Electronic Greetings Day

Electronic Greetings Day – [29th November 2022]

The Electronic Greetings Day welcome is not much newer than the proper email. It was begun in 1993, and the first electronic greeting appeared shortly after.

The first website dedicated to sending electronic greeting cards was created at the MIT Media Lab, albeit the exact date of its inception is unknown.

It is the most eco-friendly and time-efficient method of communication currently available.

When is Electronic Greetings Day?

On November 29 each year, we celebrate Electronic Greetings Day to remind us to send an electronic greeting to someone we care about. Today is a sobering reminder of how far we’ve come.

Historical Background

The history and origins of Electronic Greeting Card Day are undisclosed.

However, websites selling electronic greeting cards established this holiday sometime between the late 1990s and the middle of the 2000s.

After the advent of email in 1993, e-cards and e-greetings quickly followed.

Judith Donath of the MIT Media Lab launched the world’s first online greeting card service, The Electric Postcard, in 1994.

In the late ’90s, receiving an e-card in your email was a novelty; we still remember those e-cards with their blocky designs.

Stickers you can share via Facebook and other instant messaging apps like Telegram, hike, etc. have mostly cornered the market, but the underlying idea is unchanged.

Interesting about Electronic Greetings

Electronic greeting cards have allowed more people to participate in this kind of gesture. It’s nice when friends and family try to remember special dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

While sending a physical card is still common, sending an electronic greeting is both more cost-effective and just as meaningful.

Let’s check out interesting facts about Day for Electonic Greetings.

  • It was the 1800s before greeting cards were popular. You sent them to express goodwill on many holidays and celebrations.
  • In later years, greeting cards were a popular way to express sentiments such as appreciation, friendship, love, and more.
  • Hallmark’s founders designed the first folding greeting card in 1910.
  • Judith Donath created the first electronic greeting card in the shape of a postcard in 1994.
  • Sending a happy electronic greeting to a friend or loved one is a great and low-cost way to brighten their day.
  • Since they are made and delivered digitally and without paper, they are good for the environment.
  • Instead of sending a paper card, you might send an electronic greeting card to your friends and family over the internet. They can be found easily online and distributed via electronic mail.
  •  This adaptability stems from the fact that you can alter them to suit the sender’s needs.
  • They are sending an electronic greeting card used to involve sending a desktop-based email. However, modern social media platforms and mobile devices enable exchanging of a wide range of electronic greetings.
  • The recipients of your electronic greeting can be one or numerous.

Reasons to Adore Day of Electronic Greetings

Here are a few reasons for the Day of Electronic Greetings.

A Chance to See Familiar Faces

Most of us have gone quite some time without sending a message to a certain group of pals. Why?

We can say potentially because there aren’t a lot of compelling arguments in favor of it.

Send them a note, reminisce, and maybe even get in touch with them again via Electronic Greetings.

Send and Receive Electronic Greetings

On this day, you may do more than reminisce with old acquaintances; you can also share happy times with the people that matter most to you.

You can play games with other people using social networking tools like FaceTime, Google Meet, Messenger, and Zoom.

Also, these services are great for gathering friends and family together to watch your favorite shows and movies from your preferred streaming service.

Immediate Feedback

You can immediately anticipate the receiver receiving your e-card, message, GIF, live emoji, or unique video.

Before the widespread availability of the internet and regular mail, it could take weeks, if not months, for a message to be delivered.

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How to Celebrate Electronic Greetings Day?

On November 29 of each year, people worldwide celebrate Greetings Card Day. E-cards are the focus of this day’s festivities.

These electronic greeting cards are not only convenient in terms of portability and cost, but they help reduce paper waste.

Selecting electronic cards over traditional paper ones helps the environment because less paper is wasted.

Sending a personalized E-Card is a great way to brighten someone’s day and keep in touch with friends and family who live far away.

Wrapping Up

Here we have given you all the details of Electronic Greetings Day hope you understand it.

On this day, we should all take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come. Greeting card making is included in this!

These adorable images may be made on a computer or mobile device and then shared on social media.

Don’t worry if electronic cards aren’t your thing; there are plenty of alternatives for celebrating the holiday.

Examples include posting pictures on social media or sending physical greeting cards through the mail.

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