Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day – November 25, 2022

Can you ever stop spending for a day? People never try to think about saving money as they always want to fulfill their never-ending wishes.

Therefore, a ‘Buy Nothing Day’ would be much appreciated because it could be a learning day for many people. Stay tuned to get further knowledge about this blessed day.

When is Buy Nothing Day?

Buy Nothing Day is celebrated each year just the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. This year, it will be held on Friday, November 25, 2022.

It is a day of protest in which people buy nothing for almost 24 hours to raise awareness about all the adverse environmental, social, and political circumstances of overconsumption.

This is an international day to learn and understand overconsumption and protest against consumerism.


It is a day of challenge for many people to fight against consumerism.

This day was founded in Vancouver, Canada, by a great artist named Ted Dave in September 1992.

Until 1997, many countries decided to date this day on Black Friday. It is the world’s busiest shopping day, so it is crucial to hold it on this date.

Soon after this day occurred, more than 65 nations decided to participate.

Importance of Buy Nothing Day

The National Buy Nothing Day encourages people to stop spending a whole day.

It forces us to think about how much money we are needlessly spending.

This event is important because it helps the consumers control themselves and their needs and demands for different things.

This day proves and shows that you can be happy even without getting into worldly objects, and your happiness does not only belong to such things. 

It clarifies that money can be spent on much better and more valuable things rather than wasting it on your precise needs.

The day when you don’t buy anything changes the habits of the consumers and helps the environment socially and economically.

Other than that, it also helps people improve their bank accounts, and people celebrate it with passion worldwide.

Not only this, but this day also helps the environment in many ways.

For example, instead of buying something new, one can re-use what they already have.

Fun Facts about Day of Buying Nothing

The day of buying nothing is significant for everyone to stop unnecessarily purchasing.

Not only this, but this day also aims to spread awareness of how to be a good and ethical consumer. Some interesting facts about this day are given below:

  • This day is held on black Friday, the day of the busiest shopping day when people spend a lot. 
  • The norm of not buying anything originated in Canada in 1992 to protest against shopping on Black Friday.
  • Unlike North America, the United Kingdom, Finland, and Sweden, the day to Buy Nothing is now conducted in more than 65 nations.
  • This day restricts people from buying or shopping for anything for 24 hours.
  • Some shoppers even close their shops for 24 hours to celebrate this day!

How to Observe Buy Nothing Day

The day to buy nothing is significant as it teaches us the ethics of consuming or purchasing things. It also highlights the importance of money.

You can celebrate this historic day in many fabulous ways listed below.

Make a Donation

Helping others is an excellent gesture to spread happiness, and giving your belonging to others needs great courage and a big heart.

So, instead of buying anything for yourself on this day, you may try and donate your money or belongings to people who cannot afford to purchase them.

Watch a Movie with Family

You must be tired from Thanksgiving, and your house must be full of leftovers.

So, you can gather all your family members into the living room for quality time and watch a movie to cherish yourself.

This way, you all will get a chance to spend quality time together in today’s busy world and stay in your pajamas.

But you must make sure not to purchase anything or rent any movie. You may watch your movie on the Hallmark Channel for free.

Post Buy Nothing Day on Social Media 

You may also use social media to spread the message of buying nothing day.

You can spread awareness about this day and its benefits by posting on any of your social media accounts.

You can post about your activities on that specific day using the hashtag #BuyNothingDay and let people know the worth of this particular day.

Read a Book about Consumerism

You can also spend your time reading a book about consumerism so that you get to learn about how to spend and where to spend.

For example, you can read a pervasive and famous book like ‘Empire of Things by Frank Trentmann.’

Reasons to Love the Day to Buy Nothing

Not buying anything day brings a lot of positivity and well-being to many people around the globe.

This day has opened many people’s eyes to see that money is precious, and we should not waste it on meaningless things.

A few of the reasons to cherish this fabulous day are mentioned below.

You Learn the Value of Money

Many people spend money on unnecessary things and waste it on useless stuff.

Having this day in our life can teach us a great lesson to value our money and spend wisely.

It helps people understand what needs to be bought and where to spend it. Thus, this day is ineffective in planning to promote anti-consumerist ideals.

Teaches Us to Help Others

Many people around us cannot spend the way we spend and fulfill all their needs.

They cannot buy whenever they want to. Sometimes, they cannot even purchase basic things in life.

Therefore, we should love this day as it teaches us to share and help others who are in need. 

Wrapping Up

Isn’t it tough for a person not to spend anything for one entire day? Can one really not purchase a single thing for 24 hours?

This can be made possible on this fabulous day known as Buy Nothing Day. All of us can celebrate this day honestly and make it a meaningful day for some people.

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