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Crate Day 2022 – Rules, Facts, History, & Celebrations

Crate Day is one of the most unique holidays in the world. It is the day we celebrate the existence of Beer.

Beer is among the most popular drinks in the world, behind only water and tea.

The drink has been around for thousands of years, and it is only fair that we celebrate this fantastic drink that has withstood the passage of time. 

Hence, we came up with this name as beers were and still are carried in crates. Keep reading to learn all about this fun day!

When is Crate Day 2022? 

There is no fixed date for the celebration day, and it falls on a different calendar date every year. However, there is a fixed day when we celebrate this festival of beers. 

The first Saturday of December is when Crate Day is celebrated. This year, it will be observed on December 3, 2022.

To think about it, a Saturday is a perfect day to celebrate as the very next day is Sunday, and everyone celebrating can rest out.

Reasons to Love the Day of Crate

Here are some of the reasons why this the Day of Crate is our favorite one.

Takes Away the Stress

Life can be pretty hard at times. We all know the stress we go through every day. 

Whether it’s overwhelming work or personal problems, crate celebration day can be a great way to relieve the stress built up over the year.

It is a dedicated day to drinking and forgetting about all your worries.

It’s Tradition

At this point, this event is a part of our customs and traditions. Despite being a semi-national holiday, it is celebrated and enjoyed throughout the country. 

By starting to drink Beer as early as noon, people enjoy their day to its fullest and make sure they have a fantastic time.

Many Activities to Enjoy

The crate celebration day is not just famous for drinking Beer all day long. It also has a mixed package of many fun activities and parties everywhere. 

A lot of people attend beer parties and play games to ensure that they can collect drunken stories to tell each other later.

Historical Background

Beer is an ancient drink, with its origin of the drink dating back centuries ago.

However, until the industrial revolution, Beer was generally produced and sold on a small scale. 

With the industrial revolution and expansion of businesses, Beer was commercialized, and many large production companies joined the market.

Founded by The Rock Radio Station, this holiday day isn’t all about the celebration of Beer. Technically it is the celebration of the arrival of the summer season.

In New Zealand, which is usually around December, and as a customary tradition, people celebrate it by buying and drinking crates of Beer.

Some Essential Crate Day Rules for You

For such a holiday, it is crucial to have some ground rules so that we can enjoy ourselves while being responsible. Here are some Crate Day rules.

  • You should start early, as mid-day is considered a good start in most cases.
  • If you’re drinking Beer in a group or at a party, you should bring your own crates.
  • The only meat allowed to be eaten on this day is the beef made as bbq.
  • You should drink responsibly and take care of your friends, ensuring they get home safely.
  • The day is to celebrate the existence of beers, so you should support the crate of origin.
  • You shall not drive while under Beer’s influence to ensure no one’s safety is compromised.

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Day of Crate

Here are some ideas if you’re wondering how to celebrate the National Day of Crate.

Crate Day Celebration

Celebrate With Friends

The main objective of a holiday is to enjoy and spend time with your friends and family. 

Crate celebration is no different, and you should take this opportunity to have a blast with your friends. So, invite them over and order some crates of Beer.

Be Responsible

As we know, the crate celebration day is all about drinking Beer.

It’s the celebration of the summer season, and it is common for participants to go overboard with their celebration.

However, everyone must be responsible for their beer consumption. 

Driving after a party or doing irresponsible things while under the influence should never happen on this day.

Attend a Beer Party

One cannot simply spend a celebration day with beers without a party. 

If you’ve been invited to a beer party, make sure that you attend it and enjoy all the games and activities over there.

Post a Picture

It is never a wrong time to post a picture of yourself enjoying a pint of Beer. Post your picture using #CrateDay.

Fun Facts about Beer and Day of Crate

Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about Beer and Crate celebration day.

  • Despite being an unofficial holiday, crate celebration day is widely popular in New Zealand.
  • In 2021, Beer was the 5th most consumed drink in the world.
  • China is the country with the highest beer consumption every year.
  • Sir Hugh Beaver of Guinness Brewery (A Beer company) created the Guinness book of world records as a way to market the Guinness brand.
  • Millions of people participate in crate celebration day’s activities.
  • Beer pong is the most popular beer game in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the day of the crate.

Q1: How Many Bottles in a Carte of Beer?

Mainly a beer crate contains 24 pieces of beer bottles or cans. This is the standard number mostly used around the world.

Q2: How Many Bottles in a Crate of Coke?

Similar to beer bottles, soda cans and soda bottles are also placed in a group of 24.

Q3: How Much Is A Crate?

A single crate of Beer may vary in price depending on the country and availability. Starting as low as $20 for a crate of Beer or coke, it can go really high if the product is vintage.

Wrapping Up

Crate day is one of the most incredible holidays and is worth celebrating. It is an excellent opportunity to relieve stress and enjoy yourself with your friends and family. 

However, drinking responsibly and never driving under the influence is essential.

You should also take care of your friends who go overboard on this day and ensure they stay safe. Nonetheless, it is a day to enjoy, and you should do so every year.

Crate Day Dates

2022SaturdayDecember 3
2023SaturdayDecember 2
2024SaturdayDecember 7
2025SaturdayDecember 6
2026SaturdayDecember 5
2027SaturdayDecember 4
2028SaturdayDecember 2
2029SaturdayDecember 1
2030SaturdayDecember 7
2031SaturdayDecember 6

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