International Ninja Day

International Ninja Day | December 5, 2022

Walking on water, invisibility, and power on natural elements are some of the legendary skills of Ninjas, which don’t merely exist today. According to BBC, Japan still has a couple of surviving ninjas.

Moreover, the Ninjas had a dark outfit called Shino Shozoku in Japan. They could easily climb walls, trees, and houses with their weapons.

They were samurai warriors used to kill, sabotage, and spy on others.

They also had fighting skills such as martial arts, bodyguarding, ambush, and infiltration. Let’s hear more about International Ninja Day in the next phase of this blog.

When is International Ninja Day?

International Ninja Day is celebrated every year on December 5. We couldn’t be aware of Ninjas until films, novels, and web series were released, showcasing Ninjas’ techniques and their lifestyles.

They had weapons like katana, throwing stars (different shapes), blowguns, and several other weapons.

Moreover, the Ninjas wear clothes covered from head to toe; we can only see their eyes.

Interesting Facts about Ninjas

Let’s hear some sneaky facts about Ninjas, which can increase your knowledge.

  • Ninjas didn’t only use stars, but they had other small weapons such as knives to throw.
  • In the historical documents, ninjas were called shinobi in ancient back in ancient times.
  • Primarily, the Ninja clans were in Japan’s mountains of the Iga and Koka regions.
  • Mochizuki Chiyome was the first ever woman ninja and trained more than 300 women in her journey.
  • Ninjas were also hired to spy on the enemies and gather information from them cleverly.

Ninja Day History

Ninja Burgers officially made Ninja Day because of their fast-food delivery back in 2003.

However, people also celebrate it because of Tom Cruise’s famous movie, “The Last Samurai.”

Ninjas are initially from ancient times in Japan. There is a different meaning of Ninja in Japanese, the “Nin” meaning conceal, whereas “Ja” prefer to person.

They were some of the skilled assassinate of that time, although nowadays, people learn about ninjutsu to improve their defensive skills.

In addition, there are a lot of historical documents about Ninjas. You can also find magazines regarding it.

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Famous Ninjas Movies of all Time

Movies have played a vital role for us in acknowledging the Ninjas. On International Ninja Day, let me share some of my favorite Ninja movies which are worth watching.

The Octagon – 1980

The film features Chuck Norris as Scott James, where he played the role of a hero.

The Octagon was released on August 15, 1980. Eric Karson is the director of this movie, and Leigh Chapman is the writer of this film.  

IZO – 2004

The film shows the story of Izo Okada, a famous Japanese Samurai. The movie is directed by Takashi Miike and written by Shigenori Takechi.

If you want to watch some real stunts like Ninjas, this movie is a great option.

Ninja Assassin – 2009

The movie is a mixture of violence and action. The film was launched on November 25, 2009.

Jung Ji-Hoon played the role of the Raizo; he is also known as Rain. James McTeigue is the director of this movie.

Ninja Turtles – 2014

Most of the kids are fond of Ninja Turtles comics. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a 2014 film, and the first movie appeared in 1990.

Jonathan Liebesman is the director of this movie. It is one of Nickelodeon’s highest-grossing movies and won the Kids Choice Award.

Ninja: Shadow OF A Tear – 2013

It is also part of Ninja 2009. The movie was shot in Thailand, and Isaac Florentine is the director of this movie.

The film features Scott Adkins playing the role of Casey Bowman. The film was released on September 30, 2013.

Fun Ideas to celebrate International Day of Ninjas

Following are the ways to celebrate this International Day of Ninjas.

Watch a Movie

There are a lot of famous Ninja movies out there and I have also mentioned that above. You can watch any of the films on this day.

I would also suggest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 because kids are much likely fond of Ninja Turtles. Although, you can find more options on Netflix or any movie site.

Buy Ninja Toys

You can different Ninja toys and gift them to your kids to create awareness about this glorious day.

Meet the Martial Art Masters

There are certain martial art classes where individuals learn about it. You can visit them and applaud them on this day.

Or you can also take courses to practice martial arts and some ninja techniques.

Learn the History

You can read the great Japanese Ninjas’ history on Google and learn about them, how they lived, etc.

Social Media Post

You can create social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to develop awareness among people and your acquaintances.

Reason to Adore Ninja Day

There are several reasons to love Ninja Day; let’s hear them.

  • The Ninja historical stories and documents have let us study them more and learn their defending skills.
  • It tells us about how they lived and performed their duties.
  • The day motivates all the kids to learn karate, martial arts, etc.


International Ninja Day will be observed on December 5, and you can celebrate it by learning martial arts and reading history.

You can also create social media posts, buy toys, and watch a movie.

In the above blog, we have mentioned top Ninja movies of all time, which you can them at your leisure.

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