International Animal Rights Day

International Animal Rights Day – December 10, 2022

Animals are part of our life, and we should care for them at any cost. That’s why we have International Animal Rights Day.

Animals have feelings just like ours. Also, they have been here for ages and before us. They can possess and create a social connection with us.

Moreover, there are different kinds of species found around the Earth. Some wild animals, such as Lions, cheetahs, and wolves, can also become your pets if you treat and feed them the right way.

When is International Animal Rights Day?

International Animal Rights Day is celebrated on December 10. This event aims to figure out the core rights of animals and how we should protect them.

Some people are harsh towards animals; they use violet and abuse them. Let’s talk about the background of this day.

History of Animal Rights Day

Back in the days when World War 2 was about to happen, the General Assembly of the United Nations announced Human Rights on December 10.

It was to save the humans from the torments of Germans and prevent the war.

Although some organizations, institutions, and individuals of that time felt that all living species should be in this matter, they shared their thoughts, as December 10 should be Animal Rights Day.

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What are Vital Animal Rights?

The day lets us create awareness about animals. It’s our responsibility to protect animals from the cruelty they are facing day by day.

Some of the studies reveal that dogs recognize their owner as their family. So on Animal Rights Day, let us get familiar with the important animal rights.

  • There should be no cruelty to innocent animals anywhere around the world.
  • The animals should be treated with respect.
  • There should be proper welfare for animals in all states and countries.
  • There should be complete freedom for animals from pain, injury, hunger, etc.

Importance of Animal Rights Day

Observing Animal Rights Day is indispensable, as it teaches us the importance of having animals on our beloved planet. It teaches us the following: –

  • It makes us and our children learn about the rights of Animals.
  • You can recognize this to boycott the labs which test their experiments on innocent animals.
  • There is no discrimination against any religion today; recognized for the importance and rights of animals.

How to Observe International Day for Animal Rights?

Let’s hear how you can celebrate Animal Rights Day: –

Write a letter

You can observe this day by writing a letter about the International Day of Animal Rights to your local newspaper. It will be published, and people will know about it.

You can also include the importance. You can share your thoughts on the abuse of animals in this letter. In addition, you can ask people to stand against the cruelty of the animals.

Boycotting Industries

You can stop purchasing products from the company that uses cats’ and dogs’ fur. You can ask your friends and family members to boycott these industries.

Eat in a Vegan Restaurant

It’s a great time to eat and support the vegan restaurant in your town.

Moreover, you can applaud the chefs for not slaughtering any animals in that restaurant. You can boycott non-veg restaurants, at least on that day.

In this way, we can support the small business running in your town. You can also download mobile apps to locate vegan restaurants in your area.

Purchase Cruelty-Free Products

You can purchase items that are made from natural ingredients. Avoid buying jackets and other types of clothes produced from animal skins.

Post International Animal Rights Day on Social Media

You can create social media posts regarding the current cruelty to animals. In this way, you can create awareness about this day among a swath of people and acknowledge others.

You can also use #AnimalRightsDay to promote this important event.

Facts regarding Cruelty of Animals

Here are some brutal facts about the cruelty of animals.

  • According to PETA, every minute, an animal is abused. More than 100 million animals, including monkeys, horses, etc., die in lab testing.
  • Approximately 10 million dogs and 4 million cats are slaughtered annually in China for their meat.
  • Dog fighting has become common in the USA. More than 10,000 bulldogs die in that every year.
  • According to the Human Society of the United States, approximately 1 million animals face abuse every year.
  • According to a report, there were 192.1 million animals abused for scientific purposes in 2015, which include monkeys, dogs, rats, etc.
  • The purses, jackets, and other cloth items are made up of furs of dogs and cats. More than 50% of the fur in the US is imported from China.
  • According to PETA, approximately 110 million rats and mice are killed in toxicological tests in a Laboratory, where they are poisoned to death.
  • Skin Irritating, Draize Test, Ecotoxicity Test, Acute Toxicity Test, etc., are some dangerous laboratory tests performed on animals.

Summing Up

Every year, a lot of animals become the victims of experiments. People observe International Animal Rights Day globally to make these procedures stop and provide freedom to animals.

The above blog describes the importance of animals around us and why we should not kill them for our purpose.

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