Feast of St. Francis Xavier

Feast of St. Francis Xavier | 3rd December 2022

The Feast of St. Francis Xavier, more commonly known as St. Francis Xavier day, is a religious holiday observed in Spain and India.

It is a holiday that commemorates the life and accomplishments of one of the most popular missionaries.

St. Francis is considered a key figure and an essential part of Christian history who preached from Europe to Asia. Keep reading to learn all about the Saint and the feast day.

When is the Feast of St. Francis Xavier?

The feast day is an integral part of the culture of the Christian community of Navarra and Goa in Spain and India, respectively.

The honoring Feast of St. Francis Xavier is observed worldwide on the 3rd of December. However, in India & Spain, it is considered a national holiday.

However, it is only in India and Spain, where it is considered a national holiday.

History of St. Francis Xavier

St. Francis was born in the early 16th century in Northern Spain. The family he belonged to was pretty comfortable at the time, so he had the opportunity to study abroad.

During his studies in Paris, he came across Ignatius, who pursued him to lead a religious life.

Later, the two of them founded the religious society of Jesuits and took vows to obey the Pope.

During his years of preaching, he went to many regions and preached to ordinary people.

St. Francis is one of the most highly regarded missionaries in the history of Christianity.

What was St. Francis Xavier Known For?

St. Francis Xavier is a well-known preacher famous for traveling and preaching in faraway lands.

He was born in Spain but never took a genuine interest in the luxurious life of his family. 

Instead, he pursued the life of a religious preacher and spread the word of God to the people around him.

St. Francis was quite successful in preaching and significantly impacted the people around him.

Importance of Feast of St. Francis

The Feast of St. Francis Xavier is integral to the Christian culture. Here are some reasons why it is so important.

The Feast Day Honors the Saint

St. Francis Xavier’s feast day was created to honor the preacher for his efforts. 

He traveled worldwide to help spread the word of God, and his achievements should not go unnoticed. The feast day, in his name, is a celebration to honor his life’s work.

It Serves As a Reminder

It is common for us to learn about history and religion and then forget about them as we live in this busy world. 

Hence an annual feast day celebration is an excellent solution to this as it reminds us every year about St. Francis Xavier and his contribution to Christianity.

If not for him, many Christians in different parts of the world might not be following the religion.

A Great Occasion for Followers to Gather

While weekly or monthly church gatherings are common, they are not like feast day celebrations. 

St. Francis Xavier’s feast is an incredible opportunity for religious followers to come together for celebrations. 

The feast day creates harmony between the followers as they gather for the celebrations.

The Day Has Cultural and Religious Importance

The Feast day has substantial religious importance to Christians around the world. It is a day that followers around the world celebrate.

Northern Spain and Goa in India are the hubs of celebrations. However, the people in Japan and the Malay Archipelago also celebrate this day’s traditions.

Creative Ideas to Observe the Feast of St. Francis

There are many ways to observe the feast day and honor St. Francis Xavier. Here are some of the most popular ideas for you.

Attend Feast Day Events

St. Francis Xavier’s Feast day is quite popular, and feast day events and celebrations are organized in many places. This includes schools, offices, and churches.

You can observe the feast day by participating in such an event or just join in to spectate the activities and speeches. 

Learn More about the Saint

The feast day is an excellent opportunity to learn more about St. Francis Xavier. 

If you don’t already know about his journey from continent to continent while spreading the word of God, this might be a great day to learn about it.

You can attend events or read about him to learn everything about the Saint.

Host a Gathering

You can also host a gathering of friends and family on this feast day and raise awareness about the life of St. Francis Xavier.

It will enable the people around you to learn more about the hard work of the Saint.

Moreover, it can also serve as a reason to gather around and talk about religion.

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Interesting Facts about the Miracles of St. Francis Xavier

Here are some reasons why St. Francis Xavier’s miracles are so interesting.

  • The incredible altarpiece was ordered to be made in 1617. 
  • Jesuits commissioned an artist named Peter Paul Rubens to create the masterpiece known as the Miracles of St. Francis Xavier.
  • The altarpiece was originally created by oil on canvas for the church of Jesuits.
  • It is a beautifully created masterpiece that shows us the impact of St. Francis Xavier on preaching his religion across the world.
  • The altarpiece is currently stored in a museum in Vienna, and anyone can visit to appreciate its beauty.

Summing Up

It is well known that St. Francis Xavier is one of the most well-regarded preachers in human history.

The Feast of St. Francis Xavier is a day to honor his achievements and efforts to spread the word of God. 

He set an excellent example for preachers around the world, and his commitment to his vows of poverty and chastity remained true till the very end.

It is only fair that we celebrate everything he did; feast day is a great way to do that.

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