Candle Day

Candle Day – 4th December 2022 | Get Discounts!

Candles play an important role in improving a person’s mental health. They are well known for their soothing and healing properties.

Candles create ambiance, calm the mind, stimulate memory, create consistency and give a restful sleep.

Due to their importance, people decided to dedicate an entire day to them and celebrate National Candle Day. Stay tuned to know more about this day!

When is Candle Day 2022?

Candle day is celebrated every first Saturday of December. So, this year, the day will fall on the 4th of December, 2022

Reasons to Love National Day of Candle

Here are a few reasons to love the National Day of Candles.

  • Candles help in increasing focus, remembering positive things, and improving mood. Not only this, but they can provide more restful sleep.
  • We can buy and stock our favorite candle scents on this day. That’s because many offers and discounts are available to celebrate this national day.
  • There is no denying that the flickering of the candle provides a lovely ambiance. Thus, you can get a peaceful vibe just with a bunch of candles.
  • We can try a lot of new scents that can provide relaxation to our minds and body.
  • As we burn many candles on this day, their pleasant scents can calm our senses.

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People started celebrating this day from 2013 onwards.

They used to gather across the country on the first Saturday of every December to avail themselves of the Bath & Body’s annual candle sale.

The sale’s popularity was because you could get candles at an incredibly low price. For example, 3-wick candles that normally cost $25 were available for only $9-$10.

After the continuous discount by Bath & Body every first Saturday of December, people started considering this day as the candle day.

How to Observe the National Candle Day

Here are a few ways to celebrate the Day of Candle.

Buy Candles

We can celebrate this day by purchasing new candles from various stores.

The bath and body works offer discounts on all their collections, including their signature collection.

You can stock up on your favorite scents and candles at a meager price and save money.

bath and body works candle day

Gift to Others

We can also celebrate this amazing day by gifting the candles to our family and friends.

They will not only love this gift, but it will also help them relax their mind and body.

So, try this unique way to celebrate the National Day of Candles.

Decorate Your Home

Since candles are available at incredibly low prices at this event, you can buy them in bulk and decorate every corner of your house. 

By decorating and lighting up the candles, you will get relaxation and mental peace that you have not experienced before. 

Sell Candles 

You can also do business, set up a stall, and sell different kinds of candles on this special day. 

If you cannot afford to set up a stall, you can also sell the candles online on your social media.

Post on Social Media

We can celebrate this day by lighting up a candle and taking a selfie with it.

Post your selfie on social media and use the hashtag #NationalCandleDay.

It will encourage other people to celebrate this day with you and everyone.

Relax with the Fragrance

The purpose of this Day is not only to buy candles but enjoy the fragrance too.

So, don’t forget to take time from your busy schedule and relax with the soothing fragrance of the candles.

Share It with Others

Lastly, you can also celebrate the National Day of Candle by sharing the candles with others.

For example, you can send them to your neighborhood, office, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc.

That way, you and your dear ones will enjoy National Day of Candles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the national day of candles. 

Q1: What is in Bath and Body Works Candle?

Basically, Bath and Body Works candles contain vegetables and paraffin in their wax.

Q2: Are Candles Safe for Cats?

Normally, candles are not harmful to cats. Not only this, but room sprays and fragrance-cleaned products also have no adverse effect on cats.

Q3: Are Candles Vegan?

Sadly, most of the candles are not vegan. Companies often use stearic acid or beeswax to harden the candles and improve their scent.
However, you can find vegan candles in the market too. They are made up of soy, rapeseed wax, coconut, and a mixture of vegetables.

Q4: What Time Does Bath and Body Works Sell Products on the National Day of Candle?

Most Bath and Body outlets open at 6 a.m. on Saturday and keep running until the supplies last.

Q5: How Many Candles Can You Buy From Bath and Body on Candle Day?

You can buy 15 candles from Bath & Body on this Day. They have a total of 130 scents, out of which 26 are exclusive. Thus, choosing among them can undoubtedly be a tough decision.

Final Words

In summary, Candle Day has been celebrated every first Saturday since 2013.

Bath and Body Works candles are always upon huge annual sale on this day; thus, you can take full advantage of their sale.

So, don’t forget to mark your calendar on December 4th this year so that you can enjoy this day and take its full advantage.

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