International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day | 11th December 2022

As the most beautiful landscapes, the mountains never fail to lift the spirits of tourists. Unfortunately, the hills are becoming dirty due to many human footprints.

People leave their trash behind, polluting the beautiful hills. Hence, International Mountain Day is observed worldwide to raise awareness for this cause and celebrate the beauty of the magnificent mountains.

When is International Mountain Day 2022?

The United Nations General Assembly has set December 11th as International Mountain Day. The purpose is to recognize the mountains’ value and educate people about sustainable tourism.

International Mountain Day Quotes

  • “Beauty of Earth is unimaginable without mountains.”
  • “Save the mountains as we need them.”
  • “Life can never be the same without mountains because our Earth would be different.”
  • “Every mountain top can be reached if you just keep on climbing.” – said Barry Finlay.

Interesting Facts About Mountains

Here are some interesting facts about mountains, which you might not have heard.

  • Largest Volcano in Our Solar System:

Olympus Mons is the largest volcano on Mars and in our solar system. It is massive, with a height of nearly 22,000 meters, making it 2.48 times larger than Mount Everest.

  • Savage Mountain:

A climber gave this name to K2 after nearly slipping while climbing it in the 1950s.

  • Holy Place:

Some hills are considered holy in different religions, and many people visit those hills because of their religious importance.

  • Undersea Mountains:

Most of us have only seen hills on top of the land, but there are more than 100,000 hills under the seas.

  • The Killer Mountain:

Nanga Parbat is known as the ‘The Killer Mountain’ or ‘Man Eater’ as many climbers have died while climbing it.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate Mountain Day

Here are some of my recommended ways to celebrate International Day of Mountains.

Hiking and Camping

Take a day off and go hiking or camping with your family. If you and your friends are new to hiking, choose a small, less difficult trail that will not exhaust you.

Plan your day before going hiking or camping, and if you’re going with a random group, notify your close friends and family, and share your location with them to be safe.

Purchase hiking and camping equipment, pack it, and go on an unforgettable adventure.

To honor this day, make sure that no waste is left behind. Clean up the camped area, place the waste in a separate bag, and dispose of it when you return.

Read a Book or Watch a Movie

Mountain Day occurs in December when climbing a hill can be difficult due to the extreme cold.

However, you can still commemorate this day by watching a movie, TV show, or documentary about hills or reading a book.

Hundreds of films and documentaries show various climbers’ ascent of different mountains. Many documentaries also explain the significance of hills in our lives.

So, instead of watching typical movies and TV shows, educate yourself by watching movies and documentaries about hills.

Many climbers have written autobiographies, and there are numerous novels and non-fiction books about climbing.

So, if you’re a bookworm who prefers reading to watching movies, read a book about hills to celebrate the mountain day.

Plan to Climb A Mountain

December is not a great month to go mountain climbing. However, you can schedule your summit for the summer of next year.

Educate yourself about the different types of hills and learn to climb them. Choose a hill to climb, and then list what you’ll need to bring.

If you have never climbed a mountain before, you should begin with a small one and work your way up to the base camp of a larger one.

Make a plan to pick up trash as you climb to the peak to show respect for nature and the hills.

Share your Experiences on Mountain Day

If you’ve ever visited a mountain and have memorable experiences, post them online.

Post your pictures of your visit to a hill station on social media. Share your experience and the story behind the picture in the caption of your post.

Use the hashtag #MountainMatters to share educational content and educate people on how to avoid polluting the mountains.

People with good video editing skills can edit all of their mountain-related videos or can create a documentary about the value of hills.

If you are a good writer, you should write a blog or a book about your experience with the hills.

Other International Events:

Importance of Mountain Day

  • Gives you a break – Mountain Day relieves the stresses of everyday life as many people go to the hill stations to relax by enjoying the scenery.
  • Advocates for sustainability – Tourism generates a lot of revenue for different nations, but people pollute the natural landscapes. Furthermore, glaciers are melting rapidly due to climate change, disrupting the ecosystem. On International Mountain Day, people teach and learn about the sustainability of hills.
  • Geographical Importance – This day teaches us that hills are important geographically. Most of the freshwater we consume comes from the glaciers of mountains. Also, hills are home to many rare species.
  • Excuse to Climb a Hill – This day is important as it gives an excuse to climb a hill. Some people prefer climbing to the base camp while others like climbing to the peak.

Final Words

Mountain Day commemorates the significance and beauty of mountains. This day also educates people about their responsibilities while visiting a hill.

People like to celebrate International Mountain Day by visiting hill stations, hiking, climbing, and cleaning up the trash people leave on these landscapes.

If you intend to participate in any activity related to this international day, make the most of every moment to have the most memorable experience.

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