International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace – 21 September 2022

The world that we see today has become pretty challenging to understand. All we can see is poverty, violence, racism, hatred, and much more. At times like these, it is essential to remind ourselves that there is still hope no matter how tough it is.

 Hope for a better, peaceful, and beautiful future. The barriers to peace are SO complex that it is impossible for one country to solve them. It is a slow process that will take its time to eliminate all the barriers and change opinions slowly.

New forms of unity are required to bring peace, and that is why the United Nations came up with a day when the entire world unites together to pray for peacekeeping, all the differences aside.

International Day of Peace

International Peace Day is when the United Nations invites all the nations to call it a truce and embrace peace both locally and globally.

When there is negativity, hatred, and war everywhere, this day is a reminder that together we can create a much more beautiful and peaceful land.

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When Does International Day of Peace Fall?

Wednesday, September 21, 2022, is International Peace Day.

Every year, International Peace Day is celebrated on 21 September by everyone around the globe.

History of International Day of Peace

In 1981, the UNGA declared September’s third Tuesday to be the day when the whole world would celebrate the “International Day of Peace.”

Two decades later, on 7 September 2001, the assembly decided to move the day to 21 September. So since 2002, 21 September became a day to maintain and promote peace among all.

Also, this day marks a “24-hour” period of non-violence and truce among those in any active war.

Each year, there is a different theme, including “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety, and Dignity for All” in 2017, “Climate Action for Peace” in 2019, and “Shaping Peace Together” in 2020.

Why Should We Celebrate International Day of Peace?

One of the most prominent purposes of International Peace Day is to strengthen “the principles of peace around the globe.”

It is essential to promote peace, gender acceptance, territories, open-mindedness, and race more than ever.

We are so self-centered these days that we don’t ever think about what the other person is going through. In such conditions, celebrating International Day of Peace helps us connect. It teaches us that it is healthy to come out of our comfort zones and reflect on different communities and nations.

To make peace, first, we need to see other’s perspectives, and for that, we will need to make an effort. We’ll need to walk in their shoes.

In a world where almost every nation and the community suffers from healthcare, education, diseases, and poverty, this day helps us realize that we are alike despite the different languages and geographical regions.

Ever heard of “light gains make a heavy purse?” Well, that is precisely what the International Day of Peace demonstrates. It shows that no matter how trivial your efforts to bring peace are, they can significantly impact. 

We all can contribute the global peace bringing whether that is through advocacy, education, or prayer. None of our efforts go in vain.

How to Celebrate International Day of Peace?

There are multiple ways to celebrate this peaceful day. We have mentioned some of them down below. Take a look.

°         A Moment of Silence at 12 Noon

No matter where you are, you can always be a part of the Peace Wave. At noon in each time zone, 1 minute of silence is held. In that minute, you can pray for all those people who have lost their lives because of violence.

°         Print Peace Quotes on Posters

Another activity to encourage peace you can do is by printing posters with quotes related to peace and distribute them among people or paste them on the walls. It will remind everyone, who sees these posters, how significant this day is.

°         Encourage an Anti-bullying Campaign

Bullying is one of the worst and most dangerous things. So many children and young people are losing their lives because of bullies.

 If you are a teacher, you can request the institution heads to introduce an anti-bullying campaign. This way, you will not only contribute to promoting peace but also help save our future generation.

How to Celebrate International Day of Peace at Home?

Are you worried that you cannot participate in the International Day of Peace celebrations just because you are stuck at home? Don’t worry. We are here with some great ideas for you to celebrate International Day of Peach despite being at home.

°         Light Candle in honor of Peace

It doesn’t matter if you can’t go outside and take part in the celebration. You can always light a candle in remembrance of all the lost lives and pray for them.

°         Write Down Your Peace Resolutions

Write down all the things that you can do to contribute to promoting peace. And take the resolution to fulfill them, and you will put your share of efforts into making this world a more happy and beautiful place.

°         Build a Peace Garden

You can build a peaceful garden, a symbol of hope for a peaceful future. It will attract insects, butterflies, and birds. Your peace garden will help in increasing biodiversity. It will be a calm and soothing place for you when you want to get rid of worldly stress.

°         Make Amends with Some Who Has Hurt You

Forgiving is very challenging. But remember, the longer you keep hatred in you, the longer you will be affected by it.

So, be the first to take a step towards peace and call it a truce with someone who has hurt you or someone you don’t like.

°         Host a Peace Feast

No matter what culture we belong to, no matter what cast we have, we all are humans at the end of the day. And that is what a peace feast can help us understand.

There is nothing more magical than food. Then why not have an ethnic gathering and put your efforts into understanding others.

°         Educate Children

Children are the foundation of a better peaceful tomorrow. So teach about the importance of the. Tell them how they can help in bringing peace.

Teach your children not to prejudice. The more open-minded your children are, the better and peaceful the environment they can create. So, let the peace begin at home.

Peace Day Quotes

There’s a new wind blowing like I’ve never known

I’m feeling so alive

And I wanna share this time when I found love

So everyone can see

That love is what we need, not hate

Together we can show the whole world how to be kind

To each other, all the time

Together we can change the world, we can change the world


What Can We Do to Promote Peace As An Individual?

It’s the individuals who make a whole community. So, the efforts you make as an individual will be very helpful in creating a peaceful world. Following are a few of the factors that you can do to promote a peaceful culture.

°         Accept Difference

Understand that more than being different, we all are alike. Accept the people, values, and cultures that are different from yours. Treat everyone with respect regardless of the differences.

°         Support Equality

Women have an important role when it comes to society’s development. However, the sad part is that they still face a lot of discrimination, whether it is the office, school, or home.

You can encourage equality by promoting the elimination of discrimination and opposing violence against both girls and women.

°         Encourage Social and Economic Stability

Poverty, social injustice, food insecurity are a few of the biggest social problems out there. And these are some problems that initiate violence and discontent.  Promote social and economic stability to make a more peaceful and stronger culture.

°         Respect All Human Rights

If you want to bring peace, learn to treat all humans equally and believe that no group is better or bigger than the other.

So these were a few of the ways through which you can contribute your share in bringing peace. Mother Teresa said, “Peace begins with a smile”, so to create a peaceful and violence-free world, you don’t need too much, a small step from your side is enough to bring change.

What are the Benefits of International Peace Day?

International Peace Day is an opportunity to show the world that we care about it and want to preserve it. It is a day for people to take a stand against any kind of violence, including bullying, cyberbullying, poverty, terrorism, and all other forms of conflict.

International Peace Day is also a day for people around the world to come together and celebrate peace in their communities. You can find out how you can participate in these celebrations on the UN website or other organizations like UNICEF and Greenpeace.

Peace is not just something we wish for. It’s something we should work hard towards every single day.

The Importance of International Peace Day

International peace day is a day that we all should recognize because of how much violence goes on in the world. This event was first held in 1981 to remember signing the Treaty of Versailles on November 11th, 1919, which concluded World War I.

The purpose is to promote a peaceful global community and reflect on the need for all people to live in peace regardless of race, nationality, or religious belief.

The importance of this day is two-fold:

  • It reminds people that there should always be peace among nations.
  • And it encourages people to work towards achieving their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Importance of International Day of Peace?

International Day of Peace marks the celebration of the power of global unity for building a sustainable and peaceful world.

Is There a Theme for International Day of Peace 2021?

The theme for the International Day of Peace this year is “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world.”

Who Came Up With The Idea of National Day of Peace?

In 1981, the UNGA established the International Day of Peace as a global truce and non-violence period.

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