Free Cone Day 2023 – History, Facts, FAQs, & More

Ice cream cones are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Both; children and adults love them.

The sweet, flavorful ice cream in a crunchy biscuit cone brings a smile to millions worldwide.

Ben and Jerry’s founded Free Cone Day to celebrate these amazing delights. It is a unique, unofficial holiday celebrated yearly by the ice cream brand.

Keep reading to learn all about this amazing holiday and how to celebrate it.

When is The Free Cone Day 2023?

Free Cone Day is an annual celebration that takes place on the 21st of March. Ben and Jerry’s brand celebrates it as their branches worldwide offer free scoops.


The history and origin of ice cream cones can be traced back to the early 1900.

A Syrian immigrant, Ernest Hamwi, was making a wafer dessert at a fair in the US. 

When he saw a bunch of people enjoying ice cream at the side and tried the combination of these items, it was loved by the people there.

Ice cream cones continued to gain popularity, and in 1979, Ben and Jerry’s created Free Cone Day to celebrate these amazing treats.

Since then, it has been an annual celebration and part of the tradition for the international ice cream brand.

Reasons to Love the Day of Free Cones

Here are some reasons why we love the day of free cones.

Free Ice Cream

Not every day do we get a chance to enjoy free ice cream cones. Ice cream cones are a yummy treat, but having them for free is like a cherry on top.

It is a special and unique holiday that gives us the most amazing treat, no strings attached,

Everyone Loves Cones

This is another reason why we all enjoy this special holiday. Billions of people around the world universally love ice cream cones. 

Cones are a delight for anyone craving some ice cream, and this day is the ultimate celebration of ice cream cones. 

It is a Tradition

Since Ben and Jerry’s announced the first day of free cones, celebrating this day has become a tradition. 

Canada was the first country to celebrate the day of free cones other than the US.

Nowadays, this day is celebrated throughout the world in different branches of Ben and Jerry’s.

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Creative Ideas to Celebrate the Day of Free Cones

Here are some of the most popular ways to observe a special holiday.

Get a Free Cone

Since this holiday is about free ice cream cones, you should get in line and celebrate it by treating yourself.

Check out your nearest Ben and Jerry’s branch on the day and see if they are celebrating the holiday. If they observe this day, you are in for a free treat.

Eating Free Cone

Post on Social Media

You can use social media platforms to celebrate this day and tell the world how you feel about ice cream cones.

Once you have your free cone from Ben and Jerry’s, post a picture of it on social media and write a caption about its amazing taste.

Make sure to add #FreeConeDay as the hashtag at the end of your caption.

Try Other Flavors

Ben and Jerry’s is one of the world’s most popular ice cream brands. They have many flavors for your to try and put on your cone.

Even if you like to have your ice cream without a cone, you can try different flavors this brand offers and support them on their special day.

Join the Tradition

Another way to spend this wonderful holiday is by doing exactly what the famous ice cream brand does.

You can join the tradition of giving away happiness through free cones to celebrate this day.

Get some ice cream cones for your friends or family and treat them to these amazing things.

Host a Cone Party

If you need an opportunity to hang out with some friends or invite some family members over for a small gathering, this holiday is your chance.

Host a small ice cream party and serve some amazing cones to all your guests.

This way, everyone can enjoy and have a good time reconnecting.

Interesting Facts about Cones

Here are some fun facts about ice cream cones you might find interesting.

  • Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor globally and is usually put on cones.
  • Edible wafer cones have existed since the 19th century but were only combined with ice cream many decades later.
  • New Zealand and the US are countries that have the highest ice cream consumption per capita.
  • It takes around 60 licks to eat one scoop of ice cream from a cone.
  • According to Guinness, the largest ice cream cone ever was made in Norway and measured 3.08 meters. The record made in 2005 is still intact.
  • Ice cream increases morale and puts the consumer in a better mood.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, ice cream cones are one of the best ways to enjoy ice cream. They are widely consumed around the world.

The crunch biscuit with a chocolate tip adds a unique touch to the flavors of ice cream and makes it more enjoyable for us.

It is a delight we can all enjoy once in a while, especially if it is free of cost. Hence, you should watch for free treats on Free Cone Day.


Q1: Do I Need To Make A Purchase To Get The Free Cone?

Ben and Jerry’s offers free cones during the holiday. It is a promotional offer, and anyone can take advantage of it without a minimum purchase.

Q2: What Are The Most Consumed Cone Flavors?

Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry are the most popular flavors used on cones. An ice cream cone often has a combination of two of these flavors.

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