International Anti Corruption Day

International Anti Corruption Day | December 9, 2022

Corruption is one of the lewd acts that many individuals on Earth satanize.

It dramatically affects the economy of the country or state. United Nations (UN) was the first community to confront it.

Moreover, most countries have become bankrupt due to a lack of awareness and corrupt politicians.

International Anti Corruption Day is commemorated to raise voice against corruption and incorporate strict laws against corruption.

Sweden, New Zealand, and Denmark are some countries with fewer corruption cases as compared to other nations. In contrast, Syria and Sudan are both corrupt countries in the world.

When is International Anti Corruption Day?

December 9 is celebrated as International Anti-corruption Day by all government agencies and UN assemblies.

The purpose of this day is to create awareness among politicians, officers, schools, and every institute.

History of Anti-Corruption Day

Corruption has been an old-school habit of humans since ancient times. The first ever corruption was noted in ancient Egypt from 3100-2700 BC.

The UN Assembly UNODC (United Nations Conventions against Corruption) established 9th December as the International Day in 2003.

Government societies, offices, organizations, media, and all citizenry are advised to join and create awareness.

Bribing, Electoral fraud, money laundering, Patronage, and Extortion are all considered the method and ways of corruption all around the globe.

The anti-corruption bodies are working and withstanding to reduce these pathetic acts. Let’s see how you can spread awareness about this day.

How to Observe International Day of Anti Corruption?

Corruption has become an everyday problem nowadays. Even stable countries such as the United States have faced corruption.

Most people do it deliberately, which causes the country a great recession.

Although The United Nations has contributed significantly and worked to reduce world corruption.

There are many ways you can acknowledge many others about this day. Here are the following:

Teach Students  

You can advise the college, universities, and school management to organize events related to the anti-corruption day.

The students can search about this day and create speeches to motivate others. It will teach students not to fall into such cases.

You can teach the student how not to be vulnerable to corruption in the future. You advise them to be loyal to their country and the state.

Organize a Public Event

You can invite media, actors, students, and another institute to organize an event. The event can be based on ending the corruption in your country or town.

Several famous debaters can also participate in this event to debate the current corrupt political parties, areas, institutes, etc.

Also, you ask the media to record all the events and publish them online or in newspapers so that many people can know their duty as citizens.

Learn about it

You can learn about different corruption cases that happened recently. Also, read some research work by famous articles and promise yourself not to do it in the future.

Create awareness on International Anti-Corruption Day

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have billions of followers. With some images, you can create a post about anti-corruption and guide people to stand up against corruption.

Moreover, you can read United Nations articles about anti-corruption on their official website.

Shocking Facts about Corruption

Let’s discuss some facts about corruption respectively.

  • More than 1 trillion USD is wasted on bribes every year.
  • New Zealand, Denmark, and Sweden have minor corruption.
  • Mobutu (ex-president of Zaire) was accused of looting nearly $2 billion from his country in his power from 1965 to 1997.
  • Drug smuggling is a 32 USD billion industry. It is significantly affecting communities worldwide.
  • 17 countries haven’t signed the UN Convention Against Corruption. Nigeria and Afghanistan are not included in the list.  
  • South Sudan, Syria, and Sudan were the top corrupt countries in 2021.
  • More than 70% of the population of Nigeria doesn’t spend more than $1 in a single day because of corruption.

The corruption will never end, although it can be stopped in various cases such as money laundering, drug smuggling, etc.

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Summing Up

International Anti Corruption Day is one of the most important events you can consider as it teaches us about the value of the society we live in.

Corruption is considered the abuse of the power given to higher authority, although we should be acknowledged enough of whom we choose as our country or state leader.

In a nutshell, we have described the history, purpose, and how you can observe and create awareness in the above draft.

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