later, different organizations like the Red Cross came into being.

These operated to raise funds, organize volunteers, and carry out charitable and community service projects.

The UN General Assembly adopted the Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development on the 17th of December, 1985.

Eventually, in 2012 the UN General Assembly announced a celebration of Volunteer work on the 5th of December.

This day inspires as many individuals as possible to participate in volunteer and community service.

Importance of Volunteer Day

Here are some reasons why Volunteering is essential:

Curates a Better Future for All

Working for a particular cause will benefit us and help create a better future for all. Take care of the environment, help build education institutes, or assist a local NGO.

Ultimately, you are passing on valuable skills to the youth, who set an example for future generations.

Volunteerism shows how empowered people participate in their respective communities and promote tolerance and diversity.

Finds Solutions to Global Problems

Volunteer work is often required when extra help is needed.

A small, understaffed organization could not alone solve the world’s problems. The collaborative effort could work wonders.

When the public is involved in problem-solving, more lasting solutions come out.

They are more inclusive and people-centric, making them more likely achievable in the long run.

Inspires Others to Act on Empathy

When someone partakes in volunteer work, they impart a new perspective on an issue.

By educating others about public issues and highlighting communal work, more people are inspired to join the noble cause.

How to Observe International Day of Volunteering

Here is a list of things to help you embody the spirit of Volunteering on this day:

Volunteer Yourself

What’s better than helping an organization? Enroll yourself to make a change. This might be your cue to begin your humanitarian journey.

Posting a photo or a video with the hashtag #Volunteernow will reach out to the masses, inspiring them to become a part. Tag your friends and ask them to share too.

Make “Thank you” cards for the volunteers to appreciate their work. Use handmade cards for greater recognition.

Make a Donation on International Volunteer Day (IVD)

The best and easiest way to observe IVD is to donate.

Every organization requires some funds to keep operating. Your money will help them streamline their operations without hiccups.

Minimal donations to support vulnerable groups and frontline workers would also suffice. A drop of water cannot make the ocean. So, do your part as much as you can.

You can also contribute by becoming a member of UN Volunteer.

Spread Awareness and Attend Sessions

Your school might have a program to celebrate this International Day of Volunteering. The local news channel could display ads.

One way to celebrate this occasion is to attend these sessions or, even better, be a part of them. Make a speech. Listen to what others are saying and gain wisdom.

Read the Report on Volunteerism

The United Nations publishes The State of the World’s Volunteerism Report (SWVR) every 3 years.

This tracks global volunteer efforts and the benefits these contributions bring.

It demonstrates how partnerships and interactions between state officials and volunteers are essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

UN volunteers run Volunteer Day. Follow them on social media to keep up with the latest news and events.

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Fun Facts about Volunteering:

Let us look at some interesting facts through the years:

  • A good deed always brings peace at heart. Volunteering reduces depression and stress. Something about the satisfaction it brings, frequent volunteers are about 12% more satisfied than those who never volunteered.
  • International volunteer week differs from IV Day; the former is celebrated throughout the week from 1st to 7th June every year. It is filled with activities and events to thank the volunteer workers.
  • Volunteering has dramatically impacted our society, helping reduce mortality rates.
  • It also has numerous health benefits. According to clinical research, volunteers are generally healthier and have fewer chronic pain issues.
  • Volunteering is a bonus to your CV. Volunteers are 27% more likely to get a job after being out of work than those who do not volunteer. More employment opportunities are open for them as they are favored over non-volunteers.
  • UN Volunteers support global humanitarian and peacekeeping projects and local and national election administration.
  • Note that the UN gets significant credit. But 70% of all volunteer activity is informal and takes place inside communities, without the involvement of organizations.


In conclusion, International Volunteer Day has been celebrated every year on the 5th of December since its coining in 1985.

If you have not celebrated this day yet, mark the date on your calendar as a reminder.

The day displaces excellent enthusiasm and support for the volunteers to keep them hooked. So, you will always have something to do!

For these reasons, everyone loves to volunteer and would show support in any way possible. Do not forget to post a picture with #Volunteernow.

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