International Kite Day

International Kite Day

Kites are an important part of South Asian culture as kite flying is still one of the most popular hobbies in the region. 

Celebrated in Gujrat and all over India, International Kite Day is a big part of Gujrati history people from all over the world come to participate.

It is also a public holiday in the state, and Gujarati people love to celebrate the festival as thousands of kites can be spotted in the sky.

Please keep reading to learn more about Kite day and its history.

When Is International Kite Day? 

International Kite Day is celebrated in India in January. The festivities start after the people wake up on 14th January and continue till sunset on the same day.

However, it is common for many kites to be seen across the sky several days before and after the special holiday.

History of Kite Day

The origin of kites may be unknown, but a huge part of Chinese history suggests that kites have been around for centuries.

While there was a time when kite flying was a sport for the wealthy, it is now a common person’s hobby.

In the past, kites have been used for Scientific discoveries and military uses.

The International Festival in India is called Uttarayan and is a celebration of the transition between winter and spring.

This Kite flying festival also celebrates the upcoming harvest, despite the public participating only for leisure and fun.

Popular Types of Kites

Here are some of the most common kite types seen in the sky during kite day.

1.  Delta Kites

Delta Kites are one of the most common and are generally easy to fly. 

While there are tons of different kinds of kites during the special holiday, Delta kites can be easily spotted due to their triangular shape paired with a keel and a tail.

2.  Diamond Kites 

These are the second most common kites worldwide, and similar to delta kites, it is also single-lined. 

You can spot the diamond shape of this kite during the kite flying festival on International Day of Kites.

3.  Single-Lined Traditional Kites

Tradition single, lined kites are often shaped like Rhombus with a triangle tail at one end. These are one of the cheapest kites available in the local markets.

For this reason, it also covers the majority of kites seen on kite day.

4.  Special Shaped Kites

Nowadays, kites come in various sizes and shapes that are only limited by imagination.

From cartoon characters to wild animals, these kites are unique in design, and every single kite is made with intricacy.

Interesting Facts about Kites

Here are some unique facts about kites you may not know.

  • The concept and science of flying kites helped develop Airplanes.
  • The gliders in extreme sports are shaped and inspired by delta kites.
  • During ancient times, kites were used for military tactics such as signaling troops or sending messages.
  • Even when there is no wind, you can fly a kite.
  • Benjamin Franklin, a scientist, proved that lightning is electricity with the help of a kite experiment.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate Kite Day

Here’s how you can celebrate International kite flying day.

Fly Kites

This is a no-brainer and one of the fun ways to spend the kite-flying day.

You can purchase some kites and fly them from your terrace to experience the exhilarating feeling.

If you live in Gujrat, India, you can participate in the famous tradition by simply flying kites from your rooftop.

Go To the Kite Flying Festival

If you live far away from the celebration area and can’t make it there, don’t worry. There are kite-flying festivals all over the country for you to participate in.

Flying festivals are often organized in parks, or open spaces, so inquire about them before the international holiday.

Create Your Kite

Creating your kite is also a fun way to celebrate the international holiday. You can start by gathering the materials you might need, including thin bamboo sticks, kite paper, glue, and tape. 

Make sure to get creative and create new designs to see if they will fly.

Reasons to Love Kite Flying Day

Here are some of the reasons why we all love kites.

It is a Fun Activity 

Kite flying is a great way to have fun and the special holiday is about enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Kites are a great way of entertainment, and you can have an amazing and memorable day with your friends or family.

Plenty of Options

Kite day is a special and unique holiday celebrated throughout the region.

A lot of preparation goes into the festival, and there are many types of kites and different activities throughout the day. Hence, you will have several options and won’t get bored on Kite day.

Children Love It

Holidays are all about celebrations and remembering the moments throughout the year. 

Celebrating kite day with your children will likely be a memorable experience as children are very fond of kites and love to fly them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the most common questions about kites answered for you.

Q1. Who Was The First Person To Fly A Kite?

The recorded history tells us that kites were a part of Chinese history and culture thousands of years ago. Hence the first people to fly any old variations of the kite were Chinese.

Q2. How High Can A Kite Fly?

The regular kites can reach a maximum height of roughly 500 feet. However, specially designed-kites can go much higher. Guinness World Records says the highest kite ever flown reached 16,009 feet.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that kites are unique in every way. The special feeling you get when flying kites cannot be replicated by anything else. 

International Kite Day is all about celebrating the existence of kites and appreciating the enjoyment and fun we get from flying them.

It is a unique holiday that deserves to be celebrated. Hence, we should all observe this special holiday and participate in the amazing festival.

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