Ghana Farmers Day

Ghana Farmers Day – 2nd December 2022

Farming is one of the most important sectors in the world. It employs millions of people worldwide and produces food that is a basic necessity for human beings.

Ghana is one of the countries that is still developing. It is highly dependent on the farming sector to stay financially stable.

The Ghana Farmers Day is a way for the country and its people to pay tribute and respect to farmers for all their hard work and efforts. 

When is Ghana Farmers Day?

Ghana Farmers Day is celebrated on the first Friday of December annually. This year it will be commemorated on December 2, 2022.

It is the celebration of farmers and fishermen across the African country. 

The day shows respect and recognition towards farmers for their hard work and contributions during the year.

Farmers Day History

Farmer’s day is a special recognition of hardworking laborers in this field.

It was created by national institutions in the 1980s to thank the farmers and fishermen of the country.

In 1984, there was a noticeable growth in the country’s farming production. As a way to thank the farmers, the first Farmers day was celebrated in the region of Osino.

This celebration took place the very next year, and since then, it has been announced as a national holiday.

Since Ghana is a country that is heavily dependent on the farming industry for its economy.

11Facts about Farming and Farmers Day

Here are some interesting facts about farming that you’d like to know.

  • Farming is the source of employment in the entire world. All industries depend on agricultural raw materials.
  • The largest producer in the world for farmed eggs is China. It produces over 10 billion eggs every month.
  • Most of the agriculture in Ghana is done through traditional methods, and the crops are generally rain-fed.
  • The second largest agricultural producer is India. The export of agricultural goods in India is also growing rapidly.
  • Almost half of the farmers working in Ghana are women.
  • In the USA, over 90% of farms are owned by individuals or by family partnerships.
  • The size of an acre of land used for farming is the same as a typical football field.
  • The number of farms in Texas is more than in any other state in the US. This is due to the sheer size of Texas and the typical climate in the state.
  • For Ghana, around 40% of the GDP comes from farming.
  • Technology is taking over the old methods of farming. The outcome of agricultural products is increasing day by day due to this. 
  • The population is growing around the world rapidly. In order to feed the growing population, the farmers have to produce 70% more food in the next 30 years.

How to Observe Day of Ghana Farmers

Farmers’ day is a special celebration for everyone related to this sector. Here’s how you can spend your Farmers day.

Take Part in the Activities

You can participate in all the activities with your friends and families. There is an award ceremony for the farmers and fishermen that you can attend. 

There is also an exhibition that shows the development of the industrial sector.

Many farmers and fishermen also allow people to visit their farms and see the goods. If you want to learn more about this field, you can visit a nearby farm on this day.

Buy Agricultural Goods

You can buy farming products from your local farmers and fishermen directly to support them.

Buying goods from local farmers will give you fresh products as well.

Supporting local businesses will not only encourage them, but you will also get them at a better price than the supermarkets.

Encouraging the local farmers and fishermen is beneficial for the country. 

Give Donations on Ghana Farmers Day

You can give donations to the right people and organizations.

Farming goods are every person’s basic needs, and we must support this sector. 

Donations can help farmers improve their efficiency and help them by introducing them to new technologies. It is also a way to encourage them for the days to come.

Post It on Social Media

You can visit farms, award ceremonies, and exhibitions on Farmer’s day. Take a picture of yourself and post it on social media. 

By showcasing your celebration on the day for Ghana Farmers, you can raise awareness of how important it is to celebrate this day.

It is a special occasion for the local farmers and a way for the country to reward them for their hard work.

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Importance of Ghana Farmers Day

Here are some reasons why farmers’ day is important to celebrate.

Encourages Farmers

The agricultural sector is very important for any country. Farmers are working tirelessly to provide their best goods for the country. 

Ghana Farmers’ day is a celebration where people give farmers rewards for their hard work.

It encourages them to work even harder and give their best for their people and family.

Tells How to Beat Difficulties

The drought in 1980 destroyed many farms, but the people of Ghana did not lose hope. 

Farmers of Ghana worked really hard to stable the agricultural sector. They start fighting with their difficulties and try their best to win over them. 

They celebrate yearly to remind them how they have coped with their difficult time and now have to maintain them.

To Support the Agricultural Sector

The export of agriculture is the main income for many countries. Most countries around the world are dependent on agricultural goods.

It also fulfills the basic need for food for everyone in the country.

The farmers and local people connected with this sector feed their families with the income from their farming goods.

It is important to celebrate Farmer’s day in Ghana, hear farming stories, and show some support to the local farmers.


Farming is an essential part of the country’s history. It is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm, and farmers across the country participate in activities and events.

Ghana Farmers Day also sets an example for many countries on how to treat hardworking farmers.

The respect and love shown to farmers on this day is an appreciation of their efforts for their developing country.

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